Module 2: Developing a Child Friendly Classroom
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Module 2: Developing a Child Friendly Classroom

Developing a child-friendly learning space Ms. Efia, Ms. Efia! Hello Kami! Hello Zobi! Hi Ms. Efia! Wow, look at all these beautiful decorations. Is there a party going on at school today? Oh, Oh a party? Will there be dancing huh? Will there be singing? Ms. Efia, will there be games? Well, there will be dancing, there will be singing, and there will even be games! But, it is not a party. It’s a school. This is where I teach. That’s not possible, no way! And where are the pupils? Are they hiding somewhere? Hello pupils? Hello? Well, they are not yet here. I am just setting up. So this really is a school? It looks so colourful, and so much fun. Good. That’s what I was hoping. When my pupils arrive, I want them to feel excited and welcome. Kami, how do you feel when you look around my teaching space? Hummm… I feel like I can’t wait to learn. Ms. Efia, What’s in this box? And what will happen over there? Ms. Efia, and what’s this list? Are these all the things you are going to do today? Those are great questions Zobi. I hope my pupils are just as curious as you are. Because the more curious they are, the more excited they’ll be to learn. Let me show you around! We are about to see four ways to develop a child-friendly learning space. In a child-friendly classroom, you must help your pupils feel welcome. Your classroom must be safe and feel comfortable. You can achieve this through the way you set up your classroom. And the way you interact with pupils. Arrange your chairs or mats in a way that everyone can make eye contact with each other so everyone will feel included. By putting up a daily timetable, you let everyone know what the routine would be. Your pupils will feel at ease because they know what is coming next. And don’t stop there. This teacher has an area where her pupils can hang their own creations. And she’s created many different learning environments so that each child can work according to his or her preferred learning style. When your pupils are comfortable, they will share their interests, ideas, and questions. Also take time to answer questions. It
helps you address the needs of each pupil. And it shows everyone that you care about their thoughts and ideas. Make sure you give every pupil a chance to join in. This teacher always waits a few moments when looking for someone to answer a question. This way, a child with less confidence will have a chance to answer. Ask lots of questions and give your pupils a chance to explore. Rather than worrying about right and wrong answers, let each child develop new ideas, come up with questions, and express his or herself. In a child-centered classroom, the lessons can be exciting and fun. The more pupils are interested, the more they take charge of their own learning. So remember, to create a child-centered
classroom, you must first help your pupils feel safe and comfortable. Wow, Ms. Efia! I think your pupils must have a lot of fun while they learn! Well they have a lot of fun! And I have a lot of fun too! In fact, I’m very lucky to be a teacher. Ms. Efia, is that what every day is like in your classroom? Well, every day I try to create an environment that is creative and fun. And a place where my pupils want to learn. But every day is different too. Why is every day different? Well, I always carefully plan what my lessons will be. Part of that planing is to make sure that there are times and places where my pupils can contribute. That kind of planning allows my pupils to share their interests and then I include some of their interests in my lessons. It makes learning special for my class. Ms. Efia, I am learning too. I am learning to become a teacher. Wow that’s great Zobi! It requires some preparation though. What do you think you should do first? First I should get a haircut. And buy a new hat. Oh, and I don’t have a pointer. Ms. Efia, can I borrow some chalk? Sure! I’ve got so much to plan for…guys I’ve got to run, I’m going to be a teacher! Yes!

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