Living and learning in student housing at Indiana University
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Living and learning in student housing at Indiana University

“I was very much expecting, kind of, the stereotype straight out of movies, that I was going to be in this massive hall, on the top floor,
with this tiny room, with this roommate that I’ve never heard of and is probably kind
of weird.” “I was going to tour IU one day and then, later on in the day, tour another campus that’s kind of near… We didn’t get to it. We got stuck on IU. The campus so gorgeous, I couldn’t peel myself away from it.” “The different dorms I visited, some just
really spoke to me in a way where I was like, okay, I could see myself living here, forming a sense of community.” “Living on campus is an exciting opportunity just because you get to meet so many new faces, and you never know who you’re going to bond with.” “Campus has always been beautiful, but with all the renovation, it’s even better.” “I’ve had a friend visit before, and I took
her to the dining hall, and she was just like… Wow! This is amazing! I wish we had these kinds of options at the school that I go to.” “There’s everything from a sit-down meal that I would otherwise have to cook at home, to a sandwich that I can grab in a matter of five minutes and can eat on the way to the next class.” “I really like living on campus because I’m
close to all my classes. I have access to the gym.” “It’s very convenient. There are practice rooms down on the ground floor, and there’s a grand piano in the lobby of Spruce. So, we go and we play piano, and if we’re
not too obnoxious to anyone else, we’ll sing and play, too.” “IU does feel like home. The residence halls have a very community-like feel to them.” “There’s so many options that you really can’t go wrong.” “There are classrooms on the ground floor. I typically go down there. I can do homework, I can read, I can use the presentation equipment up in the front of the room to practice my own presentations, and it’s on the ground floor of my building, a whole one-minute walk from where I live.”

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