Microsoft Education: Every Student Has a Voice
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Microsoft Education: Every Student Has a Voice

[MUSIC]>>We are all teachers. [MUSIC]>>We are all learners.>>We each learn in our own way.>>We’re designing
an acid rain shield for Taj Mahal.>>We’re working on the science and
archaeology behind Pompeii. [MUSIC]>>We are working on how we can
save water and it was really cool.>>We are surgeons and
climate scientists.>>We are architects and artists.>>We are anything and
everything we want to be.>>I want to be
an engineer and a poet.>>I want to be a lawyer to
help other people see reality. [MUSIC]>>We all have our own challenges.>>Math is sometimes hard for me.>>I’m really bad at writing.>>Programs are challenging
for me which I, sorry.>>But we find ways to
make them opportunities.>>So, we can see and understand>>and come together
to solve problems.>>Then it would come down this way, go through the filter then it would
come into the rain catcher.>>In school and in the world.>>I want to help people
by breaking stereotypes showing people that we
all stand together. [MUSIC]>>I would probably try
and help people who aren’t really confident
in themselves.>>I want to see the world turn
into a better place for everyone.>>We’re not waiting for tomorrow.>>Because we are
creating our future today. [MUSIC]

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  1. I'm a student from the Philippines and I really need help, I have limited access in the internet so I can't normally use the Web Version of the Microsoft Office, I need Word, PPT, and Excel most of the time.

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