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Match the Major to the Student | Lineup | Cut

– What does a typical person
look like in your major? – Usually like snobby, stuck-up, white guys. (laughter) – I think you’re studying finance. (mischievous music) – [Announcer] Hello. – Oh, ‘sup? – [Announcer] What’s your name? – Jesse. – My name is Yana. – [Announcer] Did you go to college? – I got a business degree with a focus in information systems and operations and
supply chain management. – [Announcer] That sounds. – Riveting. – [Announcer] Yeah. Today, you’re gonna match major to person. You a little nervous? – Sure, yeah, a little nervous. – [Announcer] We’re gonna give you a list of all their majors, and
you’ll have to match them up. – I don’t know that I’m qualified to look at people and
assess what their major is. But yeah, no, I’ve taught
probably 600-plus students, so. I’ve just seen a lot of undergrads. – [Announcer] List of majors there, will you read those out loud? – Construction management. – Creative writing. Structural engineering. – Mortuary science. – That person’s probably dead inside. – Finance. (blows raspberry) – Electrical engineering. Airport management. – IT for cyber security, cool. So, like, a hacker. – [Announcer] You ready? – I think so. Hello, scholars. (giggling) – All right, come here, hello. – I’m Nicole. – Are you half-Asian?
– I am! – I am a half-Asian, too. You can always spot another half-Asian. – Half-Asian girl? – Yes, indeed.
– Cool. There’s a 50 percent chance
she’s mortuary sciences. Death just kind of emanates from you. – I’m going to cross off
mortuary sciences for you, ’cause I think that she’s
too lively for that. (laughter) I’m going with creative writing. – If there is an earthquake here, what do you imagine would be, like, the largest threat to our society? – Building life safety. Like, making sure that
everyone else is okay, ’cause not all structures
are gonna be okay. – Okay, you study construction management. – Sounds good.
– Okay. I hope I’m not wrong. I’m sorry if I am. – What do you like to do for fun? – Video games. – Video games? Okay, so nerdy. Nerdy, nerdy, airports. – Do you know what NASDAQ stands for? – No. – Okay, so I don’t
think you study finance. Are you more prone to writing or speaking? – Neither. – Neither, how do you
like to express yourself? – I do a lot of typing. – You type, but not write. – Yes. – It’s like a riddle. – Technology on the wrist. I’m gonna go with IT for cyber security. – I’m gonna say that you
do IT for cyber security. – Okay, thank you.
– Thank you. – Hands, one over each other in front of the private area, protecting himself. Nervous around humans. (laughter) But maybe not so nervous around computers. – I like the way you think. – What does that say? – Busy doing nothing. – Could be finance. (laughter) – Was your major hard to get into? – It was pretty hard to get into. – Is it your life’s passion? – Maybe not. – So, it’s something practical. – [Alex] Yeah. – I think Alex is studying
construction management. Strong builder’s hands, the
shoes are the most practical for walking around a site. – I think you’re a structural engineer. Nice to meet you.
– Thank you. – All right, so what do you think I do? – You’re wearing black. I feel like you have some
mortuary sciences energy. – Okay. – I actually dated somebody
that did, like, mortuary stuff. They’re not, like, dead inside. They’re, like, rowdy as fuck. – You gotta have enough
energy for two people. – Exactly, exactly! Okay, I think you study mortuary sciences. – All right, thank you. – Hey, Jesse. – Miguel. – Miguel, good to meet you. I dig the clothes. You got a cool necklace there. – I like your style a lot. You seem like a creative person. – You think so? – Based on looks alone, that
would be my first thought. Do you believe that the economy, like, there’s something we can do in the economy to make it more sustainable? – Definitely, yes.
– Like what? – A lot of things. – Can you name one? Okay, so I don’t think you study finance. – Yeah.
(laughter) – Can I ask you what your
expected salary might be out of college? – Don’t expect a lot. – Oh, my God. – [Announcer] What’s the
lowest-paying major on there? – I’m going with airport management. – Hello.
– Hello. – My name is Michelle. – Michelle, nice to meet you. Do you go to a big school or small school? – I go to a smaller school. – Are your studies more vocational? – Yes.
– Yeah, okay. – Right off the bat, I’m
thinking creative writing. – Okay. – You look like you love
reading Stephen King aloud. – What Stephen King book? – I don’t read. (laughter) – What is the average
income fresh out of college for your major? – Anywhere from, like,
$66 to $70,000 a year. – Okay, I’m going with
electrical engineering. – You go to a smaller school that is a vocational training program, and so I think you study
airport management. – All righty, thank you, Chan. – Thank you. – What do you do for fun? – I read a lot, I work. Kind of a boring person. – Kind of a boring person, like somebody who might major in airport management! (laughter) Got her! – Does it involve words? And language? – Kind of, yeah, I guess. – Okay, I think you study finance. – What does a typical person
look like in your major? – Male, white, stuck-up, snobby. – I think you’re studying finance. – I’m so convinced that your
major is airport management. – [Announcer] Now, then, awesome. – Thank you. – Come on over, colorful. What’s your real name? – Jake. – Jake, come here, come closer. Structural engineering is
what I have left for Jake, but let’s just play this game to see if I have screwed
myself anywhere else. So, Jake. – Yes. – Good at math? – Yes. – Yeah! (laughter) – Even though it’s the last one, construction management
makes sense for you. Your dad was a strong man. You didn’t grow up as tall
as he wanted you to grow, but you still had these shoes to fill. Your hands are too small
to do construction itself, but you can (laughter)
certainly manage those people. – Well, you have to be smart
to do construction management. You’d be, like, the guy I’d manage. (laughter) – If you weren’t a nice kid, dude, I don’t know if I’d like you. – [Announcer] How do
you think you did, Chan? – Not very well. I think I’m more likely to
be correct on this side. Okay, that’s like, their
faces are saying no. I don’t know, I think I
got at least two people. – [Announcer] Who did he guess correctly? – Oh, Jesus!
(laughter) – (laughing) Shoot! – Shit. Shits.
(laughter) Okay. – You did good, though. – I don’t care about
this guy, why this guy? (laughter) I only got him by process of elimination. – [Announcer] Let’s bring them forward and find out more about them. – Okay, let us, let us. What do you study? – I actually study structural engineering. You were really close! – Ah! Okay. – Is it always what you wanted to do? – Not exactly. I was really afraid of
earthquakes growing up, and so out of that sort of fear, I wanted to learn more about it and I actually really liked it. And so I’m actually in my master’s degree. A lot of people think I’m a
lot younger than that, and so. – It’s the half-Asian. – It is, we, no one can tell our age ever. – Finance is what you said. – I said finance? – You did. – I’m in IT. – You’re in IT?
– I am. Do I not look like
someone who would do that? – No, I think, I think that you look like somebody who could do that. – Why the cyber security side of it? – There’s some fun in
saving people’s things, and also, like, hacking
into people’s things. Safely, of course.
(laughter) – Are you happy with your program? – I am.
– Yeah. – I’m actually, like,
one of the minorities in my program, too, so it’s really cool to, like, be involved in this. – Alex, I told you that you
did construction management, and I was wrong. – Yeah. Electrical engineering. – Oh. I got schooled. – What’s the difference between
that and computer science? – Computer science is a lot of coding, and electrical engineering
mostly deals with circuits and robotics and things like that. – Hey. – I am your boring
airport management major. (laughing) – Okay, why? Why? – It’s mainly because every day isn’t exactly the same. When you’re dealing
with so many airplanes, so many different airliners
and, like, companies, everything’s changing. – That’s awesome. Well, I’m sorry for saying
airport management is boring. You changed my mind. I actually, think it’s, now,
it’s, like, very exciting. – All right, thanks. – I originally guessed you to be an airport management person, but you actually are a creative writer. – I am. – Do you think you fit the stereotype for a creative writer? – Not much, really. English is not my first language.
– First language? – So, it’s just not a thing
that people expect me to do. – Hello.
– Hello. So, you guessed me incorrectly. – Yeah. – I’m gonna be the mortician. – Okay. – Yeah. – I was, you know what, I
was gonna say, though, like, morticians are great
at doing their makeup. – I’ll take it as a compliment. – What drew you to it? – It’s a really cool blend of, like, humanitarian work, science,
small business management. And if I can grant people
some sort of tranquility when dealing with bereavement, then I totally want to do that. – Do you have any thoughts
about your own funeral? – Oh, totally. I want it to be a wake, I
want it to be a total party. And I want to be composted. That’s what I want to do with my body. – Oh, cool.
– Yeah. – Yeah, I want to be in, like, a pod that grows into a tree. – Sick!
– Yeah, yeah. – I’ll try and make that happen. – Thank you! – All right, let me know when you’re done. – Thank you. – Come on over. My finance girl. It wasn’t anything to
do with her appearance that made me guess finance, it was the way you painted the stereotype. – Yeah. – Do you like it, though? – No, I don’t. – Oh, why don’t you change? – I need money, and I’m too deep into it.
– Too far deep? – Yeah. But I really want to make money, so. – Okay.
– Yeah, that’s my motivator. – Yeah. – ‘Sup, bro? – What’s up, you piece of shit? (laughter) – Yeah, you got me right, though. – Yeah, yeah. – True on my dad’s story, too. My dad was a framer. I was always around
construction sites, and, like, I’d help around the site and everything and, like, pick up stuff.
– Cool, cool. Just following in the family footsteps. – [Announcer] What did
we learn today, Jesse? – That I think too highly of myself in terms of just, kind of
like, guessing ability. – Anybody can major in anything, and at the same time, like, your major doesn’t really say anything about you. We often major in things that
have nothing to do with us. It might be out of convenience
or, like, circumstance, but also might be
because we feel pressured to study things that we’re
not super-interested in, so. – [Announcer] Yeah. – Yeah. (applause)
Thank you, everybody! Thank you.

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  1. Dont tell people you are the only Minority in your field when 1/2 of IT is Asian….which is a minorty in America…..You are a Victim of American Media……Dont be a victim any longer…..invest in your future….research Trump in 2020….Dont let the Media tell you are a VICTIM… are African American….the strongest, most badass Americans…..

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