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100 thoughts on “MANI | Piper & Hayley in “Substitute Teacher” | Ep. 5

  1. Hi piper im your cusin please come because i want you to come back because when you where a baby i was your feiend i wish you come back piper

  2. The principal is literally my favorite person. He's so so so…. Idk what to say but he's so kind (idk what to say)

  3. Did anyone else notice piper is playing sky but her necklace says piper also who’s here in 2019 just me ok

  4. this show is like so messed up😂😂 the teacher just dies and he’s like “uuuuhhh she dead like dead dead haha” and then they come and drop her ?!!😂 like WUT 😂 and literally i’m like wat grade r these kids in like fo real they r cursing more than i do and they r like 9 or 10 and i’m in like high school😂

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