my (final) first week of college 📚  uc berkeley senior
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my (final) first week of college 📚 uc berkeley senior

hello it is officially the start of my first week of my last semester of college this is my last semester of college for the rest of my life it’s really happening i’m graduating in may right now it’s january i don’t think that my brain is actually processing that this is literally it this is the end well if i put it that way this is my last semester of college and therefore it is my last first week of college video even though i’ve only done i think one i’m honestly so ready for this to be over in spirit of college i am wearing my college gear i go to cal but today is sunday i’m going to school on tuesday so during sunday and monday i am preparing as much as i can for college i literally have to figure out where my classes are i have to do my laundry i have to set up my backpack there’s a lot that i have to do and so that’s what we’re doing welcome to sunday but actually first i do want to take care of my bullet journal right now i’m just going to do a weekly setup and i’m going to show you guys ok so i just finished bullet journaling i still have no idea what i’m going to be doing this week so i literally only wrote my schedule i have two classes back to back and they’re both in different buildings i don’t even know where either buildings are i’m going to see if they’re close to each other i have 10 minutes to get from each class ahh thank you ok so i found out it takes 6 minutes to walk from my first building to the next building so i should be okay last semester i had a 3 day weekend every weekend and it was great now i don’t have that funny thing is my friend now she actually has a 3 day weekend while i have a 2 day weekend how the turntables well i am done bullet journaling so i think i am going to move on to laundry i haven’t done my laundry in a few weeks so it’s kinda piled up now this doesn’t belong here if i start my semester with a clean room and with everything just organized i’ll feel much better i wore this once what am i talking about now for the obligatory laundry scene i’m just gonna take my hair down i look like a thumb here we go in you go eat up yea that should be good ok we’re done with that i’m seeing myself film this is what i look like hello is there like a cure for me to not be perpetually tired i’m just gonna go wait for my laundry now ok so now my laundry is done we’re going to fold this done well that only took 15 minutes it’s 8:50 right now, i’m gonna go remove my makeup and then i’m also going to shower so that i can wake up with curly hair tomorrow i will see you in the next clip did you guys hear that but i showered and now i’m going to go to sleep i am hoping to get up early tomorrow it’s my last day of winter break but i am going to sleep now, see you tomorrow hello welcome to monday i, oh my god what time is it it’s 5 pm it’s not 5 am, it’s 5 pm we’re starting our day late actually what? there’s just like a car parked outside anyway, not in front of my house so it’s fine i actually filmed an entire video today and i’ve actually been up since 9 am here’s the tripod, the video is all filmed i still have to edit it but also i do have to prepare for school now so i’m just going to make dinner it’s not really the healthiest dinner but it’s my best option so we are going to go now welcome to a cooking with nina, this is not the best lighting i am going to be making teriyaki stirfry udon i’m just going to put the camera here because the light’s not helping me comes in these little packages not really the best thing for the world either but ahhhh well off-screen i put all the noodles in, but here we go get a close-up of that, oh my goodness i was just really craving noodles i don’t care about the sodium right now i just really wanted noodles holy heck okay well i’m gonna enjoy this now, bye whenever i eat, i always have something sweet after obviously that’s dessert but some people don’t have sweet stuff after they eat they just eat but i like having some kind of fruit to kind of feel fresh i actually did have a healthy breakfast this morning i had oatmeal and i also had a banana but tuesday is when the interesting stuff starts happening so i’m just going to end monday here i’m going to go wash my face i’m going to edit and i will see you tomorrow hello it’s 2:28 right now i have to leave in 5 minutes if i want to get there on time because i don’t really know how long it takes to get to the class from where i park we’ll be fine i have not packed my bag, ok we’re gonna do that right now ok bag is packed we are good to go officially the start of my last semester i’m trying to find my lecture hall for tomorrow i found it i don’t know how to get out of this building i walked right into the building and then right on my left there were like 200, 300 students in the lecture hall but i found my classroom that’s nice, but i don’t know where i am now i’ve never been to this area before, wow i am back, i am in my car it’s only been one day and i’m so tired i am going to go and get groceries then i’m gonna go home i forgot that i have to actually eat food when i’m in college so i’m going to go get some snacks and stuff for college they didn’t have baskets and i just needed a basket i didn’t need a cart this is fine yay i forgot where i parked my car i am finally back today was way too long i need to change my pants comfortable pants yay i’m gonna go eat then i’m gonna wash up and then i’m gonna edit a video and then hopefully sleep at an appropriate hour see you guys tomorrow well i don’t really need a cap indoors i have a lot of readings that i need to do so this is going to be the end of wednesday i will see you tomorrow i’m tired how do people do mubang i can’t talk and eat at the same time we’re done!! that concludes my last first week of college ever it has been a long four years but now we are nearing the end of our journey this was officially my last ever first week of school basically but that concludes this video thank you so much for joining me on my last first week of college and i will see you in my next video we’re going to end it with a hug this has been the longest week, we got through it i’m proud of us and i will see you next time

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100 thoughts on “my (final) first week of college 📚 uc berkeley senior

  1. Congratulation! I am in my second semester and I just found you. I guess I will be using your videos like a reward during my studies. ❤

  2. oh wow! This was so interesting to watch. Is it true that UC Berkeley has a class for BTS for 2 credits??

  3. okay can i just-when u were cooking, i realized how much i love your persona?? or like, how much your everything soothes my soul and like – you just seem like such a nice person to have around and be friends with. like- youre funny, nice, fun to shop with and like???? thank u for making all your aesthetically pleasing and calming vids!! <3

  4. Hi your new subscriber .😊😊😊✋I found your channel yesterday I'm loving it.. You seem so friendly, humble, funny and simple 💜. Love all your outfits 😍 Looks so comfy yet chic. Also you look so similar with my childhood bestie.. Haven't seen her for 2 years now. You reminds me of her so much 🌸. Bdw who is your bias from NCT? 😁

  5. Where do you get your pens? They look amazing! Your handwriting is super cute as well and so organized! Hope you can leave a link. Truly love your content and you hun! ❤️

  6. o-oatmeal with sriracha ????????? and soft tofu? im shuddering i literally have sweet oatmeal and i always put my tofu in the oven so its crispy

  7. love how you can go out on your own..not a lot of people i know can do that.. they dont want to look like a "loner"

  8. Кто эта прекрасный человек, что сделал русские субтитры /радость и блестки/

  9. ok but the music at the end was so calming that i literally forgot about how much of a bad day i was having today. i subscribed 🙂 <3

  10. I'm very happy to have found your channel.

    I'm turning 27 this summer. I'd like to go to college this fall, to better my life. Your motivation is appreciated. As is the extra work that you put in to share these videos.

  11. if nina can survive 4 years of college then i can be productive!!!

    ily nina and im so proud of u i hope u get good grades!! uwu

  12. Ok question. Do the members of bts have attractive voices in korean? Like does it sound any different from when they talk in English?

  13. I just stumbled across this video and it is great. Very calming for some reason. Your editing is very nice and you definitely earned my subscription. Keep up the amazing work.

  14. "My friend has a 3 day weekend while I have a 2 day weekend"

    But you went to school on Tuesday…..

    (Wait I think I get it now…..I think)

  15. youre so calm, healthy, stable, organized, and hardworking, you inspire me a lot, i’m still young but I really want to be like you in the future 🙁 <3

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  18. You’re complaining about a 2 day weekend and I’m out here with a ONE DAY WEEKEND 💀💀😭 never miss the sun ‘til it starts to snowww 😖✊

  19. Its funny how she is exploring her campus on her last semester. When u was a freshman i literally.went everywhere

  20. 안녕하세요! 추천영상 떠서 봤는데 브이로그 알차고 너무 재밌네요😍 구독하고 영상 잘 챙겨볼게요:)

  21. Watching this as motivation ,I have four more weeks of my third semester (5 more semesters to go after this). Hopefully I’ll get through it!!!

  22. I don't know why but I love watching you react to eating good food, like it's so cute/funny and it makes me happy. And this video has such a nice atmosphere, I really enjoyed watching it. Watching your videos always makes my day. So thank you for existing, lol. <3

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