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Look beyond high school | My Education, Our Future

That was me. Rushing off to the next job interview and constantly being tripped up, because I only had a high school diploma. Sometimes, I couldn’t even get in the building. Every year thousands of kids graduate high school and head out to find jobs. Problem is, as many as 66% of these jobs will require more training beyond high school. Now there are a ton of ways to train for the future and each of them is valuable. But if we’re going to succeed as individuals and as a state, we need to start pressing these buttons. Any of these will get you further in life. The important thing is to get as much education as possible. We do that, we all benefit. Also, it keeps you from having to hit that button. Hey everybody! Yup, you can. Sometimes you just need a little encouragement. Hey Mike, did you finish your school applications this weekend? You’re going long! Next time you come across a kid who’s not sure what their doing after high school … Give them some encouragement because we’re all counting on them. We could all use some education after high school. It’s my education, and it’s our future. Getting more education after high school will help us have strong, prosperous communities in the future. But there’s even more we can do. Click on these videos to see what else would ensure every student gets a great education here in Utah.

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