Lovestruck Teacher Shares Pupils Letter | First Dates
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Lovestruck Teacher Shares Pupils Letter | First Dates

Absolutely odorous it I think it’s the
coolest job and the kids I deal with they are hilarious I have got one girl
in class as well she’s lovely she’s you know she’s ten years old yeah she
decided that she wanted to write this sticker she is just amazing and she
would never forgive me if I didn’t give it a damn lucky lady
I wonder shooters were mr. Bo’s bus so I know him very well but I think he needs
some help from us it’s quite embarrassing one of the boys keep making
fun of him because he hasn’t got a girlfriend at 28 like seriously come on
finally he told me and that he will only give you this letter if he genuinely
likes you I’m honestly quite shocked you
absolutely nailed it knocked out the ballpark I wasn’t expecting it
she picked every box I’m feeling a bit so giddy yeah yes all right how are you do I’m good
I’ll bake this I’m absolutely positive do you want to see each other again
Shaco face i mean you want to I felt like I should be Jeff and go first
100% easiest question ever 100 percent would love Sara again if you will yeah
yeah yeah I would definitely good definitely see him again definitely fight see Richard for a
second yes yeah for sure looking for a second day and and see where it goes
I’m really happy do you know what it’s mean yes it means if it’s good to take a
quick you are pretty smoking make sure you subscribe to get a regular
serving of love and romance

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100 thoughts on “Lovestruck Teacher Shares Pupils Letter | First Dates

  1. They always go into the post interview with their hair messed up and its got my thinking what happened before xDDDDD

  2. Everytime I lose hope when it comes to love I watch this video and I smile again. They are both gorgeous in their simplicity. Lovely.

  3. Ahhhh that soft romantic beautiful kiss he gave her made me melt and yearn 💖
    Good for them they are lovely together.

  4. She is a mix of all divas Selena Gomez Gal Gadot from a side pose Nina Dobrev and a Turkish short she is sexiest of them all..may be i have put it in wrong words but she is utmost beauty..anx he is handsome as well cute couple..🔥🔥

  5. Yaa im soo shocked they broke up! They definitely were one of my fave couples! They seemed so into each other and it showed on social media for a while! She seems to be very busy with work and perhaps that cudda been a factor.

  6. Wow they are a great looking couple. I don’t have the looks to land a person like that so enjoying the single life for me.

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