Masha and The Bear – First day of school (Episode 11)
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Masha and The Bear – First day of school (Episode 11)

The summer vacation is coming to an end, and
now teachers and students together with their And we’re now older by a year! And we’re now older by a year! I want to go to school like everyone else! Build me a school. Whoo hoo! School is tomorrow! Don’t forget to make me a desk. Happy First of Day of School! That’s so cool! OK, OK. Yep. OK, now I am all ready to study! WRITING OK, OK And one more line and like that… OK, OK… And one more line Line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line,
line circle, dot, dot, comma, and we get a bear! It’s a bear! Its a little Bear Whoo hoo! A recess! Oh! A recess! Whoo hoo! ARITHMETIC Four. What? Is something wrong? Three. Not right? Two. Whoo hoo! A recess! A recess! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! A recess! Oh! READING А М I SH M-A-S-H-A, Masha! B-E-A-R, Bear! M-A-S-H-A, Masha! I-S GO-OD. Masha is good! Ma-sha has Be-ar, and Be-ar has Ma-sha. Be-ar eats por-ridge. Be-ar is fri-ends with Ma-sha. Be-ar tea-ches Ma-sha. Be-ar and Ma-sha for-ever! For-ever! W-o-o-d-s-h-o-p! Yep! How do you like my woodwork?

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100 thoughts on “Masha and The Bear – First day of school (Episode 11)

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  2. This video is GREAT to show little ones what school is about and it helps kids to start liking pre-school or primary school. My friends that are just about to start school loves these videos so keep up the good work! I have loved your videos since I was 3 and now I am 7 your my favorite YouTube your great. I’m sure every kid that’s just starting a school loves your videos. Masha is adorable!
    And as I said your videos help kids a lot
    You should keep up the good work and just be happy 😃 I L O V E Y O U R C H A N N E L!
    It also shows what is is like in a class and the teachers will probably be lovely 😊 and your children will be very happy because they will make friends in the school and then often want to play with then after school has finished. When it is summer holidays your children at school will miss there friends. When they could back on their first day on their new class they will probably go to there best friend and give them a nice big bear hug! That’s sooo cute!☺️😋 J U S T K E E P U P T H E G O O D W O R K A N D B E P R O U D!!!! You should definitely be proud because you HAVE 2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! so I love your channel. It also shows then what school is like if they get a new teacher and a new desk,chair,computers,maths and English books.
    M A S H A I S S O C U T E I L O V E M A S H A!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVED how masha just does what her imagination tells her to do when she turned her house into a ship because when she came in and asked bear “build me a school” his ship fell down and when masha made a ship it stayed in place!

    K E E P U P T H E G O O D W O R K

    Can I have at least 60 likes because of my speach?

  3. Masha is a cute🐊🐍🐍🐲🐐🐑🐏🐵🐒🐶🐕🐩🐺🐱🐈🦁🐯🐅🐆🐴🦄🐎🐮🐂🐃😀💗😂😃😄😅😆😉😊😋😎😍😘😗😙😘😗😙😚☺🙂🤗😇🤔😐😐😑😶🙄😶😏😣😥😮😮🤐😯😪😫😴😌🤓🍈🌍🗾🕋🗾🏤🌄⛺🌄⛺🏥⛲🏣⛲🏥⛺🏤⛺🏦🌁🏦🏨🍷🍰🌮🍥🍰🍦🌮🏤🌁🏤⛺🏤⛺🕋🏤⛺🌇🏤🕌🌁⛲🌁⛪🌁🌁🕌🎨🏤🌁🏠🌁🚂🚂🕋🚂🕋🎌🃏📣🎬📣⬇🚭🚳🚫⛔🚱🚷🚯😻😓😸😒😸😳🤑🙂🙃👹😳🤐😞🙃🤗😪)-| piushgpiufghpiughpiughspiughlkjgblhufsklfhjdh
    Hkj:-? Hherjgsugilhgfkhbhbljhgh😶😶(b) hheuhtii india

  4. Хорошо что я могу прочитать то что было написана у Миши в книге и без перевода.кто из 🇷🇺то👍

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