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My Favourite Teacher

Hello everyone.
Hello. How are you?
Good. Hello, this is Mrs Stuckey who is the Member
for Currumbin and I’m John-Paul Langbroek and I’m the Member for Surfers Paradise
in the Parliament. We’ve got an award for Mrs Baker because she’s won an award called
‘My Favourite Teacher’. She’s one of 37 teachers in the whole state to have been
named ‘My Favourite Teacher’, isn’t that wonderful?
Yes. Is she your favourite teacher?
Yes. Well, isn’t that wonderful. So can I say
congratulations on behalf of the Government and the Gold Coast Bulletin. You are one of
37 ‘My Favourite Teachers’ – congratulations. Fantastic, thank you.
Yeah, there we go. It’s lovely, what a lovely honour.
Yes. Thank you.
How long have you been here? I’ve been here a very long time, the longest
of anyone at the school. Yeah.
23 years. And you’ve seen it grow from –
About 250 children to about 750 now. Today was very exciting we had the Minister
for Education, John-Paul Langbroek arrive at the school with Jan Stuckey who is our
local member as well and they came to make (a) special presentation to one of our fantastic
teachers Mrs Baker. Teachers work very hard and at Tallebudgera that’s no exception.
We have a great group of highly committed teachers here, who teach because they love
it and they are passionate about making a difference to children. But, sometimes it’s
really helpful when people recognise their work, particularly their students and the
families of those students when they take time to say, ‘Thank you, we really appreciate
everything that you do for our children. That really makes a difference.
Can you tell us about Mrs Baker, what your – what your favourite subject is?
I like how she, um she, gets um, some stuff for us to learn about but she sometimes puts
it into activities. She teaches really good maths and I love how
she does all the arts, arts in the afternoon. I like doing the maths with Mrs Baker and
we made up a name for it, it’s Maths 7. I love maths ‘cause, there’s a beautiful
teacher and it’s so much fun where she teaches us all the information stuff she does.
I like about Mrs Baker because she teaches lots of us about the education that we need
and for us when we are older and we need it. I think the ‘Favourite Teacher’ award
is, it’s a lovely thing. You know, it’s an honour and um there’s a lot, a lot of
teachers working very, very hard. I know at our school we’ve got just excellent teachers
and we all put in a lot of work and um, you know it’s a great job and we work really
hard and it is nice to get some recognition for that, but you get that every day from
the children and from the staff and parents so you do get recognition but this is a little
bit of icing on the cake I guess. Well, wonderful and thank you for what you
do on behalf of all of us. Well thank you.
Congratulations. Thank you very much.

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