Meet Perry High School Principal, Mr. Wesley “Del” Martin
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Meet Perry High School Principal, Mr. Wesley “Del” Martin

Hey! Hey! How are you doing? You having a good day so far? Yes, sir. Alright. Good good. My name is Del Martin. I started as a business ed teacher at Houston
County High School. I became assistant principal at Houston County
High School and the Career Tech and Ag Education supervisor. I wake up every day feeling good about going
to work because every day is a new challenge and new opportunity to reach someone. I thoroughly enjoy education it’s just what
I do. I Iove it. I like to think of myself as a relationship
builder. The biggest thing I think for me is gaining
that opportunity to reach a child reach a student. It’s not just one thing that we’re trying
to provide an education. We’re trying to provide an opportunity for
our students. What makes Perry High School special? It goes back to the family. We are a family. We are rich in traditions. We love being there for one another. We value a lot of traditional settings and
traditional ideas which is good but we’re not afraid to try some new changes and do
some new things. We call it the best hidden secret in the county. I would like for us to be the best in the
county not just a hidden secret because there are so many great things going on and I want
to expose those great things. The community needs to see it, the state needs
to see it, and I think the nation needs to see the great things that are going on at
Perry High School. My personal family my wife, Dr. Teresa Martin,
she’s a teacher at Lake Joy Elementary. My two daughters Victoria, she’s 13, and my
youngest daughter Olivia Martin in the 5th grade. We like to get outside we like to do things
as a family whether its play Scrabble, go bowling, ride the bikes. Just spending good quality time together.

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