Meet the Students Who Run Their Own In-School Record Label
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Meet the Students Who Run Their Own In-School Record Label

– [Man] One, two, three, four.
(cymbal beats) (uptempo, electric guitar music) – Well, the CMAS program is
a music program but like, I don’t know how to describe it. – This program is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. – It’s kind of like
entering a whole new world. – This is the reason that I came here. – It’s basically an open creative platform where the students are essentially running a record label out of the school. Yes, on one level, it’s a
music program in a high school. I’m a high school music teacher. On the other hand, I spend most of my time helping my students learn
some new musical technique with technology or I’m
basically functioning as kind of like an executive producer
going around into our different studios or in our different lab stations listening to what they’re creating. That’s what happens in
the “real music industry.” It’s just that our workforce, if you will, for this record label is teenagers. (singing notes) And hold, stretch. (students singing notes) For 10 years, I was a band
and orchestra conductor and I loved conducting and I love the idea of here is something that a great composer created and
we’re gonna interpret this now. This program is about creating the music, not interpreting it. So technology and creativity
are inherent in what we do but in order to be able
to do this beyond just jamming at home in your garage, there’s these other elements. One of the things that I
try to do with the students is say, “Okay, whatever piece
of software you’re using, whatever gadget, gizmo, I
want you on some level try to get underneath the hood.” So it’s not just I pushed this
button and then magically, all this stuff happened
and now it sounds great. What was actually going into it? – Oh cool, let’s hear it.
– Geek stuff. (uptempo, keyboard music) – Incorporating technology
into my creativity was a little bit difficult at first. Coming in as a freshman in high school who was already overwhelmed. – As a new person, as a
freshman, I was afraid that I was gonna be in over
my head but he takes you step by step through everything and if there’s something
you don’t understand, he can re-clarify it for you. – We’re gonna keep it really simple. They have a built-in session for you for us to experiment with. – [Carson] We get to work with different programs that professionals use. – We use Pro Tools and
GarageBand and Ableton and so many different softwares that there’s so much to explore. – If we decide to go into
the musical industry, we can guide ourselves through it which is really nice to know. – I think the other goal
I have for the students is obviously for those that
want to pursue an actual career in the music industry to
understand that they have options. On some levels, a lot of people
wanna be like Taylor Swift or Bruce Springsteen or
insert famous person here. But there’s also all of these other jobs. To a large extent, I’m
sort of an example of that. Bye! Thank you, guys! – It’s a very unique experience when you get into this program. So I just hope even if I don’t
get into the music field, that I’ll be able to take it
as a part of me as my hobbies. You know, something that
I can do to make me happy.

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  1. Scottsdale Unified School District is so fortunate to have this program and Mr. Maxwell. Students need more opportunities like this to learn about themselves and the world in which they live.

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