My Back to School Favorites
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My Back to School Favorites

alright guys who is ready to go back to school because honestly I don’t think anyone really is from what I’ve been reading but to make it easier I’m going to be giving away these really cute earphones so just stay tuned near the end of the video to see how to win we’re gonna start off with school supplies and what I have here are my folders and usually I prefer to decorate my own folders i decorate the covers making it all Purdy and stuff and I had my favorite classes and of course my least favorite classes don’t forget to pack a good eraser with you I recommend either the Statler’s famous white eraser because this stuff can race just about anything without leaving any marks or a giant pink eraser like the one I’m holding here no one’s perfect in life so that’s why we have erasers I’ve always been a huge fan of mechanical pencils over regular pencils because I didn’t have to worry about sharpening it so much effort so I tried to order Lisa Frank notebooks but I couldn’t find them anywhere anyways you can’t go to school without your notebooks how else can you take notes or do assignments back in the day before text messages if we wanted to send a friend a message we had to write it out on a note and fold it up and sometimes people would find really cool ways to fold it up and afterwards we would have to find secretive ways to pass it over we used to have these super calculators where you could hack into it and load in a bunch of games like Tetris and a knockoff version of Mario and now that you have all your school supplies make sure you find something to keep them safe how cute are these eraser rings they kind of remind me of ring pops and if you guys didn’t know by now I kind of have an obsession with bunnies oh and kitties – all right so tell me do you wear your bookbag on one shoulder or are you like me and you like to have it nice and secure for makeup this one is a little tricky because I know some schools are really strict I know for me it was fine to wear nail polishes so here are a few of my favorite colors the brighter the better swap some of your polishes with your friends to try different colors if you have a big event at school but your eyes look very very tired wake them up with either cold spoons or if you really want to get fancy schmancy try these eye masks I know most of you want to look cute for that someone special I used to bring baby wipes to school but now you can try these really cool lotion wipes for the hand and body especially after PE I mean no one really showered because we were too shy to strip down naked in front of each other so we would use baby wipes instead one of the first makeup products that I was allowed to wear at school was mascara I found this really cool one by Maybelline it’s double ended one side holds a brush for your upper lashes and the other smaller brushes for your lower lashes mascara is a great entry-level makeup product to use for first-timers because it’s so easy to use another entry-level beauty product lip colors I have here a cute fuchsia lipstick they’ll give you that pop of color but if you want to keep it more natural try a sheer lipstick or a tinted lip balm but if you want to glam it up a little more try lipgloss as a teenager oily skin is usually the norm because well basically everyone’s going through hormone changes so keep your powder compact handy just in case if you need any touch-ups to help mattify your face I recommend keeping a travel sized hairspray in your locker or bag especially after PE my hair used to get so messed up if you’re gonna wear eye makeup to school and you need a foolproof color palette stick with a natural palette like this mainly consisting of topes Browns and creams because you can’t go wrong with any of these classic colors try cheek stain if you want to pump up your look it’s a great way to add color to your face while maintaining a natural youthful look no brushes needed just dab it on and blend away for fashion I’m not sure what your dress codes are so I’ll keep it really basic if you don’t want to be late for class stick with flats running in heels is not the most efficient way to get around in school trust me I didn’t really have much of a big wardrobe when I was in school so if I wanted to change up my outfits I would borrow my mom scarves if you can’t get scarves I try and buy patterned fabrics and you can basically make your own scarves it’s a great way to stay warm in class and look cute I am sweater obsessed it’s casual cute and comfortable I mean come on how can you beat that instead of hair ties try these hair bands they won’t leave a dent in your hair and they kind of look like arm swag way cuter than normal hair ties my class was always cold I felt like they did that on purpose to keep us awake in class so I always made sure that I had a sweater or a cardigan handy back when I was in school we had boring ear phones but today they make super cute fashionable tech accessories like these I have a question are you guys allowed to use your phone as a calculator in class or do you have to bring a separate calculator really curious what did you guys do on your breaks if I was in school again ID please zelda ocarina of time best Zelda game ever next two Link’s Awakening in my opinion and how can you go to school without your favorite book right now I’m loving Catching Fire if you’re not into reading or you’re a girl on the go like me you can still enjoy a book with audible it’s kind of like having someone reading a story to man I wish I had this when I was in school I would have enjoyed listening to my favorite stories on the way to and from school besides that I am happy to announce that audible will present my new book club I have a favor I’m going to need you guys to help me name my new book club I’m going to be giving away three cute earphones like the one you’re seeing here all’s you have to do is be subscribed to my channel and like this video comment below on what you think my book club should be called I’m going to select three winners and this giveaway is open worldwide so put on your thinking caps guys and think of a cool name for my new book club now you can enjoy this audio book or any other title for free at it’s free oh and let me know if you guys would like to see a video on how to take the perfect selfie have a great school year guys and for all of you who are going to high school for the first time don’t be scared it gets better each year I promise you’re going to make great friends and memories so have fun and of course good luck cuties [Music]

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100 thoughts on “My Back to School Favorites

  1. we are not allowed to wear make up or nail polish we also could not keep our hair open and also we had to wear school uniforms

  2. Michelle Pham you are so so beautiful and cute❤❤❤❤ I love you so much❤❤❤❤❤💛💛💛💛💛💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  3. My school is horribly loose. Boys and girls mixed school using BAC French system. Wear any jacket but has to be plain black, any black pants can have other colors as SECONDARY colors, no makeup or hair rules, take any electronics but don't use them in class unless they are the school iPads which we use instead of books, ACCESSORIZE AWAY GO CRAZY, if you don't have a calculator you can use your phone, any shoes but no heels but you can wear these sneakers with heels (wedges). They don't care about anything. The shirt must be the uniform's one tho. Literally girls dye their hair in pink and green and nobody does something lol.

  4. welp, my school doesn't allow coloured hair, nail polish, any makeup, if you wear a skirt you can't wear socks ('too revealing') and we have to wear blazers and trousers and if we take off our blazers we get immediate detention

  5. So weird how time changes in only 5 years. I remember all these trends and watching videos like this before middle school. Wow time really does fly

  6. Wishbook's , Phanfic, F E U L(For, Everyone, You, Love) WorldWide as a title
    I did everything: subbed 2 you and liked the video
    Pls choose me

  7. 4 years after this video was posted i still come back here before going back to school x) love you mish ♡

  8. I live in England and I'm going into yr 9 (8th grade to Americans) and were aloud to wear nail polish minimalist makeup jewelry is allowed as long as it's a flat ring and earrings are allowed in the lobes so I feel bad for everyone and I'm so lucky to be able to have a flexible uniform ❤️❤️❤️

  9. lmao i had a 7th grade ss teacher that kept the windows open ALL YEAR LONG yeah folks even in the dead of winter i live in new york so we all wanted to die😂

  10. In my school:
    You can wear anything,but no croft top because a T-shirt needs to cover your stomach
    No bright or neon nailpolish
    No makeup(maybe a little mascara or lipgloss)
    You can let your hair down or make your own hairstyle
    No phones in class

  11. I wish we have more beauty gurus like Michelle Phan.. Not a controversial types of beauty gurus who keep on raging on social media 🙄

  12. Michelle, could you please make a hair tutorial on how you did your hair for this video? It's gorgeous! Also, when I was in school I followed these hacks! Love em!

  13. I love how when you say “from what I’ve been reading” everyone believes you when I say that they ask “you read?”

  14. You know you are an Australian student when the uniform and dress code is more important than your education… My school litterally has a whole booklet about what not to and to wear…

    I can name some…
    No nail polish
    Only clear nail polish
    Dress and shorts knee level
    Leather tied school shoes
    No makeup at all
    You must wear summer uniform and winter in the right seasons

    These are just the basic ones… There are more, some of my friends' schools are worse.

  15. bruh i remember watching this in like 5th and 6th grade and now i’m about to be a freshman like wtf

  16. i remember watching this when i was around 8… i loved watching this video and pretending i would be that cool in hs. oml. 5 years later… im still a loser.


  18. I remember when I’m still in 3rd/4th grade I watch ur video like literally literally every single day after school and u really really inspires me. I love u Michelle. And we miss u.

  19. Wow this Video wad posted when I was going to 7th grade now Iam in 12 grade…


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