Miley Cyrus Schools Ellen on Millennials
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Miley Cyrus Schools Ellen on Millennials

I’ve learned a lot in 15 seasons. Still some things that I don’t
really understand in this world. I don’t understand the fidget spinners. I don’t understand Axe body spray. And when I don’t understand something,
it’s easy just to start hating on it and especially haters,
because you know haters going to hate.>>[LAUGH]
>>One thing people my age don’t understand are millennials,
and I don’t like ignorance, so I want us all to be open and
try to understand one another. So I asked one of my friends to help me
bridge the gap between millennials and my generation. Here to help me with a segment I’m
calling Mileyennials and Me, Miley Cyrus.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]
[APPLAUSE]>>Hi Ellen.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Hi everybody.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Miley, thank you so much for being here. I am going to, well, you know what? I’m not gonna say your age,
because I think that’s rude. But I do think you can help
me out because you’re 24.>>[LAUGH]
>>Yes, I am, and in fact, I am a millennial. So Ellen, I am here to answer any
questions that you might have.>>Good.
Great. Because my first question is why do
millennials Instagram pictures of their food? It seems very unnecessary.>>You know, food photos are just
kind of a celebration of life. I think we take food for granted, and a photo helps remind us of the beauty
that’s in front of us every single day. I posted some food photos this summer.>>And for me,
it was a celebration because I’m vegan.>>Well, that’s wonderful. Congratulations, I am also vegan, and.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I should’ve bragged about it, I could’ve gotten over 500,000 likes. I didn’t know that.>>[LAUGH]
>>Okay, now we’re at the part of the segment
where we look at our phones and we don’t talk to one another.>>[LAUGH]
>>I like that filter. Okay, we’re done. All right, here’s another question I have. Why do millennials like
dirty music festivals? There’s tons of them. There’s like, Coachella. That’s the only one I know, but
it seems very hot and crowded.>>Well, for a lot of people,
it’s about being seen. Everybody goes. There’s tons of celebrities there.>>[LAUGH]
>>So if someone posted a photo of themselves at Coachella with food,
Instagram would just burst into flames.>>Yes, but these festivals are also
a really great way to see a bunch of bands just in one place.>>I see, but how come everybody there is
watching the concert through their phones?>>We’re not,
we’re not watching the concert. We’re taking selfies.>>I see, I see. It’s loud, it’s crowded. But everybody seems to be
having such a good time. Is that because they’re high on life?>>[LAUGH]
>>Definitely.>>Okay, well, thanks for
explaining all that. I’m still not going. Last question, you are a millennial, and I know that there’s always
a new millennial dance move. Is there a new millennial dance move
that you know that you could show me?>>I have a good dance move.>>Show me the dance move.>>It’s actually called the Ellen.>>What is it called?>>The Ellen.>>Really?
>>And it goes a little something like this.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>All right, let’s do it.>>Ready. [MUSIC]>>Double time.

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100 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Schools Ellen on Millennials

  1. MILLENNIALS!!!! 1984-2000


    CENTENNIALS 2001-2020

    GEN X: 1965-1983

    Baby Boomers: 1946-1964

    Atleast those definition I've heard/seen the most. One thing is certain its seems that most will agree that All 90s babies are Millennials!!

  2. Ellen: Hello everyone

  3. I was too busy trying to see the racking ball moving side to side on my screen and I didn't notice the guy who pushed miley on stage.

  4. Milay you should try some Indian vegetarian dishes I am sure that you'll love those and in case you decided to try Indian dishes be my guest…!!!😃😃😃

  5. I wonder they don't have big budget! Coz those crew members keep popping up in the videos holding props & distracts.
    No offenses-!
    Just a query

  6. Hi Ellen, I am for India and I am unemployed from last 4 months and the only one think which is keeping me motivated is your show.. Thank you

  7. Miley is not a milennial. I'm 33, the starting point right now, 2 years after this was posted, is about 27 or 28. she is only 26, no longer considered such.

  8. For me the food one is not like a celebration but for me is that sometimes people take food pictures because they look good or you just made something that you are really proud of

  9. I was about to comment about the guy at the beginning, it doesn't feel right and props to him btw but there is enough comments about that already. Glad to see some humanity in the comments!

  10. just in case it isnt said yet. Coachella is an embarassment to music festivals. please dont take that as your example of festilife.

  11. Respect: Happy B-day Miley Cyrus. May the Peace be With U. From Harlingen Texas. November 23, 1992
    November 23, 2019 through November 23, 3019

  12. 21 century: Ellen use people instead of all technoligies we have like screen and PowerPoint.
    But everybody is vegan. After that show i want to be a humegan (against human exploitation).

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