My Classroom: Field Training Course
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My Classroom: Field Training Course

I’m actually a transfer student, so after I decided to come to Central, I kind of was just looking a different ways to be become more involved on campus and I always been interested in the military, so I looked into ROTC and it just seemed like a very good fit. Not only to get more involved on campus but also to help pay for school and kind of just spend time with more like minded people like myself. The field training course is one our labs that we use to kind of like encourage teamwork and leadership. At the beginning of the semester for our cadets it really makes you focus on getting your point across quickly and making sure everyone understands exactly what the goal is your trying to accomplish because if for some reason you forget to explain what your looking for to one person, your planning can completely fall apart. I feel so much more confident, not only leading people, but also just the fact that I know that I’m prepared to go to camp this summer and I know I’m prepared to be a successful officer in the army. The field training course is my classroom because it really bridges the gap between what we learn in the classroom and what we need to be able to accomplish in the field It’s good practical exercise of what we need to be able to accomplish like at advance camp and in the actual army. My name is Ainsley MacLean and the field training course is my classroom.

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