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100 thoughts on “Matt Cornett – A Billion Sorrys (HSMTMTS | Disney+)

  1. Omg,the song is CLEARLY meant to be goofy and not that great ,his character is meant to be that goofy and uncomfortable (if you get what I’m saying )

    Not to mention it’s sooooo cute 🤗

  2. all the comments saying this isn’t a good song for him: that’s literally the point lmaoo it was ashlyn’s track that she gave him like it wasn’t even meant for ej in the first place – plus it’s not even a good song in general and, i mean, look at ashlyn’s face ! she obviously doesn’t like it either (but lowkey it’s a bop)

  3. EJ – doesn’t know how to say “sorry”
    Ricky – doesn’t know how to say “I Love You”

    well, I’d rather go with someone who didn’t have to say the words but shows through the action and so far I don’t see EJ being totally sorry at all for taking her phone, tsk tsk

  4. I can tell most of these ppl in the comments saying it’s a bad song aren’t big fans of broadway and theatre because it’s supposedly be a ‘bad,goofy and funny’ song and arent used to this type of singing and only listen to Ariana grande

  5. I wanna press the dislike button but I won't cuz I might hate this song a looooooooot but I also do love Matt's acting and voice🙂

  6. I won’t lie I like EJ and Nini together some don’t obviously. While it’s not good he went through her phone at all. I can see why he’s jealous. Nini and Ricky have history. Though I don’t know what kind of relationship if they went an entire year without saying I love you.
    In MY personal opinion I think Ricky is well kind of a jerk. Nini has moved on, sort of. She’s told him that she’s in a relationship but he’s not backing off. He messed up and now he’s messing up others people life and isn’t seeing it. Auditioning for the main lead even though he thinks it’s stupid and the fact that he has NO interested but others like EJ love the theater.
    I’m curious to see it all pans out.

    I do however Nini did move on a little too fast which is making wonder what kind of relationship they had and how much they were in it. I don’t know if that makes sense.

    Again this is my own opinion. I don’t hate Ricky I just don’t like him.

  7. Don’t feel down u have a great voice and maybe this song wasn’t made for u
    My opinion: I liked it anyway
    Good job 🙃

  8. I don't care what haters say, if he sang this to me so charmingly and knowing he isn't even a songwriter and he tried I would forgive him in a second

  9. I felt like this is live and some of this is studio. Some parts sound more tampered with while other parts sound more natural. But, for the people saying it's bad, it's not. It's decent. If it was bad, you wouldn't have finished the entire video. And I agree, some parts do sound a bit out of his vocal range.

  10. Everyone saying this is not a good song for him if you watched the episode you would know that’s the point it’s supposed to be bad.

  11. You guys realize he is supposed to sound like that because it’s supposed to sound like he’s trying really hard and is trying to sound like ricky

  12. am i the only one who likes this part? the song is supposed to be bad but in a goofy way. it's supposed to be comical relax people

  13. For those who think some parts are pre-recorded… I don't think so because if you listen to the studio version, it sounds completely different (autotuned) so this was all natural. And yeah… I think he's an average singer (I definitely prefer Josh's voice more) but he can at least carry a tune. I thought his audition was decent but this song is pushing him too hard because he can't hit the high notes.

  14. This song is supposed to sound bad because in the show, he wants to borrow one of ashlyns songs but she gives him a track and tells him to write his own lyrics. This is him showing her what he wrote. If you watched the episode you know that he doesn’t actually sing it to her

  15. I think it's absolutely adorable even if it's not a great song for him, like I'd forgive him if I was his girlfriend and he sang me this.

  16. Dp you guys not understand this songs supposed to be cringeworthy? Like do you not see her facial expressions. Or did you not watch the episode at all 😭

  17. So much hate on this and this is literally my favorite song in the show so far, I’m team Ricky and I don’t like EJ but this is a bop 💯😭

  18. I can't be the only one that doesn't think EJs all that fucked up… Like his cousin said "The wrong things for the right reasons…" he only did the phone thing bc of how much he cares about the relationship. And giving the main during the summer show a devil's egg was just so he could get the girl of his dreams on the stage for the attention she deserves. But then again maybe I am fucked…

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