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Maskwacis Education School Commission- Staff

— The fact that we’re contributing together, that we’re working collectively, as Maskwacîs, this is, this is amazing. And I’m really excited. I’m really excited about the potential we have and, ultimately, for the benefit of our students. Because sometimes we get kind of pigeonholed
into looking through these lens that are divided. You know, what’s Samson doing, what’s Ermineskin doing,
Montana, Louis Bull. And it’s kind of funny because I often, I’ve had the privilege of working with youth
for many, many years, and when I would speak with youth, especially our Maskwacîs youth, I would often ask them: “Do you have to cross a border when you go
into Ermineskin, when you into Samson or whatever?” And they’re like, “No.” And I say, “Well, why do we operate like that? Why do we keep ourselves divided by these walls we have?” And sometimes these walls exist in our mind. But today is an exciting day because we get to
break that down. We get to start working together, and start
working collectively. And start really modelling for our youth
what that looks like. [singing in Cree]
“Earth Angel” by Northern Cree Singers (Canyon Records) — The purpose of MESC is to create an organization that is focused on student success and building the best possible education program
for all the children here in Maskwacîs. From the beginning of the organization, our effort has always been focused on students, and making sure that the quality of education that every child in the community receives is at the same standard. One of our main goals is to achieve this standard
by bringing the group together and looking at the outcomes and the curriculum, and making sure that those type of things are at the highest possible level for every school
and every student. And the culture of each individual school will be
determined by the people that work in those schools, and how they achieve those outcomes is in their area. But for us, the idea of bringing this larger group together is setting the bar high for ourselves, and doing
what’s right for children. [singing in Cree]
“Earth Angel” by Northern Cree Singers (Canyon Records) — First Nations across Canada manage INAC
(Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada) programs. What we see and envision in MESC is that we will have
true local control over our education. MESC will determine…a Maskwacîs education, will determine what a curriculum is, who we report to, our Chiefs and Councils
and our parents, not government. We are excited to be a part of true local control
of education. [singing in Cree]
“Earth Angel” by Northern Cree Singers (Canyon Records) — Today was awesome. Seeing all of the teachers in the gymnasium, I kind of felt overwhelmed at first, and then I was excited. I’m like “Oh my god,
this is great!” You know. And I was just excited for all the teachers just
to see this, to see what we’ve been working on for this
two past years with Brian and with Kevin. I can’t wait to see what happens. [singing in English and Cree]
“Earth Angel” by Northern Cree Singers (Canyon Records)

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