my first week of college 📚 uc berkeley senior
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my first week of college 📚 uc berkeley senior

so i’m still on the waitlist for a class i don’t know how that’s gonna go. i find out tonight or tomorrow morning. so i’m kind of in a weird position. i just wanna get in the class. i even did the readings i took notes on the readings i’m that kind of person i really want this class. but also if i don’t get it i have backup options it’s honestly fine if i don’t get it there’s interesting classes also to replace it. but i really just- let’s see what happens i guess this is technically the real first week of classes last week i had two days worth of classes because it was only on wednesday and thursday so this is my first full week and i’m breaking out man i’m look at that i never really had something so big like right here it’s always here i know i have a lot of stuff here which i’m used to because this is where like all the gluten (that i consume) shows i just washed my skin and all that i did my night time routine and all that when i study i need these glasses i wear contact lenses just so i look put together but otherwise studying’s really hard with contact lenses so i try to take off all my makeup as soon as possible also if i don’t take it off as soon as possible i’ll procrastinate taking my makeup off then it’ll be like 2 am because i’m too tired. i don’t know i don’t really mind her though she’s kinda cute she’s like a little mole right there she’s just there nothing much i can do about it i highly recommend not popping your pimples no matter how much you want to do it just let it go on its own, let it heal i don’t know the science behind it but i just know that if i pop it on my own there’s just a huge scar and it’s just not worth it so i just let it stay there and just let it do its thing, let it take its time. also when i smile it’s gone so just gotta smile all the time i guess even though i’m miserable honestly i’ll be better once i find out what my waitlist situation is i just don’t i don’t like not knowing what’s gonna happen. i don’t care if i’m off the waitlist i don’t care if i’m dropped from the class i just want to know what happens i’m tired of being at this in-between stage i’ve never been waitlisted to this extent it’s always been like a waitlist, and then eventually i get put into the class just because it was like a hold, right? (right) but this is the first time where i’m dealing with a waitlist where there’s literally only 5 seats left and i have to beat out 25 other people i’ve never dealt with anything like this so i’m just trying to get through it so i didn’t film anything from this first day, which is monday but you know what i’m studying it’s a chill time it’s fine right now this has been the longest week of my life all my makeup is probably gone now i’ve been up since 6 am and it’s 7 (pm) right now. so i’m just- thursday is the last day of school for the week for me so once my last class finishes i just wanna go home overall a lot of stuff happens on your first week of college whether it’s your first year or it’s your fourth year it’s always going to be crazy on monday i was still waitlisted for a class so i was still showing up to a class that i was waitlisted for and now it’s thursday and i’m enrolled in a class that i didn’t think i was gonna take until next semester so a lot happened this week and i’m just like emotionally, physically, mentally drained i’m really really glad that i got into this class I don’t know what to expect from it but other than that i am finally enrolled in 4 classes and now i just have to take 4 classes next semester and hopefully that’s it UMMM i just hope it doesn’t go badly in the beginning of the week i was kind of upset and shook and just confused about what i was going to do i just wanted to be added from the waitlist so i was scrambling to find another class everything works out in the end i even complained about it on instagram and you guys were like no you can do it! find another class! good luck! that kind of stuff and y’all are right there’s always just that moment where i’m freaking out where i think nothing’s going well but then i remember somehow in some way i always get through it i’m 20, and i’ve gotten through every single thing i’ve been anxious about every single thing i’ve complained about all those things, i got through it, so it’s just there’s always that period of time where i need to freak out i don’t know why because i know something’s going to come after this but i always just need to let out my fears and all that the first day and then over time everything gets resolved this week was honestly too much i don’t know if i’m ever going to deal with a waitlist ever again if i get waitlisted for a class i’m dropping it because- i was literally competing with 25 people for 5 spots. i don’t- i was really counting on it. but it didn’t work out hopefully next semester it all goes more smoothly because i need to get out of here on time but yea that was my week of college i am honestly so tired, i am going to rest this weekend, actually nO i can’t even rest because i have to read like 200 pages worth of stuff in its entirety for my classes i’ll be okay, i’ll be okay this week went by another week’s going to go by i’m going to be okay i’m going to freak out obviously but i’m going to be okay i’m going to probably want to scream and i’m probably going to want to punch something but i’ll be okay in the end it’s not the end of the world if something bad happens i always find another way. anyway that is it for this video i’m gonna go i’m gonna go rest i hope you enjoyed this week with me and i will see you in my next video bring it in for a hug i’m a little sweaty but it’s fine bYE BYE! :’)

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100 thoughts on “my first week of college 📚 uc berkeley senior

  1. okay like this comment is literally a shout into the youtube void, BUT can I just say that I admire your content? Like I’ve told so many people about you in a span of 2 days that it’s almost concerning (I’m not a super stalker fan I’m just like so happy to have found some good content for once). I love how mature and sophisticated you are with your videos, while also being relatable and funny. Honestly, I’ve been subscribed for some time, but because high likes to consume time :*) I haven’t been able to really watch your videos, but yeah I just love them so much and they inspire me to get stuff done. <3

  2. My brother just finished an exchange semester at Berkeley and girrrllll did he suffer SO much! Haha he barely passed his 3 subjects with C+. He studies at the best university in Mexico (according to QS), he has a 98 out of 100 point average throughout his career, but Berkley just killed him hahah. You make it seem so easy, good luck on senior year!

  3. is college really all about partying or people cheating on their significant others? I am so afraid of my boyfriend going to a different college than me because of this.

  4. hey nina!! love your videos 🙂 what editing software do you use to do your illustrations and stuff? thanks so much!!

  5. Your hair, your eyebrows, your voice, your lips, your whole face, legs, body oh holy crap, you are just perfect😭💖

  6. I visited that campus over winter break, and let me tell you, it is beautiful! Their outdoor area is so aesthetic and peaceful.

    QUESTION: I was wondering, is Berkeley’s art class any good?

  7. I wished I found you sooner!!! I just finished the first week of my second semester and I went thru the same thing as you haha we use bidding system here to get the classes we want and I was severely out-bidded for the classes I wanted and even for 4 of my back up classes so I was just stressed for the whole week trying to fit things in and I wasn't sleeping well or eating well but ya eventually things worked out even tho it's not what I wanted haha I would have been a lot more calm if I saw your vid earlier but better late than never! Your content is honestly amazing and calming and so so so authentic. All the best in college! It's gonna be another tough ride but we'll get thru it

  8. I can relate to the freaking out and knowing it’ll be ok but still freaking out. Except now as a high school senior I can’t even seem to be bothered to freak out

  9. i'm just wondering, did u buy ur laptop in Korea thats why they have hangul characters on the keyboard or are they stickers u put by yourself? thank youuu in advance for answering!!

  10. lol watching you study and send positive encouraging little messages makes me feel undeserving bc i dont study as much as i should but thats f i n e

  11. Please tell me name of professor of liberal arts and science course in Berkley city college in California

  12. Do you listen to music while studying or do you just put them on so you dont get interupted by noises. Soundcancling headsets do weird noises when put on without hearing music. Does listening to music help?

  13. You're just a beautiful soul/ personality packed in a beautiful body and i love youuuuu. I'm using your videos as a reward because i'm dealing w college homework rn and it's just tiring ush

  14. Hey Nina 🙂 I was wondering what music you used from around 6:32, it’s so relaxing and could actually help me study ckskdks

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