My Dad Studies In My College And Everyone Thinks We Date
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My Dad Studies In My College And Everyone Thinks We Date

Hello there! My name is Cassidy, I’m a college student…
and I’m only one year ahead of my dad there. Yeah, I know there’s nothing surprising
nowadays when older people go back to school. But when your old man turns out to be more
interesting for your college peers than you are, that’s lame. Everything started when I was just a freshman. At first, everything for me was like it was
for everybody else – a little bit scary, a little bit annoying, but overall exciting. Even though it had always been hard for me
to get close with people, I managed to make friends with a couple of girls and we’d
even decided to try and join the most popular sorority. But then I found out that my mom had gotten
a very serious disease and she was about to die soon. Of course, I wanted to be with her during
her last few months. Besides, my dad needed some help. So, I had to drop out of college having barely
completed my first semester there and, you know, take my mommy on her final journey. I don’t want to talk in detail about how
hard it was to accept her death. The only thing about her dying that relates
to this story right now is that my dad was completely devastated, so much so that he
couldn’t sleep or eat well, and I ended up having to take care of him. And to make matters worse, we had some problems
with paying our mortgage, so I had to find a job for myself. What I’m trying to say is that I didn’t
even have an opportunity to continue my studies at college for the next year and a half. But time passed and life with just my dad
had gotten better and at some point he began insisting on me going back to school. I have to say that it was even harder to become
a freshman for the second time. Everybody else seemed to be very young and
really different from me even though I was only two years older. I felt like there was something, like a generation
gap, between me and my classmates. Of course, there were a few people who I’d
talk to during lunches or group work, but I can’t say that we had really become friends. I was pretty much on my own. This is why I really wanted to get my degree
as soon as possible, so at some point I decided to stay in college through the whole summer
and take some extra classes. I knew that this news would make my dad really
upset, ‘cause he missed me a lot, especially now that my mom wasn’t there anymore. Imagine how surprised I was when on the very
first day of the summer semester, in one of my first lectures, I noticed my dad sitting
in the last row. We locked eyes and he acted like he didn’t
know me. I was completely speechless. I checked my phone and found a text from him
where he said that we should meet after class and that I’d better not be looking stupid
with my face full of bewilderment. An hour later I’d gotten an explanation
for everything. Dad told me that had actually planned to cheer
me up and take the two of us on a fancy vacation to the islands. It was supposed to be a surprise for me. But when I told him that I wasn’t coming
home for the summer, he got really upset because he had already made all the reservations. Suddenly he remembered that his boss at work
had once told him that, if only he had a college degree, he would definitely be promoted. By the way, dad hadn’t gotten an opportunity
to finish college because I was born and he had to work and everything. So dad thought, “Why not?” and called
my college and found out that he could join a special program for former students and
get his diploma in one academic year, summer included. He returned the tickets, canceled the reservations,
and packed his stuff to study here with me. Was it shocking? Yes. Was I surprised? Definitely. But was I happy to have my dad here? I dunno. First of all, I was already feeling like the
black sheep and I definitely didn’t want the whole college to know that my dad was
here to study. That’s why we’d decided to keep our relationship
to each other a secret. You see, even though my dad was not old yet,
he still had some trouble with college procedures. Apart from that, almost a two decade long
break in studies had had its effect. So, I had to help my dad from time to time,
but secretly, so that no one would see us. Apparently, we were not very good at being
secretive because very soon my dorm neighbor Alice, who was one of those know-it-all nerds,
noticed once that my dad was leaving my room. Obviously, he had been there to get some of
my notes that could be useful for him. But Alice had come to a pretty compromising
conclusion and the next day, I heard a rumor about me having an affair with an older student. So, in no more than a week I turned from a
“nobody” to “a very interesting subject” for my college peers. For some odd reason, the majority of girls
thought that my dad was handsome and since he had his eye on me, as they thought, I must
have been cool or something. They began inviting me to their parties and,
once, my classmate Jessica even gave me a hint that maybe I could aspire to become a
member of her sorority. For dad, these rumors about us seemed to be
funny and entertaining, and he didn’t pay much attention to them. But I never wanted that much attention focused
on me. I didn’t know what was worse – to pretend
like everybody was right about us or to let them know the truth. The fact that I couldn’t disprove these
rumors was really stressing me out. I began to obsessively try to avoid people,
including my dad, and began spending a good amount of my time in the library. I thought nobody would be able to find me
behind the large piles of books, but suddenly another rumor about me and my dad caught up
with me. I heard a group of girls whispering something
nearby. And it turned out that somebody had caught
my dad on a date with Ms. Jackie, the arts professor, in the city. He or she had come to the conclusion that
“the older student” might have been cheating on me. I thought this was a perfect time to end everything. So I just showed myself in front of these
girls and dramatically said that he (my dad) and I were so over. I just pretended that the information I’d
heard had made me nervous and rushed out of the library. But to be honest, I was just curious about
whether it was actually true. Of course, I rushed to get an explanation
from my dad. I called him and he denied nothing. He was really having a romantic relationship
and just didn’t know how to tell me about it. Honestly, I felt relief, because not only
were the rumors about he and I going to end, but my beloved dad would finally stop being
alone. Knowing that had even made it a little bit
easier for me to continue my education. Also, one of the guys from my economics class
had asked me out on a date. He told me that he had wanted to ask me out
for a long time, but that I was in a relationship back then (you know what I mean). But recently he had heard that we’d broken
up and he thought that this was his chance. Well, as people say, all is well, that ends
well. Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments below
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100 thoughts on “My Dad Studies In My College And Everyone Thinks We Date

  1. Well, as people say, all is well, that ends well. Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments below this video and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel in order to catch up with other stories that have actually happened.

  2. Right when she said i got a text from my dad I got a txt and I’m not even playing, woahhhh wat a coincidence and weird……..😲😲😲

  3. I thought it was clever how she made everyone who wasn’t important in the college grey and she and her family were all colourful 👌👌 great story

  4. I Swear! Gossip's are the same in all generations! They just have Social Media nowadays to spread such even quicker!

  5. Tf did she make it weird and uncomfortable for… I'd rather be faced with the embarrassment of schooling with my dad than being on some odd incest train

  6. Oh God, this story is one of my worst nightmare. Having your dad or your mom at school with you. Oh god, I would feel so ashamed.

  7. When I saw this in my notifications I barely read it I thought it said
    My dad studied in my college and he thinks everyone dates 😂 lol I'm so funny and stupid

  8. Your dad seems like a great guy. Your dorm mates need to get life. If they think dating certain guys makes you more interesting, you don't need them as friends. It's great that your dad is studying again and dating. Although i don't know about your dad dating a teacher as he is a student there. :/

  9. It is cool when ur dad is studying with you but my dad is not studing instead he is a good bussiness man and makes million of money i guess both of the ways are cool and i wish you luck
    Like if u agree

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