Massive Back To School Supplies Haul
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Massive Back To School Supplies Haul

so you guys look how heavy this is and
look how much this stationery you got pencil cases you got this big thank you
you guys for supporting me as I channel so let’s go check out what do you ask
can’t win let’s start with stationery and then the
fun bit so the first thing I got you guys is organized big planner and this
one I really love I showed you this one that was and what’s in my backpack is so
sweet cuz you guys are super sweet it comes with three actually and this is
the one over here so you can have better view of it so the best is yet to come
like an ombre color it also matches with this spiral notebook and this one too so
these are some cheap dividers I thought they were really cute the only cute ones
I could find so I totally had to get these folders so this one I got you and
since mommy unicorn one for all you you guys lovers that love unicorns and
mermaids and then I got the simple pink one
that’s kind of holographic like the pink dogs and I also showed you guys this one
and what’s in my backpack this one is a holographic one with
cheetah prints this is the finder that I got you it’s plain simple and it’s
violet and I think it’s really pretty so there’s like a little pocket right here
and you can take this paper out and you could put like a piece of paper in it
that says like my art stuff for my math binder so it’s not just plain 20-pack
marker set sorry sticky note you guys doodling pencils
break so I got you guys something mechanic these are the new sharpies I
thought these or Hueber cool and then these other colors and your mouth and I
got you the three pack tic tac gum and it’s called flute watermelon and then I
got you some small index cards like I showed you but I thought I had the pink
ones of these and a pineapple these are just amazing I have these and they’re so
soft when they come out of the package they’re just perfect for like when your
hands for like wise at all like for the regular pencils and sometimes when you
write too long or press too hard with your fingers you get blisters sometimes
but these are perfect and there’s erasers like I never want to eat these
cute erasers and then this is really cool I also have this but just in a
different color it’s this bendy ruler and I can fold stationery some elastic
bags and sticky notes more singing awesome tape and some clips before we go
to all the fun stuff I’m so excited to show these all to you guys I
accidentally forgot this and don’t worry guys I will be getting you guys a pencil
case because I kind of forgot so don’t worry if you win the giveaway I will you
will be seeing a pencil case uh we got a hanger mask and you can pretend you’re
Mickey Victoria Secret pain comes up Beauty sponge and it’s rainbow and
totally magic this brush so fan you want something perfect and it’s also mermaid
which i think is really cute Toria secret crush body spray it spray it on
yourself and then these are really cool bracelet I got you there’s a green one
and a blue and orange one I also got some slime and it’s actually
the planet I do not know what kind what is it Mars is it Venus is it’s the Sun
if you look I will have to find out for yourselves and then I got some wise
squeezies a necklace more squishies but they’re called solutions and you can get
cupcakes donuts cool treats or ice cream some lotion and some hand cream scrunchies who doesn’t love scrunchies
just look at this you buy this is a scrub but it’s from the Mickey Mouse
collection and look how cute this is it has uh we got you loo headband as this
is so soft you guys Oh super saw and that’s all and now for the grand finale
drumroll please the best and then this is a puma
backpack and i really loved it for you guys because it’s rose gold and this
like light very light pink so in the first pocket it had this very small
pocket as a zipper here a pocket here and a pocket here and then of course the
pocket and here also put your water bottle on this side and it also has a
laptop where you can put your laptop so those are all the goodies that you guys
won’t be winning and this top oh this is heavy and this top and don’t forget the rules for the giveaway I’ll be down
below and it also be on my Instagram so make sure you go check out my Instagram
it’s Tianna heart the giveaway is also international
I wish you good luck to everybody who’s entering the giveaway and for more back
to school videos make sure you hit that I in the corner right here I miss you
subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to hit that notification bell because
I’m gonna do some more giveaways and I have a feel in my mind

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