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100 thoughts on “Meanwhile… More Show! Tony The Tiger Supports School Sports Programs With “Mission Tiger”

  1. My school highschool wasn't the best, but I can say at least they gave some consideration to their arts programs. Sports was always the favorite child of course and got just about whatever they wanted, the band and orchestra were next favorite they brought in a lot of trophies as well but already had significantly less funding than sports the band and orchestra teachers would usually have to come up with fundraisers to for uniforms and students either bought their own or rented an instrument, theater would be next in line they had a nice large mildly outdated theater to preform in they sold tickets to shows and the space was often rented by other schools, the art classes were next in line not really having the same luxury of bringing in trophies or funding themselves so the rooms were minimal and in a few special cases students might need to bring their own supplies, at the bottom of the list was the robotics program it wasn't advertised and no one knew about it for the whole time we were there even though it had a few members and had been around for a few years .

    The year after I graduated the school got a huge 29 million dollar Grant to update all their science departments. Bit sad that I didn't get the benefit of that in my own education. I can only imagine what I missed out on .

  2. Schools don’t need sports. Do that on your own time. Try learning something other than playing around with a ball or getting all hot and bothered about how other people you’ve never met play around with a ball somehow has a practical application to anything.

  3. Maybe if Kellogg's would just pay their corporate taxes, we wouldn't have to subsidize by cutting the education budget!

  4. Thanks, but Frosted Flakes are one of the worst cereals around, aren't they?
    Corn and…….sugar?
    Well if it helps American kids from getting too fat I'll watch the Sun Bowl 🌞!

  5. Why is he specifically pointing out to Jon that Jamie Foxx is coming out? Jon's face was like…🙄"and"? I love you Stephen but even you get it wrong. We as black people also get excited about other folks and black celebrities can also underwhelm us and we aren't obligated to support them. I love the show by the way I will visit one day 😍.

  6. When schools are too underfunded to serve their purpose so that a corporation makes you believe buying their products and putting a shit load of sugar into your body would fix that problem.
    We're living in an absurd system.

  7. I am heartened to see that most viewers here immediately saw all the red flags… in what seems benign self-congratulatory corporate marketing.

  8. Love to know if there's a company fighting this hard for the arts programs (the ones that are always cut to fund sports)
    Edit: honestly, it's great what they're doing, but I don't remember anyone making this much fuss for cuts in the music/art/drama departments

  9. Am I getting it right, that they search for sponsors for schools in US? Not in Africa or Asia? I thought Trump said the economy is doing best ever, so whats the problem?

  10. Yah, I don't care. Organized sports programs are a waste, on so many levels. If our kids never played one more team sport, I'd be glad. They'd be better off too, on the whole.

  11. The thing is that all these AMERICAN
    Ball team franchises are rich beyond avarice and
    Yet DO NOT use their influence in💲Dollars💲
    Back to People who are paying for their existence
    Ticket Scalpers do better than the kids.
    This is Not Justice
    If you players want to take a knee
    This is a reason
    Our children in Flint, Michigan still
    Have no clean water.
    Their brains and bodies are wasting
    WATER IS LIFE or haven’t you heard?
    Drink no poisoned water
    Eat no poisoned food and
    Breathe no poisoned air.
    It’s not good for you
    Your family, friends
    And Animals too.
    Your Home is on Fire.
    Please, put it out 🔥

  12. I watch all your show's live! I don't know if you read these messages or your PR people do? Check out miss Laurie Lehner on YouTube she does parody song's Like how to spell words & Colorado border wall her words pretty sure she belongs on your show her Twitter which will redirect u [email protected] the BandAides hope I got it correct you both do great things about Trump 👍

  13. When I was a kid in highschool conservatives in Canada cut all extra curricular school activities, dang right wingers they're bastards everywhere.

  14. Put the money into teaching kids to read and computer sciences instead of letting them believe they don't need to learn because they'll be the next superstar.

  15. At the high school I went to all they cared about were sports. They would have cut math, science or English first. The kids would have been as dumb as posts, but as long as them there trophies keep coming in.

  16. Even classroom equipment and supplies and staff are cut in schools sadly. I worked in schools for a few years in the inner city…it was heartbreaking.

  17. Here’s an idea: How about if we just find public schools adequately, so they don’t have to go begging, and don’t have to sell out to companies that market sugar-laden crap to kids?

  18. The richest country in the history of the world spends half of it's yearly budget on it's military empire abroad (resulting in the deaths of hundreds of innocent children) but the government just can't seem to find the money to fund it's own children's sports programs. I think the American people have a better idea of where that money should go.

  19. Stephen and Tony the Tiger looked at each other with lusty eyes. "Not right here," Stephen said. "The audience is watching." "The audience is not important right now," replied Tony. "What matters now is my desire." Not a bad start – pay me 1000 bucks on Patreon to continue.

  20. Kellogg's paid zero in corporate tax and now they want you to think that they are doing great things for public schools with this PR stunt. Schools should be funded in the first place so we don't have this nonsense going on in the first place. Maybe if Kellogg's and all the other corps that paid zero in corporate taxes actually paid what they did between the 40s and 80s, we wouldn't have underfunded schools.

  21. europe here: so you're telling me, an almost pure sugar product with very low nutritional value is sponsoring school sports… still trying to wrap my mind around that…

  22. Seriously screw Kellogg's though, I live by battle creek Michigan, where they're from and they ruined lives there just like Ford did in Detroit. Not to mention look up their history it's the creepy kind of weird. Also please don't feed this garbage to your kids…

  23. The never-ending sad state of decline in the American school system. The United States is in some ways an underdeveloped (third-world) country.

  24. First shop/tech classes, now sports. As an instructor at a Technical college, I experienced students that couldn't use a ruler.

  25. What about music? We get less funding then sports. We're getting more cuts, so more money can go to sports. While I agree sports is important, I think music needs its place too.

  26. All those flakes are hollow calories frosted with fattening, diabetes inducing sugar. How about "No thanks". I feel that Colbert has betrayed his integrity. A shame! I found his biting irony both humorous and educational. Alas, no more.

  27. I'm ancient enough to remember when it was called "Sugar Frosted Flakes" in the 1960s. Then there was the big "kids getting too much sugar" thing happening and the word SUGAR was dropped from the name. Likewise, "Super Sugar Crisps" became "Super Golden Crisps" (now just Golden Crisps),and "Sugar Smacks" are now "Honey Smacks". Who knows how Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes would have fared with his favorite "Super Sugar Bombs" being renamed.

  28. A great program, just the wrong spokesperson and product. Now all of the kids can become Type 2 diabetics by eating all of the high carb cereal. Won't that be fun to have even more overweight kids that will die young from health issues!

  29. frosted flakes gives kids diabetes. Breakfast consisting of corn flakes coated with sugar in milk. Really not good for kids…

  30. EXTREMELY disappointed in Stephen and this show for going down this road and promoting eating pure sugar. Disgusting really. The obvious thing to say, which most of the rest of the world does repeatedly, is how ridiculous America, its people, and its society are. It is a sad state (meant both ways) where a show promotes eating pure sugar for the benefit of a corporation under the pretence of helping children. Sadly my own country seems hell bent on becoming just like you Americans.

  31. Ironically does this the day before trump has a rally in Battle Creek the home of Kellogg’s……kinda hope it was planned ….thinking it’s not

  32. but where was the product placment? i must have missed it. i hope that nice striped man helps more kids get active and stop eating overly sugared foods.

  33. But let's be real it's not their fault kids have sweet tooth. So it's not the companies fault, it's YOU that needs to watch what you're eating

  34. Maybe instead of paying for sports 🏈 improve education. That football money 💵 could pay for a lot of textbooks 📚 and science 🧪 labs 🥼

  35. #missiontiger #tonythetiger 56 yr old female love you! It's a shame how our sports programs have deteriorated since I was in school! #theirgreat

  36. Yes because… If you eat frosted flakes, you're going to be able to do any work out. With the amount of sugar in them.

  37. This was funny and all… But PE is just a class that forces kids to physically exert themselves in almost like a work camp way… And if they don't want to? They are verbally abused by the students and the teachers. Take it from a kid who was fat growing up. People need walking and to be encouraged to do what they can do… They don't need PE.

  38. Yet they wanna put guns in schools? They're sure gonna need 'em when some bill gets passed allowing private prisons to turn schoolroom closets into jail cells!

    "Yo Kid? Bust me outta here and I'll totally make it worth your while" – Snake -The Simpsons

  39. Frosted flakes have been out for some time but it seems like lately, when high fructose corn syrup is being overused, that you see so many obese children. I was a candy fiend as a child, but I wasn't overweight. My children when they were in elementary and middle school were bullied because they were thin. It was easy buying clothes for them because their sizes were always the same as their age, but my 7 year old granddaughter has to wear size 12 because she is chunky. I think it has to be that high fructose corn syrup. Just because manufacturers want to use cheaper ingredients our kids get to waddle around like small hippos. Even though it not "great" I would rather they use sugar.

  40. Somehow this is worse than a normal commercial. the only way to fund school sports in certain less-wealthy districts is for stephen colbert to do a segment advertising Kellog's cereal

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