Living in Toronto – International Students at George Brown College
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Living in Toronto – International Students at George Brown College

[music] MEHMET: What I like
about Toronto is that Toronto is such a city
with lots of diversity in many cultures. Therefore you could learn
and exchange cultures among each other. MARIA: So many people
from different countries and you would
never feel, you know odd, and you will never feel
like a stranger here. TRINITY: I really
like the fact how George Brown College is
located in downtown, especially the
campus I’m studying at, St. James Campus. DANIEL: Apart
from studying in George Brown College I
was, as well, working. So you have a lot of
working opportunities in George Brown
College as well. MARIA: There are lots
of things to do in this city. There’s always something
going on every day and you’ll never, you’ll
never be bored here. YUKAKO: I never
get I am foreigner very comfortable
to living here. That’s Toronto, I think. MARIA: Well, my future
plans is to apply for the permanent
residence here in, in Canada because
government of Canada has provided us very
good opportunity. DANIEL: Depends on
the, on the season. If it’s winter you
can ice skate outside, you can snowboard. If it’s summer you can ride
a bike and there’s a lot of things you can do. SHELDON: Everything
has gone well, fortunately,
for me so far. I have enjoyed my
experience at school, I’ve enjoyed my experience
at my internship and I’m currently enjoying
my experience at my current employment, too. TRINITY: Now I live in a
condominium near Lakeshore. It’s close to school
and it’s very convenient. There are a lot
of supermarkets. MEHMET: There are so
many people are studying in here from all over the
world, so no matter, whether they are staying
within their graduation or they are going back
to their own countries, where they came from,
they always talk about the college therefore
I believe whoever thinks about Toronto, the
first education institute will come to their mind,
is George Brown College. [music]

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7 thoughts on “Living in Toronto – International Students at George Brown College

  1. this is such bullshit. most internationals are very disappointed in Toronto and gbc. we are not learning anything there.

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