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MC Perry High School students play music for their Spring Cosplay Concert

Matthew C. Perry High School students played
their hearts out during their Spring Cosplay Concert June 2. They wore costumes from various pop culture
media such as Star Wars and Harry Potter and played their famous theme songs. MC Perry High School music director Allen
Strawbridge says participating in the music program helped students connect with one another. “I think this is another outlet for them
to be able to work together with each other and just become more of a family at the school,
you know what I mean, because they have to go around so much. This is an opportunity to get them to develop
more coping mechanisms and to be able to work together and connect on a deeper level.” The students organized the show, prepared
all the music, and produced all the flyers and programs for the concert. High school student Makenzi Schmitz sang “Time
in a Bottle” by Jim Croce, and “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse in a duet. “I think playing brought us together and it gives us opportunities to work with the
Japanese, like the friendship concert, we get to perform with the Japanese, so it gives
us time to spend together with them and perform, so that’s cool. It’s definitely something that you need
to put work into, but the outcome is always great.” Mr. Strawbridge also said the Spring Cosplay
Concert is a good way to end the school year and to start their summer. Reporting from Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni,
Japan, I’m Pfc. Jaxson Fryar.

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