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Morning Routine of a Student in Japan | GRWM

ah, here I am so calm, buried under a pile of blankets, unaware of the horror about to occur needless to say, I’m not a morning person I have so many alarms back-to-back just because I just don’t wake up otherwise she finally awakes from her slumber the first thing I do is get comfy, because I’m about to check what all the Americans were doing while I was asleep, because they’re like 16 hours behind me eventually, I muster up the courage to get out and face the real world very unwillingly. once I’m actually out of bed, I open the curtains and let in some light then I stomp to the bathroom get those pesky hairs back I brush my teeth, usually before I eat, but I’m not that strict on this wash my face I feel like my current cleanser dries up my skin but I don’t want to throw it away before I finish the pack so I kind of just keep using it pat pat pat dry controversially I fix up my eyebrows with a razor and moisturize, again because my cleanser dried up my skin time for breakfast! I usually have a very light breakfast, because I get pushed around all the time in the train and if I eat too much I end up feeling really sick on the way to school I recently had a visitor from Sweden, so I’ve been eating knäckebröd lately which is like Swedish hard cracker bread I ended up having one with cream cheese and one with butter I love cream cheese, I could probably eat it with, like, a spoon she crunch usually somewhere between all this, I apply sunscreen I like to apply sunscreen after my moisturizer is kind of like set and before I do my makeup so that the sunscreen itself gets to set too tidy tidy quick I feel like this is a pretty accurate representation of my normal mornings I tidy everything pretty quickly and then just leave the dishes for the evening then, I do my makeup my makeup is very very simple and I don’t even wear any base makeup no foundation or anything so it usually only takes me around ten minutes, I’m very aware that I’m not good at makeup that’s why there’s no makeup tutorials, I’m very sorry I prepare my clothes the night before always because I’m barely functioning in the morning so it takes me very little time to get dressed this time I went for this pink and red kind of uniform style time to do my hair! I just start by brushing it, and then I curl the ends in using my straightener do you guys see the steam coming off that? because I’ve never noticed that before and it’s stressing me out I’ve put in some heat-resistant spray in the night before just before I blow-dry my hair I’m wondering if it’s that, I don’t know I do different hairstyles every day and kind of just decide as I go but today I decided to tie up two small pigtails on top of my head tidy it up a bit, and then it’s pretty much done my hair doesn’t take that long at all, I’m really used to doing it and there she is! it’s your girl! I don’t know if it’s weird or not, but I wear the same pajamas a few nights in a row so I usually just put the pajamas under my pillow does anyone else do that or is that weird? I don’t know I just fix up my bed to make it nice and cute I grab a jacket and grab my bag, which I also packed the night before and I’m ready to go! my school starts at nine o’clock and it’s about half an hour away, I usually leave just before 8:20 and off she goes ready to face the world thank you guys so much for watching, don’t forget hit like and subscribe thank you, bye

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100 thoughts on “Morning Routine of a Student in Japan | GRWM

  1. so i've already mentioned this before but i'm still getting like 10 comments a day about it so again, i bathe AT NIGHT it's just a difference in lifestyle it's not that deep

  2. Welp me im a morning person

    When i hear noise i just really wake up and just get ready

    Plus my school starts at 6 beat that :>

  3. here in the philippines we have different schedules the worst is 6:30am ( i experience it in middle school) and in college 7:00 am.

  4. Girls wake up 2 hours before school up on makeup think what to wear

    Meanwhile boys: wake up 40 minutes before school wears the same clothes for a week..

  5. i didn't know showering at night was a BAD thing. i shower whenever is most convenient for me (if it's not a work day or unless i have something special going on), and since childhood into my early 20s i showered at night. that was the most LOGICAL thing to me, always

  6. Are you serious….. Here's my morning routine…. I wake up at 4 to study… Then I leave for my tuitions at 6 and then go to school at 7:30 with the same boring uniform with plaits and no makeup….. And no matter how early I try to finish all this… I'm always short of time…

  7. You can dye your hair and wear makeup in Japanese schools or that's only allowed to foreigners doing exchange? I thought students couldn't wear any makeup. Haha.. Anyway! Love your uniform(+ cute socks) and simple routine! Thanks for sharing❤️

  8. Where are your boots from? I <3 them so much. Also is it weird that in my school we get detentions for wearing socks above our knees?

  9. At least you dont need to wake up at 5:00 a.m. with my school you need to wake up at 5:00a.m. cause class starts at 7:10 or 7:20 a.m.

  10. It’s so silly, it’s really not that uncommon to wash at night. I don’t want wet hair during the day and I want to stay in bed as long as possible. Plus, having a warm bath or shower gets you cosy for bed.

  11. omg japan is so awesome but japan did something cruel in the philippines
    if u lived in philippines ,maybe u now the history
    but your so cute mikan!!!!

  12. Oh man I wanna wear that type of outfit but people would judge me because the trendy style is so boring to me in America

  13. We wake up 4:00 am go to school 5:00 am we wear school uniform(jackets and white t-shirts are npt allowed)we cant wear make up and we must tie our hair if we have long hair we don't have clubs but we do have those math and english clubs…i hated it.

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