Montgomery College President’s Corner Dec. 2nd, 2019
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Montgomery College President’s Corner Dec. 2nd, 2019

[Music] Good morning colleagues, I’m
coming to you from the Central Services
Building where we hosted the November
Board of Trustees meeting. It was a
chilly night but once we were tucked inside
there was a lot to accomplish. First, we
had a robust constituent conversation
with the student council on the future of
work, but continued to look closely at
how artificial intelligence is
impacting the workplace and this month our
focus was engineering and construction
management. There is so much evolving in
those fields that the college is
carefully looking at how our curricula
prepare students for the world of AI on
the drafting table and on the
construction site. Speaking of curricula,
several academic matters were discussed
at the board meeting including the
creation of a building trade certificate and
an interior design certificate, as
always the college is responding to
student needs and market demand for
targeted skill sets, so that we can
respond with outstanding offerings just like
these. We also discuss updating the
network and information technology AAS with
a new program titled cloud computing
and networking technology AAS, to
reflect a new focus on on-demand cloud
computing particularly with Amazon’s moved
to the Arlington Virginia area. The
board also approved a resolution to name
the finance lab and memory of Gordon
and Marilyn Macklin. The Macklin’s
have been generous supporters of the
college and I’m thrilled to have a permanent reminder of their support, and
finally the board approved the FY 21
capital budget and the six-year capital improvements program, and I know
we all appreciate the board’s attention
to the college’s facilities needs
balancing needed updates with the
construction of new buildings such as the
Leggett building at the Takoma Park
Silver Spring campus. Now as you may
have heard at the Town Hall, Moody’s
Investors Service issued its annual
comment on the college’s debt rating and it
remains at at a triple-a with a stable
outlook. Moody’s noted the college’s
strong support from the county healthy
flexible reserves and liquidity relative
to debt is important. It also noted that
our reserves have increased in the
last two years as operating performance
has strengthened. On top of that, Moody’s pointed out to our
enrollment strategies as a stabilizing
force, crediting the expansion of early
college and our intense focus on student
success. Strong fiscal stewardship is a
priority for the Board of Trustees and
the Moody’s report shows that we are
on the right track. Now finally I
couldn’t end without bragging about a
personal accomplishment. Two weeks ago, I
competed in the pancake battle fundraiser
for generation hope and my maple
bacon pancakes recipe was voted the
winner, yep. Supporting young college
students who are also parents the generation
Hope is very close to my heart, but
doing so at the pancake competition made it
even more fun. I’m also pretty sure
they lost some money or miles just gonna
put that out there. Now I hope that you
enjoyed some of your own specialties of
Thanksgiving and had a wonderful, restful
break and I’ll see you again very soon
take care and be well [Music]

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