Lucy’s Education Week Keynote Address
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Lucy’s Education Week Keynote Address

Education to me is opportunity: opportunity to learn opportunity to improve and opportunity to make a difference. In our school change is a positive. We are a positive. We are always trying to improve. Our teachers are constantly bringing us new ideas to make our school a better place For example, our bump it up walls where we can set our goals and track what we have learned This cool idea, once just the thought in our teacher’s head, has now made a huge and amazing… …has now made a huge and amazing impact on students’ work across the school. Our classroom has changed from old-fashioned pen, paper and desks to flexible learning areas where we have many learning spaces to choose from. Plus our bring your own device arrangements where we can work online. These features make school a better en… These features make school a better environment because it creates a more relaxed atmosphere and you can think more easily and creatively. Flexible learning encourages individual thinking and learning at your own pace. In our school, we learn how to achieve our goals by using a growth mindset and in this way, we can make change in ourselves and ultimately the world around us. Our school gives all the students an opportunity to voice their thoughts and to make a change. We learn how we can make a difference to our school and our community. For example, our Student Representative Council have been focusing on plastic pollution. Plastic is a problem in our school and a huge problem throughout the world. We aim to make a difference by drastically reducing the amount of plastic we use in our school and in our community. But it doesn’t stop there. We were so intrigued with the problem of plastic pollution we spoke to our local Member of Parliament to ask her to get on the train with us to reduce plastic waste across Australia. I look forward to seeing her legislation Without our teachers and of course a growth mindset this action wouldn’t have been a possibility. Now our students can go on to influence how plastic is used throughout the country in the entire world as small steps can lead to huge improvements. As a school leader part, of my role is make sure everyone is valued. School captain isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. My fellow school captain and I have the job to make each and every one of our students feel valued But you know what? Terara Public School is a huge family anyway. We treat everyone with respect and kindness. This custom is a value taught to us from kindergarten. Of course, if somebody’s feeling down I’m there for them. But another great thing is if I’m feeling down I know they’ll be there for me Last term our class decided to write compliments to each and every one of our classmates We’ve thought about each person’s personal qualities and what makes them special. By the end of the term, we all received a bag full of compliments. Genuine and kind words that we will keep in our hearts forever. This gave us the opportunity to recognise the best in others and in ourselves. To be the best we can be. Our school is cool. Our school is a family. Our school gives us opportunity. Our school and a students can create tomorrow’s world. Our school is a school of 2018 and we know our actions can influence the future. Thank you.

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