My First Semester with the iPad Pro 11 inch: Student’s Review
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My First Semester with the iPad Pro 11 inch: Student’s Review

Hey guys this is Paul and I just
finished up my first semester of my freshman year of college and ever since
the iPad pro came out in early November I’ve been using it as my primary device
for school and I love it! In the pas,t I’ve tried using almost
every device out there for school but I never used something that’s been able to
fundamentally change the way I learned in such a big way which the iPad Pro has
been able to do. So as a college student, I’m taking notes all the time and my
favorite method of notetaking is by hand because if I type my notes on the
computer I just kind of zone out and copy down what’s in front of me without
actually paying attention to what’s happening in the class. I also like
having the ability to sort of write out what I visualize in my head in a logical
way that I’m gonna understand later and you just can’t do that when you’re
typing your notes. If I’m pressed for time, I might decide to type out my notes,
but most of the time, I prefer doing them by hand. So for the first few months of
college, I was taking my notes just the old-school way, just in spiral-bound
notebooks, but when the iPad pro came out in November, I decided to give it a shot
and I don’t think I’m gonna switch back anytime soon. I decided to purchase
Notability to take all my notes in, I think it was around $8, and I heard that
GoodNotes is another popular choice and there’s probably a few free apps out
there that are decent for note-taking but I decided to go with Notability
because I’ve heard nothing but great things about it and I figured I couldn’t
go wrong with it. And the first time I actually sat down in class, pulled up
Notability, and used my iPad to take notes with, I saw immediate benefits. So
we can actually go back and look at that first page of notes I took and you’ll
see that initially, I used the iPad just like I would use a normal pen and paper,
just writing down what I thought was necessary. But as the class went on I
started messing around with a few of the features within the app and that’s when
I really started to fall in love with taking notes on the iPad. I started using
different colors to help me distinguish what I was doing and I kind of created
my own sort of color scheme that I ended up sticking with for the rest of the semester. So I use the color black for regular, just sort of informational notes.
I use red for key information, green for example problems given in class, blue for
my answers to those problems, orange for the teacher’s solution to the problems, and
pink for any questions that I might want to ask later.
I noticed that taking notes in this manner kept me so much more engaged in
class because I was always thinking of what we were doing and what color I
needed to be using. But more importantly, it made my notes so much easier to read
when I went back to review them later because everything was color coded and I
knew what I was looking at immediately. So I know some of you might be thinking
that you could just do the same thing on paper with different colored pens, and I
guess that would work, you’d still have to fumble around with all the different
pens in class and carry them around all day, but you also wouldn’t get any of the
additional benefits which I’m about to talk about. The new Apple Pencil, the
Apple Pencil 2, has this really cool feature where if you double tap the side
of the pencil, it switches the writing tool that you’re using. So if I was
writing something and I messed something up I could just double tap to switch to
the eraser tool, erase what I just wrote, and double tap again to switch back to
the pen. Back when I took notes on paper, I would end up with scribbled out notes
all over the page so it’s nice that I don’t have to deal with that on the iPad.
The Apple Pencil itself is really nice. I love the matte finish that they went
with this year and it has a really nice weight to it so it feels nice in the
hand. Now some people don’t actually like the physical sensation of writing on a
screen but I don’t mind it at all, I think it feels fine, so I would say if
you’re concerned about that, I would recommend going to the Apple store and
trying it out there. Another benefit of digital note-taking is the ability to
quickly move around and resize anything that you’ve written. So for example, if
you wanted to go back and add something into something you’ve already written
down, you can just use the cut tool and outline some of the text and pull it
down to make room for something else that you want to write. And keep in mind
that while I’m talking about my experience with the Notability app, these
are pretty basic features that I think would be available to most note-taking
apps out there. But my favorite and I think the most useful feature that I use
on a daily basis is something called Note Replay. So if you tap the little
microphone in the top right corner of Notability, it starts recording using the
built-in mic on the iPad. So I thought that was pretty cool, I could go back and
listen to what happened in class that day. But when I went back to play it
later that day, I saw that it synchronized my writing with what the
teacher was saying in class so I could see exactly what I was writing while the
teacher was talking. Basically, this allows me to review the entire class if
I wanted to do so, which is an incredibly valuable learning tool for me. And there
are even more advantages that come with taking notes on the iPad. You can back
your notes up to the cloud so you’ll always have access to them on all of
your devices, I have mine backed up to Google Drive, you can also seamlessly
just take a picture and insert it directly into your notes, you can share
your notes with classmates just by email, and so much more that make this, in my
opinion, the best way to take notes out there. And everything I just talked about
can technically be done on the nine point seven inch, just base model iPad, so
you don’t really need the eight hundred dollar iPad Pro to do this, but there are
a few advantages that come with this heftier price tag. First off, I think the
11 inch size is perfect. I was really torn between the 11 inch and the 13 inch
when this was first announced but I’m really glad I went with the 11 inch
because it’s definitely big enough to take notes on, handwritten notes, I had no
problem with that whatsoever, but it’s also small enough to use like a normal
tablet. It’s comfortable enough to hold in one hand, but also big enough for
split-screen use, which I used all the time with my schoolwork. And if you want
to watch movies or videos on this thing, consume any sort of media, it’s
definitely big enough for that as well. I’m also a huge fan of the 120 Hertz
so-called “Pro Motion” display, which basically means that this display
refreshes at twice the rate of most other screens out there. And this is
really important for note-taking in particular because it
makes handwriting your notes just that much more natural because there’s
practically no delay between your input and what shows up on the screen. So
that’s my experience using the iPad pro for college. Now there’s so much more to
this device, I know it’s an incredibly powerful tablet, Jonathan from TLD today
made a great video showing how this is even able to edit 4k footage, which is
ridiculous, but I also think it’s a great learning
tool for any students out there. It keeps me more engaged in my classes,
it makes my notes much more comprehensible, and I’m able to go back
and practically replay every single class, and for me, that makes it worth the
hefty price tag. If you are interested in the iPad Pro, I think it’s about $40 off
on Amazon at the time of this recording, so I’ll leave a link for that in the
description below. I also get a ton of questions about what gear I use to make
my videos, so I’ve started linking all my gear in the descriptions of all my
videos, and those are Amazon affiliate links, so if you purchase something
through one of those links, I get a small percentage back and it really helps the
channel out. Anyways, if you liked this video, leaving a thumbs up would be
greatly appreciated, and I’ll catch you guys in my next video. Deuces, baby.

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100 thoughts on “My First Semester with the iPad Pro 11 inch: Student’s Review

  1. It's just the PERFECT video for helping me in my choice. So thank you 😁

    Hello from France 😘 and thank you because it's the first time I find a real complete video concerning this ipad for a student !

    It's more expensive in France than in the US 😭

  2. This tablet is great at everything except for websites that require desktop computers and desktop browsers. And flash. These people need to move away from flash already.

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  5. For a more paper like feeling and less glare and fingerprints you should check out paperlike. It is a screen protector but feels like real paper. 🙂 hope this was helpful

  6. Yo Paul, I just bought this same iPad Pro 11 inch, with the keyboard and apple pencil 2. What's super annoying to me is the fact that if I attach it to the keyboard, the orientation can't be set to portrait if I rotate the iPad. This means I'd have to detach the iPad from the keyboard, which serves as a proxy protective case, which is not ideal. Do you have a trick for this?

  7. A tip for those of us with tighter budgets: Microsoft OneNote has an audio ( or video) recording function that shows what you were writing in real-time, and you if you hoover over a line a little play button will pop up to allow you to start playing your audio right from that point.

    I am considering an iPad mostly because I'm sick of the poor palm rejection of my old Microsoft Surface 4, but every time I see the price tags I freeze and nope the heck out of the store 😂 maybe one day…

  8. I like to fold my i pad pro before i head to class been bent ever since my baby hamster fell on it from like 2 inchs off the table thank god the pliable ipad pro broke the fall otherwise my hamster might have fell asleep mistaking the ipad pro for a certa soft mattress bed

  9. A buddy of mine at school uses a matte screen cover and he says it feels like writing on paper with a roller ball pen.

  10. Does anyone know how much storage would suffice for a medical college student? would the 64 gb still be okay if you use google drive?

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  13. Dude you were having the exact same questions I am now. I'm a sophomore this year and I know I'm going to get an iPad Pro 3rd gen to replace my current laptop at some point, but I didn't know if I'd get a big one or a small one, and I didn't know about note taking on it. This video perfectly answered all of my questions, good job.

  14. I definitely do not like writing on a glass screen with an object that has a hard surface as well…like the pencil.

    It would be nice to have a soft tip option on the pen.

  15. I went back to school last year (at 50) and I bought it for the same reason. Love it! Your color scheme isn't far off from mine.

  16. You are trying too hard. Try making up your own phrases instead of just reading descriptions of the device you found on the internet.

  17. There is a new screen protector the iPad Pro called Paperlike. It gives the screen a matte finish that is really nice. It makes writing very like writing on paper…thus the name.

  18. Muchas gracias, de verdad tenía muchas dudas sobre adquirir el ipad pero, ahora no estoy segura que me sera de utilidad para la escuela.
    De verdad muchas gracias, nuevamente

  19. The keyboard on this thing is simply unusable, unless you get an aftermarket keyboard, don't bother with making an iPad pro (11inch) you're daily driving laptop replacement, I tried it in store and I was having trouble typing my own name lol, it's simply too small and has no travel AT ALL, but surprisingly still has a slight click to it, unlike MacBooks which are just solid, no feedback, no click

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  21. Paul Bradford , SUPER and GREAT video. I have a QUESTION: what is the name of the app which had the function of recording lessons and synchronizing your notes with the teacher's voice?? (is it Notability through all the video?). Thank for your ANSWER!!!

  22. I'm getting it for Christmas anyone give any tips (you like the size,dose it work good,how do you like it,and tips on it) thanks

  23. Buy the iPad mini 5 instead, it does everything the pro does but is a lot cheaper and easier to carry round with you, especially if you taking it to class everyday. The pro big and bulky.

  24. Excellent review and very helpful. Questions: did you get the ipad with the cell capability? Can you set up a work station (larger monitor, mouse, hard drive, etc) with and iPad pro? You mention Google drive; can you back up photos, documents, music etc with Google drive? What is the advantage of this over icloud?

  25. Thank you for your informative video. I, like you, struggled to decide on what size of iPadPro to get and have gone with your recommendation of 11 inches. So thank you very much for making the effort to post.

  26. It could just be me but I’ve noticed that my hands don’t get as tired when I am writing my notes on the iPad then they would when I write on paper.

  27. £1000 + so you don’t have to scribble out words on paper, all the benefits you talked about literally involves writing notes. Are you fucking kidding me. Buy a notebook and stationery

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  30. The new iPad 10.2 inch with the Logitech crayon together costed me around 340£ on Black Friday. Apart from the non-laminated display making a louder noise on every pen stroke it is the same experience as the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil, I don’t see why a broke to the bone uni student would go for anything more expensive.

    Thanks, byebye, kiss.

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