Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Tuition teacher | Wow Kidz
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Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Tuition teacher | Wow Kidz

Chai Wala Singing Samose I cannot wait any longer! Samose, Samose, Samose…. Stop looking at the Samosa and listen this news …. A Millionare named Singhania wants a Tution Teacher For His Kids! Jai Ho!! Now you take the job of tuition teacher and earn money … and i will sit here and eat samosa … Ok Motu! Before Someone Else Goes and Gets Selected For The Job i’ll go! Chai Wala, Quickly give me some samosa! Now Patlu has gotten a job … i’ll give all the pending money from his first salary … Wait, After He Gets His Salary, Gives Me Money then only i’ll give samosa .. Come In Patlu Sir Namaste Sir Namaste After Diwali ‘s Holiday’s My Kids Are Having Exams .. But They are so naughty that they dont like to study their class teacher has told me that if i donot make them study well, they can fail in this class…. Sir does not have the time to take care of their studies … that is why he wants a tuition teacher for them … but the children are lazy and naughty they dont want to study … thats why whoever comes to teach them as a tuition teacher, they trouble him/her and make them run out , so that they dont have to study .. what do you mean by they trouble ? means u see that .. that man only teached them for 2 days and his condition is this … and this is made by the naughty children I cant teach this naughty an dangerous children … u dont worry this time i made the children understand to behave nicely.. This is my boy , Bunty and this girl’s name is Pinky Children’s Please study nicely and if u trouble Patlu then no one else in the world will be worse than me … I know this is your plan to make me runaway . but i’ll not run Now open your books But sir, how can u sit now table is also not there Sir will sit here now you both study nicely or i will complain sir / your father Ramu Kaka, can i get one glass of water plz how can he drink water ? for that he needs his hands right ?? What Happened to my hands? what did you do? Ramu Kaka so u r with the kids u will make them study in their holidays so this will only happen u sticked me with d chair with glue??!! i’ll see you . i’ll see all of u once i’m out of this glue thing Patlu, what happened?? they are so naughty i cant teach them … it was so good job to do . children ‘s are children’s But Ramu Kaka Is also with them we’ll not accept defeat Come, this time i’ll also come with you Together we’ll defeat them i came . u can’t trouble me with these tricks . we’re not gonna fall by stucking from this rope Think of another idea to defeat me hahaha i got saved this idea is new u both do anything … we are not going from here . u both study nicely or else donot cry when i get angry! Patlu, now there is no danger u start make them studying i’ll sit with them hahaha.. ringing the bell is prohibited why is it prohibited? i will ring it! what is that ? that? that is flour where is the train going ? something ‘s fishy something is going to happen u dont worry , nothing will happen … i ‘m there i’ll not teach them how many ever tricks they play, we’re not gonna run we should fulfill our responsibilities we’re not gonna sit in ur chair or table we bought our own chairs and tables from home ramu kaka u will sit here so that u cant play tricks by staying outside i’m not in your side childrens If you are 10, these master are 15! Kids, when some else falls, we look and laugh Similarly, when you fail in the exam, the other kids will laugh at you! Never give any one a chance to laugh at you! Motu Patlu sir! I cannot believe this! That you tought my kids in the entire holidays! We too cannot beleive this Your kids are naughty, but are very intelligent as well! We had a lot of fun in teaching them! Chocolates from us for you kids We too had a lot of fun learning from you! Never realised when the vacations got over! we are ready for the exams! Yes! We will top the class this time! Ladoo from us to you! Ladoo! Wow, I like them a lot!

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