Multiple social media posts threaten shooting at Miami Springs Middle School
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Multiple social media posts threaten shooting at Miami Springs Middle School

and we have breaking news coming in to us from Miami Springs the FBI now investigating after more threats at a middle school let’s go now to local 10 News reporter Brennan Milberg who is live at the school Glenna all right a couple of headlines before we get started number one that information comes from the school district we have not independently verified with FBI but there’s no reason to think that they weren’t because there have been now two threats that we know about on Facebook apparently from the same poster about Miami Springs middle and let me take you in and tell you that it is standard operating procedure school is going on there is no visual on any kind of danger there is a visual on police presence here we have seen four marked units too as you see right in front of the school from the miami-dade school police there are also Miami Springs police department cars and we believe an officer here let me show you what the nature of the threat is and you’ll understand why this is being taken so seriously the poster looking at right now was posted on Facebook on Sunday essentially it says that there this person this poster where the picture of the weapon no less is going to shoot up the whole school mentions Miami Springs middle mentions tomorrow which would have been yesterday Monday the picture of the weapon the nature of the post was posted by a parent of a student here who adds to this post a plea of sorts be careful please don’t let your child go to school as far as we know yesterday Monday it was standard operating procedure here it was safe at school there was no visual on anything different and then we get another picture of yet another posting another threat from the same person this one we’re not going to show you essentially what it says is something very similar without a picture of a weapon but it says all of Miami Springs Middle’s kids are going to die when I shoot up the school now let me just say it is a dilemma whether to report things like this publicly because you don’t want to give any undue attention to the threat maker or the threat yet when it is this concerning to parents police here this is something that should be in the public venue as responsibly as we can get it out to you so as far as we know the headlines are there have been threats from the same person FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force is apparently looking into who that might be that’s according to the school district everything here at Miami Springs middle is standard operating procedure but from what appears to be an increase in police presence and of course we will keep following this for you every minute of today and let you know what we find out I’m Glenda Milberg live in Miami Springs local 10 News

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  1. Used to attend this school, it was always utter garbage. At least some people there weren't completely mental.

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