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Mountain Trail Middle School

– Welcome to Coyote country. My name is Katy Clark
and I am the principal of Mountain Trail Middle School in the Paradise Valley
Unified School District. I have worked in our
district for over 15 years at both the high school and middle levels and couldn’t be happier to
call Mountain Trail my home. Middle school is such an important time in a student’s educational experience. While it’s just two short
years, students will be growing and changing before our eyes. Our goal is to ensure students
are academically prepared and emotionally supported as
they move on to high school. In order to reach those goals
we have implemented some programing on our campus that
is unique to Mountain Trail. Our students all follow
a modified block schedule which means that each
Wednesday and Thursday students are able to spend
more time in classes to work on project-based learning,
collaborative work group and labs. Additionally, we have built
time into our schedule where students meet with a
mentor-teacher as a small class to work on developing
organizational skills, goal-setting, self-advocacy, time management
and character building. All of our students have
access to the same challenging curriculum and a wide
variety of elective choices. When I observe students
and staff around campus, I find our applied technology
students dissecting computers and programming robotic finches. Our science and P.E. students
are working on projects that find relationships
between physics and exercise. In the courtyard, I will often
see our math students outside collecting data that they
will analyze and graph. Students are participating
in Socratic seminars and higher level discussions
about current events. And our yearbook team are out
capturing all of these moments to document Mountain Trail’s rich history. We are all so proud to offer
many after school activities. We have hundreds of student
athletes demonstrating true Coyote spirit as they
represent Mountain Trail and our district festival sports programs. We offer after school homework help with our ninth hour program. And have partnered with
our community by offering a variety of activities such as debate, chess club and code a kid. As you can see, we strive
to develop the whole child and make his or her
middle school experience the best it can be. I personally invite you
to schedule a tour for you and your teen so you can
see all that Mountain Trail Middle School has to offer. Please contact us at 602-449-4600 or visit our school website at

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