Muscle Shoals NYC Premiere
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Muscle Shoals NYC Premiere

Everybody who was anybody came to record at
that studio. Muscle Shoals is a documentary about a huge story in American music um that
sort of have never been told until now. Being able to be the one to tell this amazing story
and get the chance to tell it that was a special feeling.
We were very fortunate to work with a lot of the big stars, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Boz
Scaggs. I recorded there many times that was the first place uh that I ever recorded anything
that I felt I was really recording and its been a long time coming it’s a everybody will
findally see wgat a special place that is for the recording industry. I felt like tonight’s
premiere was going to be a really special special special night htat I realy didn’t
want to miss. I am like a huge Lou Reed fan im like big into music a lot. Im crious I
read a little bit about it and I was like I totally want to see this. I was very fortunate
and blessed with one of the most greatest records in the world “When a Man Loves a Woman”
and Muscle Shoals was one in a million you will never find a place like Muscle Shoals

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