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Hello ! I hope you are feeling good today, I do a new video about my ef trip I just want to say, this is not my house that why the mess behind me, I was to lazy for clean up there is a light and a white wall in front of me I’m dazzled, I can’t see anything ! So it makes a white reflection on my head I’m tanned but we can’t see it, I love that ! Now I’m going to tell you how was my ef trip, the organization … First, before or after watch this video, you have to see my vlog I recorded everything, it’s cool I went in Florida, more precisely in Jacksonville with the organism ef A language travel it’s when you travel alone you don’t have your friends, your family You can be with a host family or in a campus Me it was a host family On the morning, you have 3h of class and on the afternoon you have activities On the week-end you can have little trip or you stay with your host family and the most of the time the family is very kind they do things with you I already went in England with Ef, and it’s very different On July 5 I took a train from Angers to Paris I met a part of the French we were in a hotel and you can’t choose your room It makes it possible to make acquaintances because you know nobody, really the next day we took the plane early We always have EF leaders with us, for officer us because you know in a airport, alone, im a little bit lost 🙂 for us it was Caroline, so hello Caroline ! We took the plane for New York and we took another plane for Orlando All the American leaders came to get us with placards and music after, we take a plane uh ! not at all we took a small bus who drive us in a hotel other people from other country were here the hotel, I’m hallucinating there is a big pool, the room were soooo huge They had ordered pizza, we could swim. Anyway : amazing hotel the next day we took a bus for Jacksonville and, when we arrive, it’s was amazing all the host family were here, with placard like ” welcome Zoé and Clemence ” our placard was so cute, I was with Clemence I my host family but it was an exception : you can’t be 2 people from the same country in the same host family it was an exception because we are youtuber and our family was really adorable it was a floridien family ? floridins family? Floridians family ? there is two parents : Laureen and Nick two twins of 18 years : Katie and Savannah and the little sister Melody, and the little brother : Nicolas so cute, really, the family was like ” wow” Anyway, we arrive, we say hello blablabla it’s depend but you can go on the restaurant, or on the house or other things .. The house was amazing, like on the movies the next day, we meet everybody at the beach and the Sunday you stay all the day with your family and you do things with her we done shopping, it was so cool at the beginning I was a little stressed I thought ” It’s going to be strange you are going to stay all the day with the family, it’s going to be embarrassing ” finally, not at all ! the neighbor had 2 students Andrea, a spanish and Siria, an Italian so, the week start, we have class on the morning the host family drive us to a bus stop for we can take the bus with other ef students the school, I never see that in France is not like that beautiful, the classroom, very pretty the class are not like in the college you are supposed to work, but you didn’t really work The thing who really makes us progress is to speak English with the others people on your class you have a lot of nationality You are classified by level before the trip, you have to do test on internet for they can see your level In my class, there was spanish, Italian, Finish, Swedish,Taiwanese the teacher : American it was so cool and funny, the teachers were very nice we discovered the differences of cultures for the noon, the family makes you a lunch and the afternoon EF organize an activitie it can be bowling, rope park, beach, shopping car wash, its when we clean cars for have dollars for an association for a girl who have cancer all the week you have different activities you come back at 6pm in America they eat earlier, like at 6.30pm/7pm you can go at the restaurant with your family or at the cinema at on time we went down town in the night it was beautiful, American city lol the family are not pay for have EF students they are volunteer, so they didn’t do that for the money they do that for the pleasure so obviously they are good in the host family my friends were with one finish or Italian or two people, like one Swedish and one spanish, it’s depend the first week-end, we went at Orlando some people do it because they buy it, some people don’t me, I done it we done universal studio, disney world disney water thing .. I dont really know the name it was so cool, we slept on the same hotel that at the beginning they told you ” it’s 11am you have to be at the bus at 6pm ” you just have to stay in the park I really really loved this 3 days in Orlando we had a prom in a room, with a DJ, lights, food, everybody had beautiful clothes it was cool, but a little bit annoying because they always put Spanish’s songs the second week, same class, activities, class, activities, So here is how was my trip our first family went in holidays so we have to go I an other host family during 2 days she was cool but I preferred the first I have enormously attached myself to the person the Americans are sooo nice it was so sad when we had to leave the people here after I was crying on my plane the friends you made, they probably don’t leave on your city anyway, I posted a picture on Instagram for you can ask me questions so, Im gonna answer you did your family was far from school ? what do you advise me between host family or campus ? you have to know that, in the usa, ” far ” is not like in France like, one time we went at a restaurant, and I ask ” is it far from here ? ” and they told us ” no no is not far, it at 30 minutes from here ” in France, 30 min is not very far but is not close you know we took 30 minutes to go at school by bus and for go at the bus stop we had 10 minutes but, you are with your friends on the bus so is not annoying and, I never try in campus but I think the best is host family because make new friends It makes you more progressed rather than being on campus it very enriching to see how the others function what is the best between travel alone or with a friend ? if you leave with a friend you will not be always with her in the host family, you will not be with her in class, you will not be necessarily with her you can be lucky and be on the same class we were a big group, like 500 persons in any case, if you leave alone, you will never be alone You will inevitably make friends do you have a better English ? I don’t really know if I progressed ok, yes I progressed, I understand everything now for talk, it always been more difficult I learned a lot of vocabulary People can understand me but I can’t juge me like ” yes I progressed I’m the best now … ” in 20 days, I learned like in 6months at school because you are always speaking English you never talk French except to your French friends ans sometimes, in our room, with Clemence like we talked so much English during they we talked English together it wasn’t
handicapping who organized this trip and how long in advance my mother organized that, but it’s really easy everything is explained, but it takes a lot of time I advise you to do that 6 months or 1 years before leaving for travel in the usa, you have a lot of things to do you have to have a passeport valid during minimum 6 months a Esta, anyway : a lot of papers, so it takes times How much does the trip cost so, it’s expensive i dont remember the price exactly I d’ont know haw I can explain that, you can think ” omg its expensive !!! ” but, you do so much things if you can do it one day, do it ! I recommend it at 1000% how it works fo the cigarette and alcohol ? i had a lot of questions like this In the usa, you are an adult at 21 so you can’t drink under 21 and you can’t smoke under 18 but the cigarette have a bad reputation like, on the streets, there is 0 cigarette on the floor you never see a person smoking When you sign up at the travel, you have a question : ” do you smoke ?” I dont smoke so I said no, but certain people said yes and I think, you have to sign something that say ” You will not be able to smoke during the trip ” but you can see with your host family blablabla .. ” in all the cases, smoke is forbidden, drinking very forbidden, forget that if you are a real smoker, you can talk with your host family, or a leader a friend could smoke in his host family the family gives him a little place on the garden and that’s all when you are free on the city, you can sit on a bench and smoke just try to be a little hidden, no in front of everybody If you get caught is bad for you if you do so much bad things, you are going back to France and your parents pay the plane what do you like the more during trip ? for me it was Orlando but, I find it crazy to be on the same room with people from all the world it’s unbelievable the mixture of nationalitys with Katie ans Savannah, the twins, they are Americans Clemence and me, we are French Andrea, she is Spanish ans Siria, she is Italian we went at the restaurant and I thought it’s amazing, around this table we are from 4 different countries I think this is what I most liked be able to meet people that you probably never meet them how long was the trip ? And at what age can we go ? the trip, it depend, EF propose trips all around the world you have to go on the site it’s for all the prices, for the age, you have different groups you will be with people of your age did you parents accept directly ? like it wasn’t my first trip with EF, there was no problem but the first time, they were worried they said ” yes’s strange .. hum .. ” the don’t have a lot of trust in that but, we are so well taken care of there was like 20 leaders it’s very very organized we never had problem I know some parents are scared to let their children with ” strangers ” but, EF do that since a long time, they are professional you never be alone the family has been verified before you come if you have a problem with your family or other, you tell it to the leaders and they fix it Given the price of the trip they have to fix your problem 😂 this experience was amazing ! I hope I will go with EF again I dont know haw to explain, it’s soooo nice I wich everybody to do that one time I think it was the best trip of my life and when I think about that I have tears in my eyes because it’s was a very good memorie Ahhh i d’on like cry ! And there tell me that it is finished, and I probably never see some peoples I spent so much goods moments, it met amazing people and I have to stop crying It’s a crazy experience ahh why I’m crying ! what is my problem ! I keep the best memorie I can of that trip I miss my host family so much I want to see them again Thank ef, thank you, thank you everybody I have never experienced anything so intense I hope you enjoyed my video if you have any questions, ask them in comments if you hesitate to go, don’t ! just go and stop ask you questions I love you so much and rendez-vous next Saturday at 3pm for an other video ! BYYE

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  1. Coucou ma belle ! est ce que le billet d'avion est compris dans les prix que EF proposent ?? ou c'est à nos frais ?

  2. Il est trop mignon le moment de la fin quand tu pleure c’est trop beau😋♥️gros bisous

  3. Je vais partir 11 mois et je voulais te demander à l’aéroport de France enfin Roissy Charles de Gaulle est ce que c’est obligé d’être accompagner par un animateur EF à l’aller ou il ou elle peut juste attendre a l’aéroport d’arrivé ( je vais à Los Angeles et du coup comme c’est un vol long je me pose cette question ) voilà voilà

  4. tentes de remporter :

    – Un vol offert !
    -Rencontrez les coureurs EF et vivez une course mythique en immersion dans une voiture avec l'équipe technique de l’équipe !
    – 10% de réduction sur les séjours linguistique à l’étranger ! sur les séjours linguistique de chez EF,F8FR_ANY_K.Bekri

  5. Les activités sont les même avec le campus et quand t'es dans la famille ?Par exemple,si tu aurait été dans le campus tu aurait pu aller a orlando ?

  6. Salut, je suis ambassadrice EF si vous avez des question ou que vous voulez en savoir plus, rendez vous sur instagram anna_ambassadeur_ef 😉

  7. coucou , nickel je vais aller en Anlgeterre en 2019 haah mais penses à baisser la musique de derrière car du coup c'est tressent

  8. Moi je stress car j'y vais ce dimanche j'ai 12ans et j'ai peur de mal parler anglais avec mes potes ou ma famille

  9. Perso je part avec telligo genre t vraiment vraiment encadrée apres c comme une vrai colo mais l'hotel à las vegas ptn magnifique puis apres on à fait un road trip jusqu'à los angeles,sans Francisco et plein d'activité et c moins cher tout est compris ca coûte 2600€ environ

  10. Je voulais savoir si les activités sont a à nos frais ou compris dans le séjours? (Ex : je voudrai partir avec EF a Toronto et je sais qu' il y a une excursion à des cascades mais je sais pas si il faut que je paye en plus)
    Sinon est ce que le pris de l avion et du déplacement sur place (bus t rain) son à nos frais ou pareil compris dans le séjours ?

  11. J'ai une question qui me trotte t'avais une école ici non ? T'a arrêté ?Il t'ont laisser ou bien t'es parti avec l'école.

  12. J'étais en train d'hésiter sur le voyage que je voulais faire et, maintenant je veux partir avec EF aux usa mais je me demande un truc : Vu que tu y es allée plusieurs fois, où on peut trouver l'argent ? Est-ce rembourser ?

  13. Est ce que c'est pas plus une ambiance de jeune dans le campus ? Et si t'aime pas ta famille d'accueil tu peux changer ?

  14. j'hesitais a partir parce que d'un coter ca me donnais trop envie de l'autre jhesitais a cause du prix et j'osais pas trop demander ca a mes parents j'avais peur qu'ils dépensent autant et que je ne sois pas ravis du voyage et tu m'as tellement motiver maintenant j'ai hate de tout preparer et de partir merciii

  15. J'ai une question importante svp que quelque me réponde… est ce que elle est partis pendant les cours où pendant les vacances ?? SVP REPONDEZ

  16. Hello! J’ai fais une vidéo sur mon histoire tragique avec EF! C’est comme un storytime mais c’est très important ce qui m’est arrivé et pas seulement a moi! N’hésitez pas à aller la voir et espérons que cela aide quelques d’entre vous! ♥️🙌🏻

  17. Tu es resté que avec des français c'est pas pratique pour l'apprentissage.
    Moi je vous conseille WEP moins cher pour la même chose

  18. Salut je pars l’année prochaine avec EF à Hawaï à hulanunu c’est pas trop compliqué au début de parler ou de faire connaissance en plus mon niveau en langue est pas terrible et je pense filmer mon point de vue à Hawaï super vidéo enfaite 😉

  19. C’est super bien expliqué franchement je voudrais faire comme toi et je doutais un peu mais la chuis déterminée 😂merci pour cette vidéo elle est géniale

  20. J'aimerais faire le voy âge mais j'ai grave peur de l'avion et que ça coûte trop cher, une idée pour me détendre avant le vol ?

  21. For me, It was a shit hole experience. Racist and homophobic students whom insulted a lesbian teacher , nasty rooms, unorganized trips…the worse for last : my host family was VEGAN! They shamed me for killing A FLY! Honestly wouldn’t recommend

  22. Aww je suis trop contente j’ai trop hâte d’y aller !! Je pars 9 mois à Londres avec EF.
    Merci encore pour tes renseignements 😊

  23. Hello si Sa vous intéresse il y a un nouveau jeux concours par EF :
    3 semaines 3 destinations
    Si vous avez des questions n hésites pas à venir privé sur insta : @99timothe
    Voici le lien et bonne chance a tous ! ->

  24. Salut ta vidéo est super

    Pour ma part, je suis parti à EF Brisbane 6 semaines et c’était génial, c’est une super expérience ducoup si vous êtes intéressé n’hésitez pas à me contacter si vous voulez plus d’infos
    Je me ferais un plaisir de vous aidez

    [email protected]

  25. Coucou tout le monde, j'ai des réductions EF pour ceux qui veulent partir ! Contactez moi sur Insta :Charlocox ou FB : Charlotte A-Nbt 🙂

  26. Je viens de revenir de mon voyage EF, si vous avez des questions hésitez pas ^^J'ai 2/3 conseils à vous donner, notamment pour payer moins cher :). 
    Perso j'étais en campus et ça s'est plutôt bien passé. Contrairement à ce que disent certains commentaires, il y a des staffs dans tout le bâtiment, à tous les étages. Il suffit d'aller les voir si vous avez besoin d'eux :'). 
    C'est un séjour "libre" et non un séjour "encadré", ils ne vont pas vous tenir la main tout le long de votre voyage (surtout qu'un des buts est de devenir un minimum indépendant), mais ils sont présents à toute heure du jour et de la nuit si vous avez besoin de quoique ce soit ^^
    Ça s'est très bien passé pour mon cas ^^
    Mon fb : Charlotte A-Nbt
    Mon insta : Charlocox 🙂

  27. avk mes copines ont veut faire ef london mais on a14 ans, vous croyez quon est trop jeune ou pas ?

  28. C'est n'importe quoi, n'allez jamais la bas. C'est seulement des arnaqueurs et des hypocrites issues d'un système capitaliste profitant de la naïveté des jeunes adultes et moins de 18 ans pour se faire des tunes voila. Ca joue avec l'éducation sauf qu'on rigole pas avec ça. C'est une honte de faire de la pub alors que pour ceux qui y vont entre 3 mois et plus c'est juste traumatisant.

  29. Es que on paye moins cher quand vas dans une famille d'accueil ?(les prix pour 6 mois son entre 10000 et 13000) et jsp si c'est le prix loger ef ou famille dacceuil ?

  30. Quand tu dis que les familles d'accueil ne sont pas payées, c'est faux. Le salaire donné aux famille ne s'affiche pas sur la facture parce que c'est inclus dans la formule de base, mais les familles touchent en moyenne 500 dollars par mois et par étudiant (donc pour les familles qui accueillent une dizaine d'étudiants, parce qu'il y en a, bah ça commence à faire pas mal, même si en soit, 500 dollars par étudiant n'est pas énorme non plus).

  31. Perso j’aimerais trop y aller mais je voulais y aller avec ma pote mais si on est pas dans la même famille ça me fait un peu peur ☹️

  32. Omg ece que Savannah Elle avait des origine chinoise où je sais pas quoi parce que j'ai fait une colo j'avais une voisine de chambre elle s'appelait Savannah elle habitait en Floride elle avait un sweat et t shirt stranger things Les cheveux noir asser bronzer jte fait une grosse description mais jvoudrait savoir si c'ets elle

  33. 10 000 euros le prix, nan parce qu'elle fait genre elle sait pas mais elle le sait très bien, c'est cher oui carrément, 10 000 euros cest pas donné a tout le monde, sa reste une bonne expérience certe mais sûrement excessive.

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