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SCHOOL MORNING ROUTINE [alarm beeping] [alarm beeping] [gasps] 3– 8:20. Oh my gosh!
I’m so late. Ronald, what are you doing? It’s 8:30. What? No! WEEKEND! MORNING ROUTINE It’s a weekend. It’s a weekend! Why am I sleeping for so long? Yay! New weekend! SCHOOL MORNING ROUTINE Actually, it’s fine. Actually, I don’t need makeup. Where’s my uniform? Okay, there is one piece. Here’s the second. Okay, socks. Socks! Oh, [inaudible]scootch. [Ronald singing] Ronald, what are you doing? Um, I’m coming! Karina, you’re late. I know! What books do I need today? WEEKEND! MORNING ROUTINE SCHOOL MORNING ROUTINE Why is my legs… NO! Cross your fingers? NO! George, can you eat them for me? I’m not eating these. Ew. Eggs and uh…
I would rather have waffles. Whatever. I’m okay. Eat this. WEEKEND! MORNING ROUTINE [Inaudible]. Okay, I hope it’s something good. Waffles! Take one of these. It looks so good. Mmmm… It’s so good. Ronald, breakfast is ready. Going to start eating. Okay, sorry I didn’t hear you. What? Waffles? Yehey! Waffle. Woohoo. I love weekends! Okay. Let’s munch. Yes! It’s amazing. So guys, are these the
best waffles you’ve ever had? Yep. Much better than eggs. It’s so good. Wow! Next waffle. Guys, we should have
waffles every single day. Yes, I agree. Tomorrow, eggs for breakfast.>>NO!
>>NO! Okay, I’m done. That was delicious. Now, I’m gonna play some Overwatch. I’m gonna be dabbing on ’em haters. Yes, back to play some games. Hmmm… What to do now? What to [inaudible]? Hey guys! It’s me, Miranda. So apparently, Ariana Grande came out with a new music video today. Ronald! Don’t forget to change from your pajamas. Well, it’s a weekend,
so I’m gonna stay in my PJs. SCHOOL MORNING ROUTINE What do I need? There’s nothing in here. Let’s just shove this in, this, and I guess this, whatever. Hope I didn’t forget everything. Whoo, gotta go fast. I mean, no time for this. I don’t wanna be late for school. Nah! Bye. I’m going to school. Come on!
I’m almost there. Oh wait, I need my shoes. Bye! I’m going to school.

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