MUMMY – MY TEACHER .. | Teacher’s Day Special Moral Story | #ToyStars
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MUMMY – MY TEACHER .. | Teacher’s Day Special Moral Story | #ToyStars

This is a story of Ema and Era and its a success story Here’s Era who is so happy in her life on the other side here’s in Ema who is too happy but not much and why so you’ll see later here’s in this story one day in Era’s office you’re so popular now… so famous news article I’ve to go to take an interview of a famous company’s CEO have heard that she became famous overnight so wanna to meet her to know who is she… this interview will be published on front page so she leaves for interview.. Hello.. I’ve come to take Miss Singhania’s interview both of them remain shocked when faced each other what are you doing here? and how did you here? ok let it be… you sit here… am I order your favorite ginger flavored tea and samosa you remember all that… I followed my childhood dream and became a Reporter but how did you here??? …CEO…. all this possible only because of my Mummy We both of us were together in School and as far as I remember you didn’t like your Mother much so how all these got happened?? So Ema and Era were belonged to a middle class family Era’s mother din’t much care about her daughter Era but fulfill all her wishes and dreams but didn’t taught her much about good n bad or Savings and spoils her in pampering all the time see an example here Mumm look at this Piano its so good you want to have it how much it cost?? 5000/- Ok pack it Mumma I wanna that chocolate milk shake too and I am so hungry too will we have that Burger?? Mumma pls buy this toy for me I’ve bought toys for you just one week earlier so play with them then will buy you more later Ok then buy that shake or chocolates for me My dear we’ll reach home within five minutes then i’ll make you shake for you because of all these Ema gets angry with her mother gets depressed and starts getting irritated and she think… I wish if my mom too was like Era’s mother Mumma my School bag got torn out so pls buy me a new one Give it to me I’ll make it ok… Save money my dear… it will help you later in your future Next day in School… Ema says – Oh Mumma again put green veggies in my lunch box I don’t like these tell what you brought today My Mummy is the best she knows well that what I like Wow!! how lucky you are!! Your Mom is best Wish if my Mom too was like yours Mom Ema starts getting irritated from Era and yet Ema shares all his worries and happiness with Era next day.. when go for Tuition look at my new bag… isn’t it so cute… hmm… I too want it but my Mom would’t buy it for me its not too expensive Mumma has fix it…I’ll buy it later Ema and Era studies in a same school and both of them were good friends where Ema is so brilliant in her studies so she got scholarship from School yeah got Scholarship.. but going to abroad is expensive so will you help me ?? but all of her friends refuses to help her and asking to Mom I think is of no use and Ema’s mother heard all these and she leaves silently from there I’ saved penny for this day my dear… have this money and prepare for going to abroad and only because of my Mumma I touched the height of this success you know Mumma taught me three more things.. don’t believe in show off Your Elegance & simplicity will make you to reach higher and how value even for a single penny… my mumma taught me well

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