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Menna Clarke – UK – EF Academy New York

I want to go to a place where there’s
people from the whole world, where everyone is there and I can meet people
and make links globally. So I looked at international schools and I found EF.
I like to study everything, I don’t want the only study three or four subjects, I
want to study a huge range of things. So as soon as I found out I could do IB
as well, it became a lot more appealing. Things like my Spanish class, there is
seven of us. We just, it’s like a tiny little family and we all discuss and we
know the teacher really well, he knows when you’re not okay and when you are
okay and that’s really nice. My music class is exactly the same, it’s
one of my favorite classes to go to. You make such good connections with people, because you live with them they see you when you’re
crying, they see when you’re happy, they see when you angry, they see you like in every single shade and you see them in the
same way and so you have like deeper connections with people than you would
normally because you’re just doing everything all the time together. You don’t have to do it that way, the way I like to do it is that way because
especially in a boarding school when you’re here alone, away from your family,
I think it’s important that you find family and your friends. One of the things we have in the school is the Culture Fair and that’s a huge opportunity to tell everyone about your culture. It’s very based on food because
that’s what gets people in the room, but you get to actually like teach people about your culture and I get to wear my Welsh Jersey and being the only
[Welsh] here, it’s really important to me to represent my own culture as important as
it is to learn about the others. Because it’s not so often in your home country
that you get to do that, because you’re surrounded by people who come from there so you have no need to represent. When you’re here you are the country embodied in a person’s you have to try and teach other people about that. One of the memories that I’m definitely treasure the most was within coming back within the first few weeks, we were sitting on a Friday evening and we didn’t go out and
we all sat there was like a group of us, we all sat in one of the lounges and me
and my friend both play ukulele and so we started playing ukulele and everybody
started singing. So there was like a whole group of us sitting in a circle in
this lounge, all singing. It was like a real family moment, when you look around you think I’m gonna miss these people so much when they don’t live three doors
down from me, when they don’t live, you know, the corridor up. You think like what
is life going to be like when we can’t do this anymore because we’re all spread
across the world and it is sad but it was such a beautiful moment.

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