Moodle 2.5: Back to school Spring 2014
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Moodle 2.5: Back to school Spring 2014

Well, hi everybody! Welcome to a special back
to school Moodle support theater. This is a quick overview
of some of the more common questions we’ve been getting here in Moodle support – it’s going to be quick because
all of this information is available at a number of other sources. We are on the
main Moodle page you will see when logging in.
Your courses – if you have activated them – are going to
be visible here in this center area, and we are going to look
at navigation area. I’ve parked mine in the upper left-hand corner. I’m going to float my
mouse, I’m going to choose Site Home – that is where we’re going – a lot of the
information we’re going over is available here on the site home, and the big question
I’m getting is “where have our ongoing courses gone to?” Well, if you come to the very top of this or
any other Moodle page, in addition to Moodle request, Moodle
instances, you’re going to see ongoing courses. As long as you’re logged
into Moodle, you don’t have to log in the second time –
just click and you’ll be taken to – here as we see in the
the upper left hand corner – ongoing courses. That’s right – they are now here. If you
don’t see your courses when you go to Navigation>My home, you should see in fact any ongoing courses you are a part of. Now, if you’re not seeing these classes
it is because you have not yet been added as an administrator. The present time, we
have a 110 of 140 copied over and most likely this will be done by the time you hear this. Let’s come to
the bottom of the site home page, and there is Ongoing
Courses. I’m gonna click it and I’m going to look
through my list and I see Video Course Example, so I know it got copied over, but I’m not in it. All you
need to do is give us a call at 3633 and we’ll add you as an instructor. Another common question is: what is a a CAS user? This might be a question
you’d come across when you need to find something from one
of your old courses. So, again, from the top of any Moodle page,
whether you are in ongoing, or spring, you will see the
Moodle instances choice. Use the drop-down, let’s
say I want to use something from Fall of 13. I need to look
at and get some course material. So I’m going to right click on that in my PC and
choose open link in a new tab, and when we do
that, I’m going to get a screen, as we see here,
in the screenshot I have provided, that says CAS user or other user. All faculty
members are CAS or campus authentication
system users. Simply click that, enter your
regular HSU username and ID and you are ready to go. Third question I’ve
had a number of times, and this is kind of a thorny one. Let’s come to the left-hand column in
Administration. In Administration, one of the options is Filters, and we go into this in great detail
on another video, but if you look, you’re
going to see on this list of filter settings – one of them
is auto-linking it’s about fifth from the
bottom. By default it’s turned off, and this is due to faculty requests. Some people love it, some people can’t
stand it – it’s like broccoli and Barry Manilow – you’re in
or you’re out – there is no middle ground – we had far,
far, far more votes to turn this thing off
than there were to leave it turned on. We are happy to turn it back on in a case-by-case basis
if you want it, and we’re trying to get it set so you,
the faculty member, have that choice and can do it individually – stay tuned, they’ll be more information on that. And
finally, let’s go back to our site home, using our
navigation block, and let us go to the ongoing courses, and let us go to that video
course example. We need to unhide our courses –
something the faculty has requested, the ability to hide and show the course when it’s ready. Let’s
choose Edit Settings in the Administration
block, left-hand side. Here at the very top, it says Show next
to the word Visible – that’s right above course start
date and that’s a drop-down, and please remember that needs to be set
to show, or your students won’t be able to see your class. After you’ve done that, scroll to
the bottom of the page and save changes to make sure it takes place. One final
reminder: a lot of the things we’re talking about are available up here at the top of the page under
Moodle support in the Faculty or Student guide. There are a number of new
videos, a number of new Quick Guides and we also have Twitter feeds going out and our
information in the latest news section in the upper right-hand
corner of the Spring 14 Moodle pages. Lots of information and of course we’re
here to help you Monday through Friday in library 315 – thank you very

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