Melbourne High School (Australia) – Tattam Band (Ceremonial Band)
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Melbourne High School (Australia) – Tattam Band (Ceremonial Band)

before we go to the way that david brown
has the latest in his series on life in Victorian state schools this time he
joined the ranks of Melbourne High school’s matching band “SNAKEY SNAKE QUICK….. you can’t beat the stirring sounds of a big band 0:00:20.960,0:00:23.390
right is on the store, a rock classic
played with military precision this is Melbourne High School’s ceremonial
marching band 0:00:36.540,0:00:38.410
we’re student run 0:00:38.410,0:00:43.000
so essentially we run ourselves. The band has a wide involvement in the community involving the Melbourne Grand Prix and ANZAC Day seeing all the people that turned out for ANZAC Day and them clapping you along it’s really good and it’s a great honour too thirty six students from years nine to twelve make up the corps
style unit
0:00:57.060,0:00:58.219 “Is there a lot of tradition
0:00:58.219,0:00:59.680 in what yoru doing?”

0:00:59.680,0:01:02.950 “Yes, the band’s now fifty nine years old 0:01:02.950,0:01:07.410 Restarted quite some time ago by one of our old principals
that definately wanted the marching band” David Brown Seven News

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32 thoughts on “Melbourne High School (Australia) – Tattam Band (Ceremonial Band)

  1. @RandomGuy7815 The school is better equipped than the vast majority if not all government schools facility wise and the range of programs available

  2. @RandomGuy7815 On the other hand minimum annual school fees ("Voluntary contributions") are only around $2500 compared to 5 digit sums and those who chose to make full use of the facilities and programs have the ability to achieve the balance between curricular and co-curricular commitments. Why pay more when you have a good enough option?

  3. @SimonTeSlime (Y) there's no point of doing so because of the additional funds that would be needed and the feasibility of having such instruments being played in an enclosed space for prolonged periods of time is also counter-intuitive

  4. @RandomGuy7815 It's like buying vacuum cleaners you have the $60-$100 price range then you have the dysons which are in excess of $400

    many cannot justify themselves to buy the Dyson when the sub $100 can vacuum perfectly well and the additional features are useless to them

    or the Dyson Air Multiplier –> a fan which looks futuristic and offers a steady stream of air which isn't 'chunked' but costs >$350
    $350 for a fan…..I think not

  5. @RandomGuy7815 Would you like to propose another analogy or your reasoning/justification for your stance?

    The messages contained within the analogy was: why pay more when a cheaper alternative satisfied your needs and does paying $x amount more justify the benefits the alternatives bring?

  6. @RandomGuy7815 Another point is: It's unreasonable to make the generalisation public schools are inferior in many if not all respects based upon what you feel is flawed or incorrect reasoning

    If I were to adopt such a stance then the generalisation Xavier/private school students do not possess the restraint and/or judgement to decide what actions are detrimental to their image and other people's feelings can be made

  7. @wan052 there is no need for one to have the best vacuum cleaner. on the other hand, it IS important to have a good education, as it determines the next 30 years of your life. those who go to public schools may save $100,000 throughout their childhood, but will become garbagemen in the future and lose more money by not becoming doctors or lawyers.

  8. @RandomGuy7815 This is the point, how do you gauge the level of education provided by private schools which exemplifies beyond doubt they are superior to public schools
    A school is only as good as it's students, if the students have the desire to learn and have aims for the career they desire the school is not a major limiting factor

    Personally I feel as long as you contribute to society or you're not a burden on society and you're satisfied with your career it is irrelevant what your career is

  9. @RandomGuy7815 If you truly have such high aims then the school should not be such a big limiting factor. Saying so I find it unreasonable for you to make such statements and have a quarrel with Melbourne High since it produces cohorts which are among the elite in medium ATAR scores and other benchmarks as well as students which are mostly well mannered and rounded purely based on the fact it's a government school

  10. @wan052 the only reason why melbourne high gets good scores is because they only have good students. thats why on average, their school is always high. in reality, the top students of private schools are much smarter than those at melbourne high. if only these students went to private schools, they would be even more smarter.

  11. @RandomGuy7815 This is the point, many high achieving students elect to attend MHS which is why the students make the school. On the other hand, I thought this was mainly a discussion relating to the facilities the school provides and the cost of attending such schools

  12. @RandomGuy7815 Melbourne High 😉 so I have some experience, private schools on the other hand – mostly secondary sources

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