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Making Sense of the Electoral College: The Daily Show

The holidays
are right around the corner, and because Donald Trump
is going to be president, Santa can’t come
to America anymore because he’s a flying immigrant
with a beard. -(laughter, applause)
-And… it’s still hard. It’s still hard
to get used to the fact that Donald Trump
will be president, especially because he lost
by two and a half million votes. But then,
he won the electoral college, which is all that matters. It’s almost like
being in a relationship. You know how in relationships
quality time matters more than the quantity of time. Like you’ll get into fights
like, “Why are you so angry? I hung out with you
all weekend!” She’ll be like, “Yeah,
but you spent hours sleeping.” -You’re like, “It was night!”
-(laughter) And then, all of a sudden,
it doesn’t count. And if you’re like me,
you probably thought that on election day Americans were going to
the polls to elect a president. But if you did vote, your vote
didn’t go to Clinton or Trump or the best third-party
candidate out there– Harambe. He may be dead, my friends, but at least he knows
where Aleppo is. When people voted, they were
actually voting for electors who are basically a bunch of locally-appointed
representatives who then vote on your behalf. Which, again,
makes no sense to me. Do you understand
how weird that is? That’s like going to a deli, but for some reason,
you can’t order for yourself. You are just there
at the counter like, “Hey, uh,
can I have a sandwich?” And then there’s some guy
who’s like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. I got this.
Hey, can he have a sandwich?” (laughter) It’s a bizarre twist
on an already bizarre system because there are two ways
to pick a president. There’s giving it to the person
with the most votes, -commonly known as democracy.
-(laughter) And then,
there’s how America does it. We’re the only democracy
in the world that doesn’t count
the popular vote. This is the second time
in 16 years that the person coming
into The White House has lost the popular vote. MAN:Under the electoral college
a candidate
who wins the most votes
gets all of that state’s
electoral votes.
A candidate can win millions
of individual votes
in a state like Floridaand still lose all that state’s
electoral votes
because they lost
the popular vote there.
Now if that sounded confusing,
that’s because it (bleep) is. (laughter) The person
with more votes should win. This is a weird system because no other country
decides elections this way. It’s even weird in America,
you understand that. You don’t elect mayors like this
in America. You don’t elect governors
like this. -You don’t even elect Idols
like this. -(laughter) The presidency is the only
office, where, for some reason, youdon’ttrust
the popular vote. And by the way,
this is not about Trump. You know the system is broken because the person
with more votes lost in two
of the last five elections. That’s 40%. 40%. If a plumber told me that every time
I flushed my toilets, there’d be a 40% chance (bleep)
would spray back at me… (laughter) …I’d be like,
“Maybe I need a new toilet.” But America is like, “I’ve had
this toilet for 200 years. I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine.” -(imitates water whooshing)
-“Trump! Trump!”
-“Aah! Aah! That was horrible. -All right, next election. Aah.”
-(laughter) And you know what makes
the system even worse is that even if you didn’t vote
for the candidate, you still end up voting
for the candidate. WOMAN:In most states,
whoever wins the most votes
takes all the electoral votesin what’s called
“winner take all.”
In the vast majority of states,
you just need to win by one vote to get all the electoral votes
in the state. You see that?
That makes so sense. The winner shouldn’t get
the loser’s votes. Can you imagine how bad
the Olympics would be if they gave the winner
all the medals? That wouldn’t be fun.
That’s not fair. Yeah, that’s not fair. You love Usain,
but that’s not fair. What about the Russians, huh?
What about the Russians? They took so many drugs
to get there. -Come on, Usain! Come on!
-(laughter) “Winner take all” means
that in big states, even if a second-place candidate
gets millions of votes, the electoral college
don’t give a (bleep). So the nearly
four million people who voted for Hillary in Texas, or the two and a half million
who voted for Trump in New York, they just don’t count. They’re like lines of dialogue
in aFast and Furiousmovie. They’re there,
but they have no real value. -(laughter)
-But like it or hate it, the electoral college
is here to stay. It’s even written
into the Constitution. And, for me, whenever there’s
a constitutional matter on the show,
we turn to the original source. ♪ ♪ I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m
in a constitutional crisis, I open up my favorite app. It’s called Founding Fathr. (laughter) Just hold on. There we go. (zapping, whooshing) Who summons me
from ye olde store… made of apps? Thomas Jefferson,
this is Trevor Noah. -I have a question. -Okay,
I know what you’re going to say. Yes, chances are
youaredescended from me. (chuckles)
But… all the money’s gone, -so…
-N-No… No, no. No, uh, Mr. Jefferson,
it’s not about that. It’s about
the electoral college. -Oh.
-Why does America need electors to pick a president? Why not just trust
the popular vote? (laughing loudly) “Trust the popular vote”! What a good joke! Now I see why this show
does so well with millennials. You see, Trevor, in my day, we didn’t tally a popular vote
for president, we believed that common people
were ill-informed and couldn’t be relied on to
reject the populist demagogues. So we devised electors
to ensure that America would never elect a dangerous,
charismatic lunatic. -(laughter)
-Yeah. Well, actually, I don’t know
if that worked out, you see, because the electoral college, America’s handing
the White House, because of them,
to a racist white guy instead of a more popular,
more qualified woman. Sounds like
it’s working perfectly. -What’s the problem?
-(laughter) W-Well, I g… in your day, but look, the thing is
it distorts the vote. Voters don’t get
the power they should, and the candidates
totally ignore everyone outside
a few swing states. It’s not a true democracy.
You need to help us fix this. Oh, well,
I’d be happy to help… -for another 99 cents.
-(laughter) Are you kidding me?
You have in-app purchases? Well, I mean, solutions
are a premium feature,andyou get to unlock
my summer outfit. You know what, I…
I don’t want to see your outfit. -I just want the solution…
-(electronic ding) Okay, well, it’s simple–
just amend the Constitution. Well, actually, people
have tried and they’ve failed more than 700 times
to amend the electoral college. It doesn’t work– because
you guys made it so hard. You need two-thirds
of the houseandthe senate -and… -Three-quarters
of the states, yeah, I know what’s
in the Constitution, okay? Look, could we have given it
a bit more thought? Sure. But building a country
from scratch is (bleep) hard! Have you ever tried to write
something with a feather? I mean, people were yelling! We were wearing wool pants! -(laughter) -Hamilton won’t
stop rapping in the corner, so yeah! We botched some details! Sue me! Oh, oh, you can’t,
’cause I’m a ghost. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Mr. Jefferson,
I didn’t mean to upset you. Oh, well, you know, you…
could make it up to me. Oh, I’d be glad to.
How do I make it up? Well, that…
that thing you did last time. -With-with your hand. -Oh,
you mean… you mean this thing? (chuckling):
Yeah. Oh, yeah. Ha-ha-ha… Stop! Stop it! Oh, yeah!

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100 thoughts on “Making Sense of the Electoral College: The Daily Show

  1. We don’t live in a democracy!!!!!!!!!!!! And electors don’t actually have any choice they end up shot voting for what the people voted for in their state! And real democracy isn’t used anywhere in the US it’s not even mentioned once in the constitution. Besides the electoral college makes sense as it gives a voice to all different walks of life and isn’t just have urban areas decide every president.

  2. U dumbasses dont even know what democracy is…ur perception of democracy is like being a communist just doesnt fucking exist!! Name it something else…like..Coprorational Demagogy political system..or like For-Profit only Communism State…change the constitution u dumbasses..or just change the name..

  3. Plot twist: The United States is not, nor has it ever been, a democracy. You cant blame the government because the people were too stupid to understand that, since its nation inception, the popular vote wasnt a thing.

    The US is a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC. Has been since it formed , and is still. The system is not "broken", as this fuckhead suggests, its how it has always been. The founding fathers KNEW that people could not be trusted with that much power. However, they also remind us that we must keep on governments asses. Politics DOES fucking matter. If you think otherwise, you do not give a fuck about your nation.

  4. It is because we are a constitutional republic. So the unfunny comedian that came from a genocidal country
    ruled by a mob "democracy" does not get to choose.

  5. Smh. The electoral college exists to prevent more populous states and districts from silencing the political voice of less populous states and districts. Abolish the electoral college and watch New York and California run the political climate of the US for the foreseeable future.

  6. If only Ben Franklin wrote the constitution and the Declaration of Independence, America would be a less racist and sexist, and we would have probably have a colony on mars.

  7. For people like me who were still wondering how this is unfair: Imagine US had only 2 states A and B. A has population of 50 million and hence allowed 50 Electoral Votes (EV) and B – 20. Lets say everyone in B voted for dems so they have 20 EV. Let's say in state A – 24 million voted for dems and 26 million for gop. This means total votes for dems : 20 million + 24 million = 44 million and for gop 26 million. But because gop has 50 EV vs 20 for dems – they win the election 🙁

  8. Trevor do you know that Abe Lincoln also didn’t win the popular vote, he won with electoral college. Bill Clinton also didn’t win the popular vote. Only when the Democrats lose this becomes an issue. Stop crying and have policies the American citizens support.

  9. Trevor seems to have no problem with super delegates (SD). A super delegate gets 100,000 votes compared to the ordinary citizen who gets one. The Republicans don’t have SD, only the Democrats. No other country has SD

  10. People, don't buy into this simplistic representation of WHY our Republic is not a full democracy. It is a complex subject, but it is worth looking into. You do not want 51% putting the other 49% into subjugation.

  11. What a douche bag this guy is. He cannot understand, from his high salary lofty aerial view of the rest of us peasants, that we don't want to be ruled by the people who live on the coasts. Our constitution works, better than any other in history, and he can keep his toilet bowl analogy for little children who have never studied our system. Why did I even hit this link.

  12. The Electoral College is nothing but a welfare benefit for terrorists(slavers)……..nothing more than welfare for terrorists, AND states which suppress voting. (I wonder which states traditionally attempt to suppress voting…….?)
    Look at USA history. Ten of the first twelve presidents were terrorists(slavers). Terrorists were able to dominate USA national government until the slavery abolition began spreading and the new territories were not permitted to be terrorist states.
    What happened when the terrorists lost their dominance of the USA? The USA Civil War.
    What happened when the the terrorists lost the war and former slaves counted as 5/5ths (100%) humans? Jim Crow, kkk and other terrorist crap to keep minorities from voting. Combined with the Electoral College, this terrorism again allowed the terrorist South to have more say in USA national government than they deserved.

    The ONLY reason Mr.Trump is prez is the welfare benefit for terrorists, the Electoral College.
    Therefore, Mr. Trump is the world's biggest "welfare queen".

  13. If Trevor wasn't so stupid …… and I mean seriously daft, I could handle his show for his humor……. but there's the rub, the man is just not funny. What I cringe for is that I think he really believes his audience believes this schlock – the audience is just too kind to call him out on his empty dialogue and zero ability to make sense of this issue –

  14. This was interesting to watch in class the other day. I just want the government to be peaceful even tho no government truly is…..

  15. I really really want a president to bring this up. That’s how you know all politicians are still corrupt assholes, no one is brave enough to bring up the electoral college. Some progressive needs to get the conversion started again, they would get everyone’s votes.

  16. i have never once heard a legit argument in favor of the electoral college that even slightly convinced me that we still need it in this day and age. it’s outdated and unnecessary. we need to get rid of it.

  17. Letter to the Editor, Nov. 2, 2018
    NewspaperNovember 2, 2018 | Daily Review, The & Sunday Review (Towanda, PA)
    Author: Staff Writer | Section: Letters To Editor
    793 Words | Readability: Lexile: 1120, grade level(s): 9 10 11-12
    Why do we have an Electoral College system?

    EDITOR: Many people still believe President Trump is an illegitimate president and refuse to acknowledge the results of the election because he didn't win the popular vote. It would be nonsensical to believe Hillary Clinton should be entitled to the presidential throne because she won the popular vote. Since the last election, many people would like to see the Electoral College system abolished before the next presidential election. Many people are not very cognizant as to why our founding fathers put the electoral system in the U.S. Constitution. They realized the election of the president and vice president was more than a matter of just counting votes. It needed to express the will of the people, and it had to be a constitutional and legislative process.

    Article II section 1 of the Constitution lays out the process for our presidential elections. The electoral system is used every four years for the election of the president and vice president. The number of electors in each state is equal to the total number of U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives the state is entitled to in congress. Each electoral vote is equal to one vote in congress. This guarantees each state their Constitutional rights to self representation, whether they are voting for the president or voting in any other legislative procedure in Congress. Every state, no matter how small, and Washington D.C. are guaranteed at least three electors. In pursuant to the 23rd Amendment of the Constitution, Washington D. C. is considered to be a state for the election process.

    Each state has two groups of electors, one to represent the Republicans and one to represent the Democrats. When you vote for your favorite candidate on the ballot, you are selecting the electors for that candidate's political party. In most states, the candidate that wins the popular vote is awarded all the electoral votes of that state. However, in Maine and Nebraska, the electoral votes are rewarded to the candidate that wins each congressional district, so it is possible to win all or part of the electoral votes in these states. In a presidential election there are 51 popular votes cast, one for each state and one for Washington D.C.

    In most states, the political parties nominate the electors at their political state conventions. The electors are usually state elected officials, people who have a strong affiliation with the presidential candidates, or party leaders. Twenty-seven states have laws which compel the electors to vote for their party's candidate. In the remaining states, it is common practice for the electors to vote for their party's candidate.

    In pursuant to the 12th Amendment, the electors convene at their state capital on the Monday following the second Wednesday in December to cast their votes. Each elector casts two ballots; one for the president and one for the vice president. The ballots must also consist of a list of all the people voted for. This process is sometimes referred to as the second election. The ballots are certified and sealed and sent to the U.S. Senate to be opened and counted in a joint session of Congress. In early January, the president of the Senate, the incumbent vice president, a member of the executive branch of the federal government, opens, counts the ballots, and calls out the results of the election. Sometimes this is referred to as the third election. The candidate with the majority of electoral votes is declared the president and vice president.

    By using the electoral system, in pursuant to Article II section 1, the election of our president is treated the same as any other legislative procedure of our federal government. The electoral system maintains the constitutional rights of each state. Our election procedure starts with the will of the people in each state. Since the number of electors is equal to the number of senators and representatives in each state, it is the same as though they are voting in a joint session of Congress. When the votes are counted by the vice president, the process is passing through the hands of the executive branch of our government. Once he announces the results of the election, it becomes the law of the land.

    To do away with the electoral process, and have a popular vote system would be a derision of our Constitution and cataclysmic to our democracy and democratic legislative process. It would be an abridgment upon the constitutional rights of each state's self representation in the legislative procedure. A popular vote would bypass our democratic legislative process, and it would totally obliterate the constitutional, legislative and democratic process of how we elect our president and vice president. Whether you like it or not, under our constitution, Donald Trump is our legitimate president.

    Craig H. Pierce

  18. “We’re the only democracy in the world that doesn’t count the popular vote…” or we’re just a republic… holy shit.

  19. Even with the technology we have today the populous is still ill-informed. We have people who use memes as their source of news.

  20. wow wow the first pass the post system (most votes wins) may be simple and intuitive but it is one of the worst systems out there. infact to get a worse system you would need to try. btw the electoral college is a worse system. i would suggest rank order voting (listing canadits in order from best to worst) or some other such system.

  21. The electoral college exists to make sure votes count in places outside NYC, LA and Chicago. It preserves the beautiful cultural and intellectual diversity of America from sea to shining sea, rather than having decisions made exclusively by people living a single, very insular way of life that is divorced from the land. Thanks to the electoral college, the opinions of cowboys in Montana, coal miners in Appalachia, oil drillers in North Dakota and folks in a million other unique, often regional, occupations still matter. And our decisions are not made exclusively by folks who have never touched dirt and who think food comes from grocery stores or restaurants

  22. this is propaganda designed to undermine our republic, here is a real video to understand the electoral college

  23. Better Analogy for the Electoral College: You walk up to a deli, and you want a sandwich, so you ask for a sandwich. Then 5 other people walk up. Two of them orders a salad, one orders soup, one orders a burger, and the other one is busy not ordering. Then, the waiter takes all six of your orders and comes back. It turns out that all SIX of you get salads, because of majority.

  24. Are we supposed to have the east coast and the west coast telling the rest of the country who the president should be? Sorry, I don't want the fruit cakes telling my state what to do.

  25. This system is just as bizarre as Music Store O Di Bella Music Inc. in Bergenfield, NJ.  When I brought my clarinet for repair, I was unable to speak to the repair person. Spoke to someone at the counter, explained what needed to be done. When I returned to pick up my instrument what I needed repaired was not done, something completely different was performed rendering the instrument unplayable.

  26. The funny part is that if the situatio was flipped and hillary won the electoral college and trump won the pop vote nobody would be bitching so hipocritical

  27. This guy doesn't understand checks and balances in the government. He wants to give complete control to the mob without any protection for minorities or the inalienable rights in our constitution. What a dumbass

  28. What's TRUELY sad is Trevor failed to factually explain to his hundreds of viewers why the Electoral College exists.

  29. Wake up people. This Leftist from the communist South Africa is in no position to school you on the Bill of Rights, Constitution or Electoral college. These are foundational principles to the free-est, most diverse nation on Earth. Don't believe the hype, Noah is not your friend.

  30. It's possible to win the electoral college with only 23% of the popular vote. just go to the smallest states, winning 50% + 1 in each, then keep going until you have just over half electoral votes.

  31. 2:12If that sounded confusing…….. What is so confusing. States elect the president of their union. Instead of each State getting one vote (which would be fair), the States use a voting system mirroring their legislative votes in the congress of their union. It's like each US Senator and US Representative getting a vote. Individual citizens go to a polling station and cast their opinion so that their respective State knows how to vote. What is confusing is how so many people think "they" are voting for "their" president when the election is for a president of a union of State governments and therefore the States are voting. It's not complicated when you see that the election is not an election of the citizens, never has been and never should be. The US President does not exist to serve the individual citizens. S/he is not their president. The President of the US answers to the State governments. The person with more votes already wins. It's the idea that citizens are actually voting that creates confusion.

  32. America isn't a democracy you dumb liberals we're a constitutional republic !!!!! If you got rid of the college the little man wouldnt matter there just go to the bigger city's and Ingore smaller towns you dumbass read the Constitution !!!!!!

  33. First, the USA is NOT a democracy, we're a Constitutional Republic, where the protection of individual freedoms supersede the wants of the majority. Second, how come Democrats didn't complain about the Electoral College when Obama won…twice! They really thought the 2016 election was in the bag, and since they lost, now it's a problem. The electoral vote was in put in place over 200 yrs ago by the founding fathers to prevent voter fraud and to give a voice to both big and small states. Of course, Democrats know better, right?

  34. Yes moron, of course it doesn’t make sense because all you care about is yourself. The electoral college is about state representation over individual representation. If we went by popular vote then New York and California would be the only states that have a say on who receives the presidency. Why is this even a debate?

  35. You know how we know that Democrats are NOT serious about abolishing the Electoral College?

    The DNC still chooses DELEGATES to choose their nominee!!!!!

    Not only that, they have SUPERDELEGATES!!!

    Come on, guys. You don't have to change the Constitution to demonstrate a commitment to "one person, one vote". You could change your selection rules tomorrow, and hold a national referendum where no one shows ID…

    I'm just saying.

  36. It is very funny that he does not understand that a true democracy is evil. Without the electoral college, politicians would just vist new york city, los angelos, san francisco, and detroit.

  37. The Electoral College is how California cannot vote to take all of the resources from the Midwest.. they have a higher population not greater say. Unless of course you want the mid West to have no water no resources and be covered in fracking oil.

  38. The electoral college will change when Florida and Texas goes blue, if that ever happens. Trust me.

  39. Back in the day, there was little education. Still having the electoral college today is basically saying that most Americans are unintelligent and wouldn't be able to pick the "right" president(whatever that means).

  40. Just ridiculous how things are done in America!! The electoral college may have made sense 200 years ago but that Was 200 YEAR AGO!! Many things have changed however we haven’t managed to fix this shit. The same with the second amendment. The time it was written it made sense but not anymore. They are totally totally outdated and need to be amended however the scumbag republicans are the ones that always are in the way for changes and progress and fixing a broken system. I hope 2020 there is huge blue wave to take over and fix all these outdated shit!

  41. The United States is the only country to vote this way because we are vastly different from any other nation. The United States is just that, a union of states. In order to respect the individual states and keep them from losing their representation the electoral college was designed. You have to remember the war of independence was largely to taxing without representation. Many states were afraid of getting rid of England to just be ruled by the other larger states. Why would Rhode Island join a system in which Virginia would control it's affairs, it wouldn't. That's the genius of the electoral college. People forget that the states had no obligation or duty to the others and much less to form a joint government. We could have ended up with 13 separate countries. The college was the compromise that was made in order to ensure fairness for all states. People read the constitution and stop right after we the people. They forget to read the rest of the preamble. "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Union, domestic tranquility, common defense, general welfare. These words all imply an union of independent states which is what was formed, I mean its in the name. Its the United States not the united people or individuals and that's by design. If you get rid of the electoral college you would set forth the same characteristics that led to a civil war. States feeling their rights being trampled (slavery, economy then / representation now), and elite trying to dictate to the rest (North then / Coastal Elites in large cities now).

  42. We are not a democracy. We never have been. We are a democratic republic. This is what happens when some black people skip classes.

  43. Trevor and all who read this please go watch and read the following links: It should take 30min to absorb, our founders were brilliant and our country is great because of it. PEACE TO ALL OF MY AMERICAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND ALL GOOD PEOPLE OF THE WORLD

  44. For those of you thinking the college exists to suppress minority voting, let me educate you. The electoral college helps ensure that balance for a large combined territory is in place. Also, consider that Trump lost the popular vote by an amount equal to half a major city. Those cities are Democrat strongholds, with rural areas thus always being outvoted. Also, the majority of the states in US elections run by the idea that the popular vote winner of that state would win its electoral votes. Thus, California, highly populated, highly liberal, does not suddenly become a gigantic benefit for the liberals. It makes candidates go outside their cities and go see the rural areas and the inner country. If it ran by direct voting, no one would be travelling to, say, Utah, or Ohio. In the case of the 2016 election specifically, It prevented all you finatical extremists from drowning out the voices of the population of reasonable, educated voters. That's why these left wing extremists are against the electoral college, because the political equaIity it imposes lost them the control over our nation they so desperately hungered for. It forced the entire country into the equation, which no reasonably minded person can say is truly a bad thing. Its not about racism, it's about equality. The founders of America knew what they were doing, stop acting like you know better than they did, especially when you most clearly don't.

  45. Wow!!! Its like America isn't a Democracy. Crazy huh? America is a Federal Republic or PARTIAL Democracy
    The founding fathers designed it this way on purpose based on History! They mainly took the Roman Empire as its biggest influence, it was a True Democracy and it did great for a long time but crashed and burned.
    Its like you guys complain when you lose but when you win its all perfect. The electoral college is made to give the small populous a big voice and the majority equal to the people working the land.
    So no, we are not a Democracy. We are a Partial Democracy.

  46. Just what we need. A South African, that talks like a Limey, and understands nothing about our Constitution… explaining how the Electoral college works. I think not. Hey Trev, did you know that there were 3 Mil more votes in California than there were registered voters? No, oh you probably can't see a problem with Hunter getting a job making 1mil a year and knew nothing about the work or the job, but Daddy happened to be Vice Pres making decisions on how we treated that Country… No quid pro quo there…

  47. I remember that the election in the United States is not to elect the president together, but to choose the federal president each state wants. Then we can see which President gets more state supporters to win. You have more people, but it doesn't mean that you win more states. You just because there are more people in this state, and Hillary still allows illegal immigrants to vote, and they don't even pay taxes.

  48. If Gary Johnson, a Republican Governor, wasn't in the race, Trump would have won the popular vote. But with all the illegals who voted in California and New York, Clinton run up the numbers.

    Listen to this tool criticizing what the founding fathers made a perfect system. America is not a Democracy idiot!! It is a Constitutional Republic and these are State elections. So the State decided who win their state and then they all get together and elect the President. The Founders made this decision so that they wouldn't ignore smaller states and only campaign and take care of the states with large population.

    What Noah is failing to see is that the States with the largest population got more electoral college votes .. eg. California got over 50 electoral votes compare to some smaller states who got only 5 electoral votes.
    So the popular vote got you big numbers in the electoral college.

    This guy is make such stupid comparison. He is from South Africa and he is coming here to tell us how we should run our country. He is a joke.

  49. It's really not that complicated.

    Each state has a certain number of votes based on census data. These data are used to draw districts. Each district gets an elector. When the people of the state vote, whichever candidate gets the most votes wins the state's electors.

    It's a compromise that was designed to protect less populated rural states from more urbanized states. It protects the common man from the elites.

    It's not antiquated, it has nothing to do with mass communication, it's just as relevant now as it was back then.

    It's actually a ingenious solution to the problem of mob rule (democracy). It's part of a series of checks and balances built into the Constitution, and it protects states rights.

    The 2016 election results prove that it's working properly.

  50. The joke is on Americans who believe they count. The even bigger joke is the BLACK people who stand in those lines and take pictures with their I VOTED STICKER on😂😂😂😂. Voting only works in high school 🤷🏻‍♂️

  51. I dont get these arguments for the electoral theyre saying youd only need a couple cities to win and first thats not true second if it was thats still half the population.theyre also saying thatd mean people in rural areas wouldnt get a voice but what about californian republicans or texan democrats who see their votes going to someone they dont like.also the president isnt a king people who dont have their voices heard when electing the pres they can go to their state legislature and have their voice heard there.and also the us isnt a democracy now even though a democracy is when power comes from the people and thats how it works with the house and senate so why not the pres.also they say that we werent complaining when obama was in office.well first obama won the popular vote and second i have found this system stupid since i heard about it.also they say it makes sure candidates care about small states while it makes them care about swing states

  52. True .. Electoral College is a scam. Most Americans & non American residents HATE Jews with a passion. Everyone wants them gone. In a popular vote system Jews wouldnt exsist. This is a non bipartisan issue. REAL republicans and Democrats HATE jews

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