MATHS TEACHER (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 118)
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MATHS TEACHER (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 118)

das letzte von mirkuloni ihr habt die wahl wass sollen wir denn machen naja ihr kommt in die pubertät hört mir zu ok ok ok wirklich seid ihr nett zu einander alex susen [lachen Meine freunde setz euch hin!!!!! sofort du was ist mit unser badezimmer . mein badezimmer ist kostenlos ja aber setz dich bitte wider hin ok muhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha was gibts da zu lachen also ihr setz euch hin und lernt habt ihr mich versctanden Ihr werdet nachsitzen was zum ich habe sie verstanden sir ok ok ok [nein ich habe die kreide vergessen 1 x 2 [+] 2 2 s + 1 Setz euch What what you call them from why don’t you understand from where from? from last term energized identity to good education ahead and for our Nigerian government and Y sc The ny s the program forget all

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  1. school stands for


    homework stands for


    KFC stands for


    math stands for


  2. This is pefect example how they use stupid equation to the whole world the earth is spinning and doing and that….Hypnosis like these children were… And we believed everything they said even till…..Many grown men women still believe that water wan bend into a curve…..Because the equation of some magical forces called GRAVITATIONAL PULL……Once its complex the mind gives up and accepts all the brainwashing… I see these subtle things in these comedy…..Because it is laughable that to accept that water sometimes can lose it level and curve nicely…..

    While everything is spinning….;Yes that was the comedy they taught us school and many graduated from such lies.
    But planes fly in a perfectly straight from New York to Lagos without curving and dipping the nose of the PLANE to fly round the lie ball earth……. Yes when they show you the books and the equation you end up believing…… White you respect so much lied to all…

    After they finish learning the lies they cant function without the government provided jobs…..Because of what people learn are most not applicable in the real world or nature…

    AUTY CLOCK WISE comedy is one of the funniest from this Chanel and I see how funny the things we learnt about the earth… Dont let us even start with big bang and evolution poor hypnotized masses believe even now that they are fully grown still fall for obvious lies….
    Because of Authority Figure Factor, and who is telling me is superior to me, so they must be correct…

    We hear no sound of earth moving, we see not any sign of earth moving we feel no movement of the earth, but yet we believe just like religion believes without evidence…. And we call that science……

    Nasa in their documents declares that Airplanes fly according to a NON ROTATING FLAT EARTH Model…….They a model of that the earth is Flat to fly planes and to avoid accident…. Hmmmmm Why because if the EARTH IS FLAT IT WILL MAKE SENSE TO USE FLAT NON ROTATING STABLE EARTH TO FLY PLANES IN AVIATION;….

    But the theory they teach you in the school is the round spinning and flying also……
    That is real life comedy……And they are laughing at us….µ
    I saw a video where they were laughing, That the masses actually believe everything we said about the Earth…

    And worst of all is the Christian…. When Jesus all EYES shall see Him when he descends one day from the sky…..And the FIRMAMENT DOME will be rolled back as a scroll……
    So Jesus knows the Earth is FLAT as a PLANE and all eyes can see his exceeding bright light coming down….. But round earth Jesus would not say all eyes….. And not seeing through your phone breaking news is not eyes…

    Joshua told the sun to stop moving meaning the sun is the one that is moving… But science say it is the Earth that is moving around the sun…. They got us worshipping the sun…..
    If you pastor reading this and you dont research the shape of the Earth and telling your people…

    May God hold you accountable…..

    Watch all the videos from Pastor Dean Odle
    Watch Convex Earth
    And do even if for months…….
    Because it comedy to believe the lies and confusing over complex equations they teach just to make you dumb….µ

    Did you know that all those pretty pictures of the Round Blue Marble picture of Earth was not actually real….but copy and paste of clouds and mago mago and then bent the Flat into a round one.

    The ISS that thing that they said its flying over the Earth to monitor Earth and live video of Earth daily…. ISS internation Space Station….

    There is no construction informations, architectural data and the sire where it was constructed does not exist…. But yet you can find the data about the construction of the Liberty Tower……And the dimension and pictures as they put it together..

    NASA is given 57 Million us dollars everyday……. But where was the ISS built? where and when? where are the data of that immense space craft or whatever the heck you call it?

    The world is full of real life comedy and serious issues but we dont know…….

    No just keep believing the lies just like that classroom where it was so complex and hypnotic and still you cant figure a clear……The Earth is over 70 percent water….. And water level up straight CAN NOT CURVE INTO BALL

    The word ball is also in the bible and God did not use that word to say God sits upon circle as in a ball…..But DRAWN CIRCLE…..So the hebrew….
    Do get me started it hurt me badly to find out that the world been decieve by satan indeed…. And many reading this would still We went to the moon….. Really but they said they lost that Tech which they had in the 50's but now they actually worse in Tech that we cant go to the moon….

    You probably dont know that the moon you see up
    there is not a solid object you can land on….
    Leave those science books and go buy cheap telescope and Nikon P 1000 and you will see that the moon is seethrough…
    They see stars through the moon….
    And people I dont have a Youtube Chanel But these really touched me….. This video and the 'You dont understand' Video I saw how funny anti clocked wise……

    Wicked World and foolish masses so lazy to research things on their own….Those wise people have done it and I will believe whatever they say….As they said there is no God…..But many People see Jesus Christ physically………

    So who do you believe?
    Scientism or Jesus….

    You probably dont know that even the Koran says God spread the Earth like a CARPET……for you to dwell in….. But stupid or hyonotozed masses thought Koran doesnt know science…..;Really?

    So who is right now? The science that tells all these laughable equations to makes dumb and give religion a bad name so that you would figure these things out…
    I am ashamed of the Pastors in Us and Nigeria those big one…..If they will not start to bring this up…
    God will raise someone to attack and shame them like DADDY FREEZE did…..
    So they can start preaching the bible as it is.

    Satan decieved the whole indeed….. But you didnt think….. You thought everything we are told is right…
    MarkAngel If you are reading this better also research with this big platform of yours…

    Those Hollywood guys gave us no chance but through force and and I must find a way to break through what the white man has blocked cleverly…..µ
    So find out the world we live and laugh at these lies…. Like they said the earth is moving….. So I can just hover over the earth and the next city will come to me since its moving….µ
    But they said no the wind also is moving with the ground…..haba…….. everything moving really?
    Bye for now if you read till here… But forgive the typos….

    My european keyboard is not easy to type……
    Let Africa WAKE UP……. And Stand

  3. You remind me my maths teacher when i was class 5 😂😂he wrote silently and after all his done, he said, copy all of them. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Love from East Africa, i real love you guys so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Your doing the best and inspire me alot

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