Michelle Obama Gives Washington D.C. School the Biggest Surprise of Their Year
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Michelle Obama Gives Washington D.C. School the Biggest Surprise of Their Year

[CHEERING] Wow. You guys are so great. Now, I bet you guys are
wondering what I am doing here, aren’t you? Are you wondering that? Yes! Well, you guys know Ellen
DeGeneres, don’t you? Yeah! Yeah. She’s a funny lady on TV who
always cheats at push-ups. And trust me, she is a
nightmare to go shopping with. [LAUGHTER] Anyway, what you
guys don’t know is I’m here because it’s Ellen’s
Greatest Night of Giveaways! [CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] For starters, when
I drove in today, I didn’t see a
basketball court outside. Is that right? Yeah! Well, guess what. You’re going to have one now. Take a look at this. [CHEERING] (SINGING) Hey, hey. Check it out. Check out that– That is your new
basketball court. Yeah! [CHEERING] (SINGING) Check it out. Check it out. Check it out. All right, I also took a
peek at your computer lab. And it seemed like the computers
were a little outdated. Well, when I look
out at all of you, I see a room full
of future doctors, and teachers, and
engineers, and presidents. And I want to make
sure that you have the tools you need right now. To help make that
happen, your school is getting brand new
computers, and your teachers are getting brand new laptops. [CHEERING] (SINGING) Wow! [MUSIC PLAYING] OK, now, hold on. I actually have one more thing. This one is for the students. We want to make sure you all can
learn and explore on your own too. So we’re giving
the school enough iPads for every single
one of you students. [CHEERING] Happy holidays, everybody! [MUSIC PLAYING] You’re going to
study hard, right? We got new iPads. And the confetti came out. I’m so happy because I love my
school, and I love my teachers. Y’all too much. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you. A huge thank you. Yeah, right? Yep. It’s amazing. I want to thank Apple for
donating all those computers and iPads. Because of them,
the school will get access to Apple’s free
education programs, plus ongoing training and
support for all their teachers. And Michelle Obama,
I love you so much, even though you
called me a cheater. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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100 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Gives Washington D.C. School the Biggest Surprise of Their Year

  1. I see that the Obama are still being used by white corporations as fronts puppets for black people! It's obviously a good thing in itself to make these children happy but I'm fed up with seeing this family pretending to care for black people when during eight years her and her husband did nothing to help the black community other than talking the good talk!

  2. Ellen and Michelle your the most amazing woman in this world . Thanks to you two amazing woman and apple these children’s got to experience this . We live you so much and thank you

  3. Could watch this millions of times! So inspiring! So beautiful kids, and wonderful teachers. Just love this! Happy holidays Everybody!

  4. YES, Ma’am! This is what Christmas is all about. Sweet, sweet, SWEET!!!
    What a beautiful gesture from Apple, Ellen, and Michelle Obama. These children and teachers sure are happy campers with now better tools for a better education and better teaching. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️🌲✏️📏

  5. Am I the only one that worries about giving small children too much technology? While an iPad can be used as a learning tool, I feel like it in reality it ends up being a massive source of distraction.

  6. Wait a minute. I just watched a video of you and Barry saying you were broke. Another lie. Most corrupt people to ever step foot in our white house.

  7. Just loved it!!❤
    Look at that beautiful smile in that innocent faces.
    I wish somebody do something for the school I graduated 14 years ago. Me and my friends and all the kids in our village had to walk more than 4 hours a day for 12 year to finish school. I wish someone get the children and the people in the village one or two buses to make the life easier for them.

  8. Omg this make me cry happy tears and the kids love you ELLEN!!! Your are the best person ever, wonderful soul. We may live in a hotel and fall on hard times but you always lift me & my family up. ❤💜 You!!!!

  9. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😢 không phải buồn mới rơi nước mắt mà khi mình vui và hạnh phúc thì mình cũng rơi nước mắt. Tôi đã khóc khi xem đoạn clip này. Michelle Obama 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🌹👍🏼❤️

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