Money Counting for Kids | Money Word Problems for 1st Grade
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Money Counting for Kids | Money Word Problems for 1st Grade

Hello everyone, let’s open the worksheet Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel you can find the link to this app in comments below alright today We have a new worksheet the name of our worksheet is called money word problems at the pet shop And the directions say solve the word problems below So we’ve got all these different animals here at the pet shop and a word problem basically Means that we have a little story that we’re gonna have to read through or sentence or two and we’re gonna have to figure out What to do with the numbers in our story so the first thing says mia has these coins in her purse Which two toys could she buy for exactly the amount of money? She has tick the correct pictures, so let’s take a look Mia has this amount of money in her purse So let’s figure out first how much that is Mia has a nickel which is five cents And then she has another nickel right here, which is five cents, and then she has a penny So we’re gonna add these up together so five plus five is 10 plus 1 is 11 So Mia has 11 cents total what we’re gonna need to do is we’re gonna find two toys that equals Exactly 11 cents or the amount that she has and then it says to tick the correct pictures So let’s take a look here the first one this little guinea pig He is worth three cents Okay, the next one is the little tiger kitten and he’s worth eight cents here And then we’ve got the bunny the bunny is worth seven cents and then the parrot is worth 10 cents Okay, so what we’re gonna have to do is we’re gonna have to find a combination of two of these whichever two equals exactly 11 cents so let’s just start with our first pair right here and see if this works three plus eight okay? And what I’m gonna. Do is I’m actually going to just I’m gonna add them over to the side here I’m going to take one two three. I’m gonna draw a picture and then eight one two Three four five six seven eight and then I’m gonna take eight And I’m going to count on three so eight nine Ten eleven but look at that that one actually worked out perfectly those two are gonna equal Eleven cents when we add them up together, which is the total amount that she has so what we’re gonna Do is we’re gonna tick those two that equal three and eight so three was my little guinea pig right here And then eight was the kitten so the kitchen is right over here, okay? Let’s go down to the next one the next one says Sophia buys the parrot and the bunny how much does she pay circle the correct answer so the parrot is? Ten cents okay, and the bunny over here is worth seven cents we’re going to add these up so 7 plus 0 Is 7 and then one plus nothing is 1 so that gives us a total of 17 cents? so we’re gonna come right down here and circle the 17 the Last one here says Noah buys the kitten he pays with a dime How much money does he have left circle the correct answer so a dime is worth 10 cents, okay? and I’m gonna write that right here to remind me, but I need to take 10 and Subtract it from the amount of the kitten so the kitten is 8 cents over here and I need to figure out how much that is now I can do it like this or I could draw out a picture and I think I want to do a picture. I like picture, so let’s do this. Let’s draw 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 then I’m gonna take away 8 since, it’s subtracting problem Please count with me as I count back 8 here. We go 1 2 3 4 & 5 6 7 8 and that gives me my answer how many do I have left over I have 2 left over so 2 plus 8 equals 10 and 10 minus 8 equals 2 so I’m gonna come over here and find my answer To sense right here nice job today. Thanks for working that out with me Like us and subscribe to our channel find links to our apps and comments below

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