M1 Finance 1 Stocks I’m Buying This Week, 19 Aug 2019, Week Starts Off GREEN!
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M1 Finance 1 Stocks I’m Buying This Week, 19 Aug 2019, Week Starts Off GREEN!

welcome back financial investors my name
is Brent and today we are going to be taking a look at stock futures we’re
gonna jump over into the m1 finance Roth IRA and take a look at the activity for
the week what stocks were up what stocks were down and also take a look at what
stocks paid out dividends it’s one of the largest dividend payouts that I’ve
received in a single week over on m1 finance so when I go ahead and cover
what stocks paid out dividends also a bit of an abnormality I made two
deposits last week because I have one stock going ex-dividend here on Monday
which I will let you know in the video and that I have another stock when
exiting next Monday so what I want to do is I made a deposit on Friday targeted
by specific stock 1x dividend on Monday and then this Monday I am going to be
targeting another company within my portfolio that is coming up ex-dividend
next Monday that way I’m basically just kind of adding equity into these
positions building up my share count that way I’ll have a larger dividend
payout here in the future plus these positions are down so I will go ahead
and cover much of that information but we’re gonna go ahead and start this
video taking a look at stock futures which is currently positive so I do
believe the markets here will be green here on Monday as we watch this video so
without further ado if you are brand new to the channel have not yet subscribed
hit that subscribe button below why cover the stock market dividends and
real estate if you do enjoy this video find a help with the thumbs up and if
you have any comments or questions would like to let me know what stocks you were
buying this week drop them into the comment section below I do breed and
apply to all your comments and let’s go ahead and get into the video I’m going
to go ahead and flip my screen right here and we’re gonna go ahead and take a
look here at stock futures now right now there is a huge rally going on overseas
China China is trading up 2% 2.2 percent it’s basically 2.25 and it has been
steadily rising as I’ve been watching this you can see here China is the only
open market up 2.25 percent now there’s an article out there as to why this is
going on right now Tim Cook came out discussing some of the good case as to
why President Trump needs to kind of ease off tariffs over on China
more tariffs that get put on China really hurts Apple as a US company and
their biggest competitors being Samsung and Samsung gets most of the products
from outside of China so when President Trump is who out there and putting
tariffs on China it’s really hurting many of these companies here that do
business and have business with in China and it doesn’t hurt some of the major
competitors which are outside of the states such as Samsung and they don’t do
their business with China they do business I believe with South Korea so I
could be wrong there but here’s a quick little article if you guys want to go
ahead and stop the video read through this article it’ll kind of go into why
exactly the Hong Kong market has climbed up 1.7 percent earlier in the day and is
now up over two point about 2.25 percent so I do expect the US markets to put on
at least eight percent if not after seven and a half here on Monday and we
could just open higher on the day so we shall see how that all kind of works out
now jumping over into the m1 finance platform these last few weeks have been
crazy we can see that our 1-month performance we are down a whopping three
point five eight percent as far as equity now this portfolio it’s great to
have that dividend or that appreciation within the portfolio but really if you
look at any of the indexes let’s go ahead and pull up the index I guess I
could have gone back to that CNN and just looked at the market here in the
last year where have we gone anyone here period we have gone from one from August
16th 2018 until August 16th 2019 we have put on exactly one point six nine
percent if we take a look at say the three-year chart we can see here as of
early January 2018 this market has done absolutely nothing but trended sideways
so if you’re out there expecting to have major appreciation and a market like
this I don’t think you’re having the correct mindset instead what I’m
focusing on is continuing to buy into positions that are solid companies if
those positions do happen to fall – – volatility due to tariffs due to the
trade war due to whatever is going on right now in the economy this is all
very short-term and will happen and be overcome here in the future and say it
does take six months or a year for these positions to recover that is fine we
still have 5 10 15 20 years to see how these positions take you know into the
future so all this market volatility this is
very common right now so the portfolio is going to be taking a hit here in the
one-week performance we can see we are down for the week last week about 0.8
percent whereas the market here last week was down at about 1.3 so my
portfolio is doing right in line I’m down about $126 now this is not absolute
I have not lost this cash now I’ve lost equity within the portfolio but I have
not truly lost it until I have sold and all of these positions that I currently
have within the portfolio these are all paying out dividends so what I want to
go ahead and show you now Monday are sorry Friday was a great day up 1.3 6%
so we can see here in the last month or so we lost about 577 but in a single day
if you sell out of positions due to fear and you miss out on these days where the
market regains 1% 2% back in a single day
many times these positions these jumps happen after hours so if you sell out a
position mid day or towards the end of the day and we have a spike up where the
whole market gaps up 1 to 3% you missed out on all of those gains if we take a
look here at the 1 week if you had sold out Monday out of fear when you were
down 1.2% you would have missed out on this rally here in the morning you would
have recovered everything plus some here on Tuesday yes we did lose a bit of the
market there on Wednesday but if you got scared again on Wednesday you would have
missed out on an additional 0.25 and an additional one point for 4% there on
Friday so it’s never a good idea to sell on fear instead sell when you’re at all
time heis think about the process of why you
are selling maybe there’s some resistance and some of the companies
that you are holding maybe you’re trying to move your risk your portfolio to
become less risky so you don’t want it as affected by the market volatility so
you may move some of your portfolio into some of the bonds at near high is that
way you have a plan and you know why exactly you decide to sell and move your
position into something a little bit less volatile now in the one-week
performance here we can see as far as positions moving up and down Walmart was
our big winner this week up 7.4 9% Kellogg’s they’re in second and many
others here between three all the way down here now some of our worst
positions we’re down towards the bottom Cisco Systems down a whopping eight
point eight nine percent tanker factory outlet you know some of the retail
retail got hit pretty hard I believe it was Macy’s they came out and was slammed
some thirteen percent that really hurt the retail now this is down slightly
down five point six one percent in a given week it’s still not up to where I
would consider it a full position so this has much more equity that can add
into it and if it is trading and lower that just means that I get a better bang
for my buck when I am added into it in the future now oil oil got pretty
hammered last week so Chevron down three point seven six Walgreens also sort of
in that actually Walgreens did recover a bit on Friday so they’re not bad overall
down three point seven four on the week but I believe they will kind of recover
here in the future ABM assignment properties so all
assignment properties is another retail REITs and if you other utilities were
also hit in the week so overall we had some positive some negative and that is
what’s expected of a portfolio now that is the portfolio equity change for the
week I never sold any positions last week all I did was buy so earlier in the
week here on the 12th I made a deposit of 115 38 I had two dollars and nine
cents paid out from Lowe’s so I took that hundred and seventeen dollars and
forty-seven cents and I made a video covering two stocks I was planning on
buying one stock was my Simon Property Group and the
their stock was 3m now both of these positions were negative in the portfolio
so by adding equity into these positions I was able to lower my unit cost
increase my guild on cost and overall increase my dividend income going
forward and it also added more shares obviously so that’s gonna help my part
folio out so those are two of the positions here that I bought on Monday
now during the week I had a bunch of dividends coming in a be adding nine
dollars and ten cents to the portfolio Apple 274 eats and Vance
60 cents Main Street capital 80 cents Tengger factory outlet that company may
be down in my portfolio but it is continuing to pay out dividends and
these dividends will be reinvested into shares that are treating lower meaning
that these dividends they get paid up they’ll basically be buying re buying
cheaper shares completely for free and on Friday I let you know that I had a
stock that was going ex-dividend on Monday so I made a deposit here on
Friday of 115 38 plus I had $21.50 and dividends that I was able to contribute
towards this buy so I made a single purchase of a hundred and thirty six
dollars and eighty eight cents towards Walgreens
that buy was able to pick me up to point six nine nine eight shares of Walgreens
and Walgreens is going ex-dividend here on Monday I bring this up right now
Walgreens is offering a three point six three percent starting yield they pay
out a dollar eighty three per share each year paid out quarterly and they have a
payout ratio of 30 point six percent so their earnings even though it may fall
here in the upcoming you know months or years they have such a good pal their
earnings and their payout percentage is so nice that they may lose a little bit
of the earnings but their payout ratio should not increase too much and this
company has been growing in paying out dividends for the past 43 years so it is
considered a dividend aristocrat now here towards the bottom here you’ll see
that this one does go ex-dividend here on the 19th and of course when I’m
recording this right now it is five minutes until
midnight on Monday so it is going to go Xzibit in here in about five minutes and
I will be eligible for that dividend now I with that position was able to buy
Walgreens I now brought that position let’s go ahead and sort this by tags
I now have ten point three to nine to eight shares of Walgreens and that is
right here ten point three nine to eight so tomorrow when it goes the ex-dividend
I will have earn four dollars and 73 cents for that position okay now we’ve
sort of covered the change in the portfolio as far as percentage goes
we’ve looked at the activity in the portfolio to see what stocks paid out
what stocks I purchased last week now going into this week what stock in my
planning on buying well if I sort this by my losers we’re gonna see here some
of my biggest losers up here our Abbey caterpillar out Trio 3m Cardinal health
and so on the one that I am specifically targeting right now is Johnson & Johnson
now this may show that Johnson & Johnson is down 2.7 3% but that is mainly
because I have earned dividends from this company since the time that I have
bought it in started earning those dividends if I actually look at my
holdings here sort this here and find Johnson & Johnson we will see that in
reality equity wise since I initially started buying this company I am down
roughly 5.25% so Johnson & Johnson here is making me
roughly four dollars and 29 cents every quarter it pays me out roughly seventeen
dollars and seventeen cents every year and it is going ex-dividend next Monday
so in seven days from today it is going to go X dividend so what I’m going to be
doing is planning my buy on this one so Johnson & Johnson is currently offering
a two point eight nine percent starting yield which is pretty high for a
consumer or a drug manufacturer now Johnson & Johnson has been around
forever it has 50 years of growing and paying out dividends this makes it eight
dividend King having grown and paid out divots for the past 50 plus years it
also has a very low payout rate a 46.7% and Johnson and Johnson is very
resistant to the recession even though we go into some tough times
everybody will still be out there buying johnson and johnson products because
it’s just a normal it’s just something you would normally do i have tons of
johnson and johnson products in my bathroom so that is the company that i
am going to be targeting here in today’s video so what i am going to be doing is
jumping back into my screen here searching for a johnson and johnson
selecting it now i don’t have any cash available on hand so what i am going to
do is go ahead and select my buy order go ahead and punch in my hundred and
twenty-five dollars now i am going to be adding a hundred and fifteen dollars and
38 cents I actually don’t expect any capital tomorrow I can go ahead and
check that real quick I can check out dividend com go into my
tools go to the dividend assistant and I should be able to see here what stocks
are going to be paying out tomorrow so here we are I bring up the assistant
here and if I scroll down I have a few companies that are paying out on the
20th so that is on Tuesday so caterpillar should be paying me out four
dollars and 20 cents if I go into my actual sheet here I should receive five
dollars and 20 cents from Caterpillar which has already gone ex-dividend in
the past so caterpillar should be paying me out here on Tuesday which will hit my
account on Wednesday and I’ll probably reinvest those dividends as well towards
Johnson & Johnson I’ll be mainly focusing any equity that I would do
receive inside this portfolio towards Johnson & Johnson here this week and
then I don’t actually receive any other dividends until the 30th of August which
is actually next Friday so I have caterpillar paying out dividends this
week and then I have a few paying out next week such as land cyber property
group and so on so that is basically it for today’s video I went ahead talked
about the portfolio change for the week right now the market is rallying here if
I reset this look at this we’re already up 1% this is why you do not want to
sell out of fear when you sell out of fear the next day
the market can gap up one two percent and by missing out on that single day if
you miss out on the 13 best trading days in the market you missed the protein you
missed that whole appreciation by quite a bit so you don’t want to be selling
out on fear you want to be having a plan when you do decide to sell you want to
go ahead and have a plan in motion I have a video on positions that I’ve sold
I took profits on Cisco let’s go ahead and make this full screen here that’s
not full screen yeah that’s not full screen there we go that’s full screen so
a few weeks ago I made a video on Friday going over I am selling now I sold out a
position such as Cisco I didn’t sell out all the way I took profits I only sold
equity that was my profits I also sold out of coca-cola Medtronic and one other
position I believe it was Kimberly Clark so I sold equity out of Cisco and
Kimberly Clark I only sold my gains and that I sold out of coca-cola and
Medtronic because they were up 16% in the portfolio I felt that they were
having some resistance and I decided at market highs that I would sell out of
these positions such as Cisco selling at 57 I believe I sold at 57 and some
change Cisco is now worth 47 so I decided not to sell out of fear I had a
plan I showed you why I was selling out these positions I sold out of them and
now I could rebuy Cisco again for forty seven dollars saving myself $10 per
share but at this moment I am NOT going to be doing that my share position for
Cisco is still pretty low so I’m gonna see if Cisco will continue to fall
because I do believe that we’ll hit some rougher times they guided lower and I
think it’s going to affect them here in the short term in the future and I’ll be
able to buy that share price a little bit cheaper so that is it for today’s
video if you guys did enjoy this video hit the thumbs up below subscribe to the
channel cover the sock market dividends and real estate if you guys do have any
stocks that you were planning on buying this week drop them into the comment
section below I would appreciate to know what stocks you guys are planning on
buying and of course quick disclaimer I am NOT a stock market advisor I’m not an
advisor of any sports financial planner tax professional the infirm
provided in this video is fun and entertainment it is just tracking my
investment journey what socks I am buying I like to kind of
showcase my mind process my water my thinking process of why I am deciding to
buy and sell specific positions and that is basically yet thank you all for
tuning in I will see you next time have a great day
bye you

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  2. A lot of companies are in the red but dividends do help out in times like this.Thanks for sharing this!👍

  3. Thanks for the update, you sound a little better! 🤒 I have been looking at Johnson Controls Internationals, JCI. Have a great week!

  4. Definitely a stock you can never go wrong adding to. Recently bought a few shares, hoping to see 126-125 and buy a few more shares 🤞

  5. I deposit $55 each to my 3 m1 account and let m1 automatically buy stocks. i normally do manual buy if i deposit $200 or more.. i am still confused about the % gains and lost.. i just track it by how much money i deposit and use the calculator.. lol..

  6. I do the same thing if a ex dividend date is coming up and the stock price is down or cash on hand and the position has remove I always to that position

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