Main Teacher Banna Chahti Hoon feat. Nidhi Bisht
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Main Teacher Banna Chahti Hoon feat. Nidhi Bisht

A tomato soup with butter
and dahi vada(Indian snack) for ma’am. A chole bhature(Indian snack)
for you, ma’am. Sir, an aloo parantha for you.
You want your salad and pickle on the side. Sir, what would you
like to order? You’re such a reputed restaurant but
have a spelling mistake. What’s Lasagne? Very bad! I don’t like it! Dad, it’s the right spelling.
Didn’t I tell you about this? Oh! This is like ‘Restaurant’? Like this?
Okay, okay… – Okay, tell him that.
– Why don’t you tell him yourself? – Lasa…
– Lasagna. Lasagna… – Sure, sir.
– For me. Dad, why? Why do you always bring us here? Why can’t we go to a better place? We’ll go to a 5-star place… When your sister gets
her first paycheck. We’ll go then. I’ve brought you out today, so eat
what’s there with no fuss. Who’s going to hire her? You’re wrong as always. Um, Mom… Dad… I’ve got selected in an interview. – I can even join from tomorrow itself.
– Wow…! What are you saying?! Such fast upbringing! Very nice!
My child is so successful! Our parents would only give us values,
but we’ve given so much more! Our children I think we gave him less
and a little more to her. What’s the name of your company, child? Arya Vidya Niketan. – That’s such a school type of name…
– Yeah, exactly… It’s a school only, mom. That’s nice… Do schools also require
IT engineers now? Nice… Dad, I’m joining the school
as a teacher. I’m going to teach children there. I’m going to be a teacher, not dying. You’re commiting suicide though. It’s 100% a career suicide! Dad, I enjoy learning with children. I can solve their doubts and problems
for hours together! I get energised with their energy! And I teach quite well. Is that why you did
anaconda specialisation. Explain it to him. Dad, it’s not anaconda… It’s python. Dad, it’s because I studied so much that I
should teach, right? I’m telling you!
She’s scared of professional competition. No, not at all! This fatso wants
to steal the kids’ lunches. – Why? Don’t I cook well?
– No you don’t? Shut up! Idiot! Look, she wants to scold people…
Exactly why she’ll get children to do that. If you want to scold people,
then scold your boyfriend. Listen, get into a live-in relationship
for 6-7 hours.. You can even beat up him! What are you saying? You’re giving such terrible advice
to our children! No one in our family has ever beaten up
their boyfriend before marriage, okay? No! Child… Doctors, engineers, CAs are professions… Do a management course
and be a manager. What sort of profession is teaching? That’s right, dad. – Teaching isn’t a profession.
– Yes! It’s a responsibility. Just think this through, child. It’s not going to be easy. I’ve thought about
it really well, mom. It’s not going to
be easy at all. I’ll have to stand for 4-5 hours daily
for the rest of my life! My legs are going to hurt like crazy
in the first week. I might get frozen shoulder or spondylitis
as I have to write on the black board. A child can pee in class, but I’ll have
to hold it in for hours sometimes. I can never peacefully have lunch, and if a child isn’t eating properly,
I’ll have to feed within that very time. I can never be late even for a minute
in the entire year! I’ll have to smile and reply to the numeorus
‘good mornings’ and ‘good afternoons’ I’ll have to enthusiastically celebrate
10 birthdays or more every week! During exam time… I’ll have to tend to children’s
panic calls… I’ll have to fail sincere and honest
students sometimes. I’ll have to handle difficult parents
as well. I’ll have to conservatively dress
all my life! I’ll have to be on my best behaviour
at every second! I’ll have to surpress my laughter
and correct a child’s fart jokes. I can’t use my phone for hours… 15th August and 26th January will never
be a holiday for me. And no matter how well I perform… I won’t get promoted
unless a senior teacher retires. Which is quite impossible. So, mom and dad… I know that this is not going
to be easy at all… Dear… When you do have the knowledge
of all this… Why are you doing it? Dad… Dad, every parent in this country
wants his child to have a good teacher. However, no one wants to make their child
that good teacher. It’s their problem..
Why do you have to do it? Dad, I’m not alone.
A lot of people are becoming teachers. Look at this. Thousands of qualified teachers from
various fields are preparing kids for every type of
government CAD, GATE and banking exams. Dad, many youngsters are following their
passion to teach on ‘Unacademy’. That’s great. So many qualified people together… they can’t be wrong.. can they? Child, a teacher’s job is important
but it’s thankless. No, mom. It’s anything but that. Do you know that a good teacher
is always behind every successful person? And he never forgets them. Yeah, students do get busy in life
and fall out of touch, but it doesn’t mean they forget. So on this land of ‘Dronacharya’ teachers
are getting respected that is confirm. Understood? You people have learnt multiplication
the simple way, right? But we… Our teachers hit us using the cane stick and
made us remember the multiplication tables. That’s why I’m the fastest
cashier in my zone. Do you know? And things like ‘Parent’s day’,
‘Mother’s day’, ‘Father’s day’… This day and that day.. Your ‘Valentine’s day’… Was all given by the west. But ‘Teacher’s day’… Was given by us…
By India. Understood? Okay, so now you’ll be called-
Nidhi Ma’am. Good afternoon, ma’am. So what will you have for dessert, ma’am? – Um, anything.
– Okay. You’ll have tutti fruti. – Icecream… Chocolate.
– Chocolate icecream. Is anyone around…?

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  2. I started teaching because I wanted to contribute to the society. Then I left it for finance and accountancy. I wish I could be a teacher again.

  3. Actually india m yhi to hota h ki teachers ko class c category m rkhte h jo hmare liy most imp h r jb iit aiims upsc in sbme admission nhi ho pata to unko bol diya jata beta ja teacher bn le
    Mtlb teacher wo bne jinko kuch ata hi nhi r beta tu kuch kr nhi skta ja beta teacher bn
    Blki india m ye hona chahiy ki jo sbse intelligent wo teacher bne lkin unhe to iit aiims r ca jaise courses m jana h

  4. following my teaching passion on youtube…
    Its a great feeling when a student asks you to upload more, when they ask questions and appreciate my work…
    if you are a biology scholar then you can also check this out:
    and thanks girliyapa for such a good video

  5. InshaaAllah
    I also need support from my family to become good teacher so I can make my student as good person first so they can respect teacher .. with all other profession.💖

  6. Ranjit sir was my home tutor . What an excellent he was 👏👏👏 he built me inspire me made be so attentive. I never could thank him but I'll never forget him .

  7. I loved the way they have explained the difficulties of being a teacher.Great tribute to teachers.
    Well done team girliyapa

  8. yeh "Girliyapa" aur "Nidhi" ko dekhte dekhte mujhe nidhi bahut zyada cute lagne lgi hai, aur nidhi ki voice bhi bahut sweet hai. woh sunne me bahut mst lgta hai "kon ho tum","who are you?"

  9. To phir aap bhi ek aur job dund lo kyonki salary accha milta he, koi company pe
    Aur Unacademy pe teach kar lo passion ke liye
    (It is a suggestion teaching at school is also highly meritorious)

  10. I had amazing primary section teachers which I remember and m in touch even today but my 11th and 12th teachers, specially male teachers were a-holes. No passion just subject matter experts, treated students like crap. Primary teachers were different.

  11. Very relevant video in today's professional world, especially in India. Teaching as a profession has least charm among young educated people in India, unlike in other countries, esp in Europe where many students wish to go into teaching and thus take up teaching as a subject alongside other subjects at university. It's one profession which deserves to be revered and paid well. My father was a company geo-physicist but the passion which he always had for teaching was never-ending and he now teaches at schools even after a decade of retirement.

  12. In Western countries, teachers and professors are given more preferance than other professions. Teachers are the most important people in a child's life after parents. Hats off for this video.. 👍

  13. literally made me Cry.
    Teaching is most ignored profession (unfortunately). we don't have package of salaries, we may not earn lakhs and crores "per annum" just like in other jobs. but the satisfaction we get in teaching and showing the students the path of succes is priceless.
    Many Youtubers made many series on "Types of Teachers" "parent vs teacher" etc but None of them could Express how it feels like being a Teacher and what we go through in our career..
    Thank you and Kudos to Nidhi Bisht and team..
    I'm a Teacher and I'm proud of it😍😎

  14. Yrr ek ess parents h jo teacher ni bnana chahte or ek mere jo chahte h ya to teacher bno ya bank me job le lo jisse duniya se koi mtlb na ho bs ghar se office or office se ghr pr inhe kon smjhae me inme interested ni hu me singing krna chahti hu

  15. A teacher and professor should be impartial towards his/her students and should always be forgiving and loving too……..not like how I have faced till now and still facing these stupid literate …. PhDs and uneducated professor and narrow minded ……need to impart some values to our present filthy rich teachers and professor….since they don't understand the worth and feeling of a student and their future ……need strict action against them

  16. Do you know what present generations think?They think that a teacher who is teaching well,he/she is doing her job for which she gets paid by thier parents hard earned money.If not, then he/she should be terminated .They assume that the salary provided is enough to run for coming generations.If the teachers have any shortcomings visible,they become butt of jokes which are cracked openly.Teachers are treated as cartoons in present society.They must teach,help ,pass thier students and ignore thier disrespectful comments,gestures and any kind of action against students for thier abusive/immoral behaviour leads to worser consequences.Deal with thier entitled parents whose only role is to defend thier child by hook or crook.When parents have such narrow attitude,no wonder kids are getting moulded into selfish,narcissists ready to create havoc in society when they could get the chance.

  17. बहुत सही कहा, शिक्षण बहुत जिम्मेदारी वाली काम है, सैल्यूट हर शिक्षक को

  18. Unexpected video yr really aab mere dil me teachers ke liye aur bhi zada respect badh gayi h…♥️♥️♥️

  19. Who is watching this video on 5 September 2019… What a coincidence at teachers day!! This is called perfect timing for perfect occasion /Happy teachers day.. ❤️ A candle 🕯 that burns itself to give light to the life of students!! 👏.

  20. Let’s be honest if every parent taught their children to become an engineer or doctor the next generation won’t learn 🙂

  21. I'm a teacher, n I really love my job,
    It's really amazing, the way they shown the role and duty of a responsible teacher, hats off to girlyapa,
    Loved it! , U guys nailed it to the core

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