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Meet Jessica | Champlain College

– My dad, he was the
telecommunications manager for Cambridge Fire Department. Growing up, I was able
to go into work with him and see, like, all the cool stuff he does. And that kind of inspired
me to get into tech. The first time I visited Champlain
College I fell in love. It was kind of like love at first sight. Coming on campus and seeing
all the beautiful buildings and beautiful Burlington made
me wanna keep coming back. I never really thought that
I can use my technical skills to help people. The first time I saw that
was at Champlain College and I got to see how
that could actually work. Duane Dunston, he’s really
shown me programming in a different light. We started on the You
Have a Voice project, which is working to identify
victims of human trafficking. We’re creating an expert system in order to identify these people. The application that we’re developing would be given to corrections systems and they can scan their files and then see if they have
anyone who might be a victim and provide them help that they need. I love going downtown on the weekends. Battery Street Jeans and
going thrift shopping. Going to my favorite coffee shop. My dream job will probably
be working for the UN and having a position that
helps real world issues. It’s really empowering, and I don’t think I would’ve been able to
have these experiences had I not been at Champlain College.

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