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23 thoughts on “Mayans and Teotihuacan | World History | Khan Academy

  1. The Maya calendar was not a good solar calendar as it had 365 days in a year which of course accrues error and shifts through the seasons. So its not correct to say it was more accurate than the Julian calendar – definitely not as a solar calendar which would naturally be the most useful to us

  2. The Spanish claimed the natives all had their own villages and languages. They were all seperate states that were constantly at war with each other. They conquered the natives very easily because some cities became allies with the spanish and fought with the spanish to conquer other enemy cities. They also claimed they were cannibals who ate their enemies after battles. They also claimed that they thought the Spanish were somewhat gods and were astonished at their clothing, metal armor and weapons and big ships. They were also frightened by their horses that they brought over. It didn't take long for them to conquer each city and they realized pretty quickly that spreading diseases was an easy kill off for the natives. They knew all they had to do was get to the king of the city and kill him and the rest of the people in the city would surrender. They claimed the Aztecs were the same way. The cities were abandoned due to diseases killing off most of the natives that the spanish brought. As far as taxes of teotihuacan, the spanish said in journals that the smaller cities were pay taxes to the larger cities and this is one reason they hated each other. I believe they paid taxes in providing so much food to teotihuacan.

  3. Lies and More Lies…..We had NO kings and Human Sacrifice is a Joke.Our Calendar is the Most Precise of All even to this Day and Yes U can Hate but that Doesn't Change F A C T……!!

  4. 0:49 It seems as if the Vedic Rishis (Sages) had communicated with the Mayans, and vice versa… Check out some of the ancient monuments or temples coordinates that are aligning with East, West, North, and South

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