Meet The 10-Year-Old CEO Who Creates School Supplies For Brown Girls | MONEY
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Meet The 10-Year-Old CEO Who Creates School Supplies For Brown Girls | MONEY

Brown Girls Stationery is a business
that me and my mom started to support brown girls, and for brown girls to feel unique and special. We came up with this idea because we couldn’t find any products with brown girls. So we created our own products. But not only for me to have something to relate to, for all brown girls, and all girls to relate to. Over the last couple years we’ve
gotten a little over $10,000 so far. We usually make most of the money in
the summer. You know she’s always kind of had
this entrepreneurial spirit. My advice would honestly be to just support their dreams. So just to really encourage your kids that it’s OK to dream and have an imagination. And then just teach your kid to be a
problem solver. Other parents ask me, ‘Well how can my kid become an
entrepreneur?’ And I said, ‘Well, why don’t we try
to do something where, you’re teaching a class about entrepreneurship but it’s coming from another kid?’
It’s not coming from an adult standing in a classroom. You get enough of
that at school. Why don’t you design a course that’s for kids, by kids. My friends always say, ‘How can I be able to have my own
business? How do I start? When do I start?’ I say you can start at anytime. And some people ask, ‘Do you have to go to college for
it?’ I said ‘no’ because I haven’t gone
to college yet. And I always say if you want to make more money, it’s simple and easy. Just create like a really, really good thing or talent that you love, and just create a business off of
that. I wanna open up a store and have like an academy or a school where you teach entrepreneurship. We have one at my school, but we want something a little bigger where all kids around the world can do it.

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