Middle School Classroom Setup Day 1 Teacher Vlog
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Middle School Classroom Setup Day 1 Teacher Vlog

I am in my classroom and I’m going to
finally start setting up I came in last week and moved things out of my old
classroom my co-workers helped me with that but today I’m going to start
forgetting the zones if you’re new to my channel and you don’t know me my name is
Natalie Priester and I teach middle school English I teach English learners
I use read 180 and last year I was really committed to station rotation but
this year I’m going to up it with a little bit of flex model and more time
for like kids just sit and do reading on their own I am planning all of my work
with not on like what’s pretty but my goal is to resign where I’m about like
research-based things for what’s really going to help my students learn I’m not
one of those like really fancy teachers I’m also a mom so I don’t have all the
time in the world to make my room look like some cluttered explosion besides
those things don’t like lead to real learning no offense if you like those
but it doesn’t so I’m going to share with you my journey of setting this room
up to be a place that’s designed for kids oh my class sizes range from about
20 24 kids all the way up to I have one class of 50 that I have to fit in this
room also for an elective I teach so I will slowly take you with me as I get it
set up when I was a younger teacher I would go in my room and look at the
furniture in this space and like how can I make this look really just nice and
welcoming and set it up so we have some collaboration but now I know that just
collaboration isn’t enough and just making small groups isn’t enough and if
I just go from like okay I don’t have rows and that’s good but then I’m like
oh I put them in groups but if that’s not like intentional there’s no point to
just put them in groups like I’m not gonna keep those rows but I need to be
more purposeful so this year instead what I’m doing is I’m sitting on my
class where we’re starting with independent time so the kids will be
doing some reading and some journaling then we’re going to do a whole group
lesson or to our daily circle after that I’m going to put them into a third of
them will be with me in a small group I think it’s gonna be over there a small
group and the other kids will be working independently on their computer
using their read 180 software or doing a different activity so I have to set up
the class that I have all of those different areas available and that’s the
space I need I also need a space for some supplies I have my classroom
library and I have the books that come with their read one ad system 44 that I
had need to get plugged in I plugged in haha I also have some technology to deal
with like headphones with the kids to checkout but I don’t have that many
supplies from oh and the kids have workbooks too and journals I guess they
do have a lot of supplies but I don’t set out a lot of little things because
it’s middle school and if you set out a bunch of office supplies Oh little
sticky fingers are way too tempted cuz they love to play with those I don’t
know about this giant teacher desk that comes with my room I went without a desk
for quite a few years when I taught high school but we were a paperless school so
I don’t worry about workbooks or anything to collect or look at I might
be giving up that desk I mentioned earlier that I start my class with a
daily circle I’m going to do that in this class also but I like got this cool
name for my student groupings Niomi teach like a rock star she’s the one who
actually managed to know my Instagram and I’d never heard this boarding before
but I loved it I loved it even more when I found out that David Thornburg who’s
that like an EdTech Education visionary type person that he came up with it so
here’s the idea it’s phenomenal so we’re going to have a campfire that’s where my
proactive circle will be my class meetings will take place there I’m going
to have watering holes for small group work small group instruction or
collaborative work and I’m going to make some caves for my introverts and kids
just sit and focus so today I’m going to set up all of those I’m going to make
this corner one of my watering holes but it’s gonna be my watering hole also for
my teacher stuff because from here I can see that door and I can see that door
and I’ll have a full view of the room I always think it’s good to set up small
groups somewhere where you have a good view of the room I’m gonna use that little desk as like
my teacher store except this might help me to get rid of my actual desk like if
I keep my stuff in there and then I put my supplies up there it also a from the
kids and that awkwardly shaped cabinet fits nicely there I think I need to move it out some it’s
not all gonna fit there that works so if I make that my teachers
own and I get away from having the desk by the way I just clicked crap on my
desk like so much junk watch and if I take see this beast of a desk no she do
needs that much space but if I take this and I flip it around I think it’ll fit
in this corner then hear me off okay this creates a real cave I could
throw some pillows under there it’s like a reading zone and then maybe the kids
could even sit on top of the desk and sit and read like I want flexible
seating but I’m not gonna spend a ton of my own money and the district was kind
of like not really into it so I think I can make this work look at how much beer that room looks
now that thing’s a monster but I was gonna get rid of it but I think that
that’s a much better use I made a litter okay people I just
dragged this bookshelf right here now this might look weird but okay watch
this why did in my high school room – so I made a look like a reading nook for
introverts and it’s not an obstructed view space because if I’m sitting right
here doing my small group I can still see like like except like the smallest
little bit over there I can still see over there so that’s supervised I’d only
let kids sit there that I can trust but then kids on each side have a little
nook where they feel like they’re private I also I’m putting this table
fits perfectly in the doorway not in the doorway there’s like a little where the
the wall goes in right here and this table fits there perfect
I’ve learned it’s easier if my kids like get their supplies that they leave their
backpacks against the wall with their phones in it and they just take out what
they need for the day oh gosh don’t get me granite on thing um about taking away
the phones but sometimes in class we need them and sometimes we don’t if we
are doing silent reading we don’t need them if we’re doing group work we need
them so also middle schoolers aren’t always like able to have the
self-control to resist that temptation of the social poles of the phone anyway
this could be a video but my kids good to leave their phones in their bags
unless it’s an appropriate time in class to take them out so they leave their
stuff up here and I’m gonna make a little like cubby but like an area to
keep their bags and then they can come in and drop their stuff here maybe I’ll
get buckets for it or something and then I’ll put their workbooks and their
journals and everything they need right here my constant struggle has been to
keep that area organized since teaching middle school so I’m doing some homework
to figure out a better way to make that less messy I’m trying to set up an area
for direct instruction I don’t want rose but I know that when I’m doing the read
when a curriculum the kids need to be sitting looking at the screen and they
need to be able to have partner talks during that
instruction time so I’m attempting to set up some groups of partners right
here I don’t know many help how many I can fit in here maybe pause better at
math I’d be better at this but I’m gonna try to throw some down here and see if I
can make a like close-knit whole group focus area by the screen up here this
way I can have two campfires I can have one that’s like stadium seating campfire
up there like at a summer camp and then I can have one in the back that’s like
our primal like we sit and talk campfire in this corner in high school my
campfire was a corner of the room and that was our favorite place then this
then this can be used for like a comfy zone for independent reading too okay
it’s been an hour and a half I am ready to head home I have accomplished my goal
of setting up my caves watering holes and campfires so I have two campfires
one is this front space in the beginning of a room front of the room for when
they need whole group as like a home base desk for them my second one will be
that fat corner I remember I said I was going to turn the this would be my
circle where the kids will sit on the floor right now the excess desks are
here and then my watering holes I have a small group circle right there
I’m trying to figure out what to do with this table but putting in the middle of
room looked awkward but my kids was in a place when they’re working on posters
like cuz their desks aren’t big enough so I want to keep those in the hike the
work room there’s these tall desks I’m trying to convince somebody to let me
use them I just don’t wanna put them but they’re kinda standing that’s kite and
then my caves are going to be the little nooks where the kids can sit kind of on
either side of the little bookshelves see there’s another one right there I’m
decided I’m gonna try having no teacher desk I’m gonna stick with that and then
I have a little cave here one concern is that I can’t see inside that cave if I’m
in small group so I might move that over there other benefit benefit of that
would be when I’m having my circle my kids are facing away from the window
because the lunch area is outside and that could be distracting so I might
shift that whole desk then have to deal with the phone but I can do that so
pretty much okay with the today I’m pretty proud that’s not bad for an hour
and a half right I think it’s pretty good deal

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10 thoughts on “Middle School Classroom Setup Day 1 Teacher Vlog

  1. I love and appreciate your video! Love that you considered your introverts <3 
    I dont plan on being one of those fancy teachers either, but I think I will make sure my classroom is inviting, and have it be a place people want to be. Some classrooms just look and feel energetically depressive!! I do think the deco stuff is more for the teacher than for the students I will say.

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