Multicultural Education Week Fall 2018
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Multicultural Education Week Fall 2018

♪ On top of the world ♪ ♪ On top of the world ♪ – Multicultural Education
Week is all about promoting diversity and cultural competency, learning about cultures
from all over the world. – It’s a time where we
can all come together and celebrate the different
cultures on campus. And let the people know there
is other, that we allies, we have people here to support
us and that are willing to learn about our different struggles. – Having an event like
this I think brings, it says it in the name, education
to the people that aren’t aware of other cultures. – Just from shear
turnout, my freshman year I could definitely, I felt
as though there was a select group of people that visited these events, it seemed like sort of a week
that people participated in but not everyone was behind fully yet. But now, especially last
year I noticed we packed the entirety of our school hall. People were turning out
for all of the events every day of the week. Whether it was the coffeehouse,
whether it was the keynote speakers, or the discussion panels or the Multicultural Festival. That event, of itself has gotten bigger and bigger each year. – To me it makes me feel wanted. To know that my culture is accepted and people are curious about my culture. And it makes me want to
reach out to other people and share and hear about
other peoples experiences. – I think, definitely
helped me sort of break the stereotypes that I
have on certain cultures. And I get to learn a lot more. And I get to be sort of
respectful to a lot more people. – Think it’ll really help me. I’m a secondary education
major, so I think going forward in my career it’s really going to help me to have an awareness of different cultures and how they interact with
other people in the classroom. – I’m going to be wearing
my traditional outfit, so I want people to
come and learn about it. And I’m also presenting about my country. So, I know I’m excited to also
learn about other people’s countries and see their attires. So, come. – Well the biggest thing
is, its in the name itself, multicultural, it’s not excluding anybody. It includes everybody so
that’s something that we really wanna break down those
barriers and that misconception that it’s just for minority students. It’s always great to expand your knowledge and to become more culturally
competent and to learn. – Welcome to Multicultural Education Week! ♪ On top of the world ♪

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