London School of Bollywood SURPRISE Britain’s Got Talent Judges! | Got Talent Global
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London School of Bollywood SURPRISE Britain’s Got Talent Judges! | Got Talent Global

[singing] Celebrate good times, come on! Welcome to Britain’s Got Talents Hello hi What is the name of your crew We are the London school of Bollywood, so we’re actually just a group of youngsters around 18 to 26 years old and we are a Bollywood dance act! [Crowd] WOOOOH!! Uh sorry, there’s not time I wanted to ask you a question, we’ve seen a lot of these groups before, it’s pretty much the same thing Wait until after the performance Could you understand what i am saying We dont think that there anyone quite like us Ok Good luck Thank you…. Goodluck ThankYou [Music playing] *Audience cheering* No……cut cut cut…. It’s always a same story Boy’s meets girl Girl meets boy It’s too much. Ladies and Gentlemen Let me introduce you to the new star [background play] Chikni Chameli song

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100 thoughts on “London School of Bollywood SURPRISE Britain’s Got Talent Judges! | Got Talent Global

  1. Wow it pretty much the same thing? Lmao coming from an English guy that eats toast and has spices like salt😭

  2. But still not a snowflake.. sorry …there are many other troops who are far better than them … but the girl answered Simon quite confidently..

  3. пидорасы и душевные тоже ( и выпили они той воды … Библия )

  4. It's funny how simon says these acts are all the same when american and british rappers put naked girls on all their music video's
    Atleast those indians got talent

  5. Irony is that I've been watching Bollywood since i was born but never knew there was a dance style named Bollywood 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. What makes the dance act so different, when it's basically just adding one boy in makeup and a dress???
    Don't get me wrong, i thought the act was enjoyable, but what's SPECIAL about it i don't get.

  7. It’s Indian music are they Indian and how they get her in bgt they should be in Indian got talent. Edit : I liked my own comment because no one did like all my comments ,:(

  8. The fact that simon said that shows how much stageed is this show
    However all indian dance are amazing and mot the same as he said

  9. Simone remember one important thing in life, no two Indian are carbon copy of each other, every indian is unique in some way.

  10. Les blancs et les blanches peuvent pas danser les danses indiennes moderne et classsique….ils leur manque quelques chose, qui se trouve entre l'humiliter et pudique….

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