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19 thoughts on “Music for Classroom Management – The Tattling Song

  1. We live in a world so different to the one I grew up in. In my day kids often sorted things between themselves without the teacher. Today that is unacceptable and we have taught our kids to do nothing but run and tell the teacher. And now this song, which I think is sending the wrong message. How is a 5yr old to know whether to tell the teacher or to "not be a rattle tale?"

    There is how we would like the world to be and then there is how it actually is. There are practical responses or overly complex and thought out responses. How is a 5yr old to know what to do?

    PS I am a parent and my kid was bullied. This song was shown to me by a parent now going through what I did a decade ago.

  2. I sent this to a kid that said if their friend did the 48 hour challenge they would tell their friends’s parents

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